Tigers interested in George Sherrill?

For all the talk of the Tigers being broke, the Dodgers might be in a tougher situation. They didn’t offer any of their players arbitration and now they are looking to move players, including reliever George Sherrill.

Matthew Pouilot notes that the Tigers might be a fit for a deal where Sherrill and a prospect head to Detroit in exchange for Edwin Jackson. Pouilot also mentions the Rangers, Rays, and Phillies as potential suitors.

The lefty reliever made $2.75 million last year and in 2010 he enters his last year of arbitration eligibility his last 2 years of arbitration eligibility before becoming a free agent. Sherrill keep his strikeout rate above 9 and he generally keeps his walks a touch over 3 except for 2 outlier years in 2006 and 2008. While his FIP projection is similar to Bobby Seay’s, Sherrill did it as a general reliever and not a LOOGY like Seay did making his numbers more impressive.

Steve Kornacki also concocts a Sherrill to Detroit trade scenario that also includes Juan Pierre and Carlos Guillen switching uniforms. While getting out from under Guillen’s contract would be helpful the Tigers would be taking on $18.5 million of Pierre’s salary over the next 2 seasons. I also disagree with his assessment of Pierre helping the top of the order.

Sherrill would be a nice addition to the Tigers pen, but I’d be surprised to see the Tigers offering up significant players or money to acquire bullpen help given organizational depth provided by Robbie Weinhardt, Cody Satterwhite, Zach Simons, Casey Fien, and others.

UPDATE 8:47 PM: Ned Colletti shoots down rumors about the Dodgers shopping Sherrill

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5 thoughts on “Tigers interested in George Sherrill?”

  1. It seems like most of these trade proposals are just so that they can make trades, and not to help the team. I won’t trade Guillen/Jackson for Pierre/Sherrill because it doesn’t make the team better or save us any money. Really, I just don’t want another singles hitter with no pop, like we had with Josh Anderson. No way do want someone like that playing LF. Also, I’m not trading a starting pitcher that can throw 200+ innings quality innings for a RP who will throw just 50-60 innings. The logistics just doesn’t make sense either because the Dodgers don’t need Guillen. Their OF is full with Kemp/Eithier/Manny and and they have Loney at 1B.

    What was the deal with the Jackson for Morrow/Kelley rumor? Bob Nightengale of USA Today said the Tigers rejected this trade, while Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated says it was the Mariners who rejected it. Where do these guys get this information? Does anyone do any real fact checking these days? Twitter trade rumors really have no merit.

    I still think trading Jackson would create a huge hole in the starting rotation because then we’d have to count on Bonderman, Galarraga, and Robertson filling out the rest of the rotation. Porcello is still going to need his rest too. If we trade Jackson, we better be getting alot in return. He could of won 18+ games last season if he had better run support. He was great up until September.

  2. Juan Pierre has the nasty habit of making more outs than anyone else in baseball nearly every year. I do not want him on my team.

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