Granderson and Jackson nuggets

UPDATE: 10:01 PM: Things seem to have really slowed down. For Nightengale’s insistence that the Tigers want to move Granderson this week, others aren’t seeing the same things. Buster Olney on Baseball Tonight said the Tigers asked for Austin Jackson and Phil Hughes from the Yankees for Grandy and from the Cubs they wanted Starlin Castro and 2 pitching prospects. Phil Rogers says the Mariners may be in on Granderson and Ed Price further confirms the Diamondbacks interest in Edwin Jackson. And Dombrowski has a weak denial (my interpretation) that the team is close to any deals.

UPDATE 4:54 has updated their site reiterating that a deal is close for Jackson but still call Arizona and Seattle as the favorites. Joel Sherman said Mariners officials are downplaying their interest while Ed Price said the Tigers are mulling over a dozen offers for the right hander. Morosi says the Angels are still in on both Granderson and Jackson.

UPDATE 4:18 PM: reports the Tigers are close to trading Jackson and lists the D’backs and Mariners but rule out the Dodgers, Brewers, and Mets. Buster Olney tweets the asking price for Jackson is very high. The Chicago Tribune says lobby buzz is that the Yankees are hot on the trail of Granderson. Ed Price calls interest lukewarm because of unwillingness to deal Austin Jackson.

UPDATE 3:14 PM:Ed Price tweeted rumor that the Mets acquired Edwin Jackson, but then quickly clarified and Mets officials issued a denial.

UPDATE 1:59 PM: Bob Nightengale tweets the Tigers are close to trading Edwin Jackson. No mention of where that might be though.

There is no real news on the Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson trade fronts, but here is a roundup of some news and related tweets from this morning.

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  1. Federal Baseball is a pretty good blog FWIW. As a Tiger fan in exile in VA I try to keep up with the Nationals (since I get all their games). Federal Baseball is where I get all my Nats info.

  2. Unless they get major league talent in return, trading Jackson marks the close of this team as a franchise to take seriously. much less a contender.
    I have been a longtime critic of this current team, but trading a young stud with a middling salary is a mind-blowing capitulation. And before anyone jumps on me, I know Jackson tailed off badly in the second half. I’m not saying he’s half as good as Verlander, but to trade a guy in his mid 20s with that kind of stuff for prospects is surrender.

    And if they say it’s a cost-cutting move that just makes it all the more insane. This would be like the United States saying because we are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan we have a budget deficit so we’re going to…cut the education budget. The money that will be saved is damn miniscule in comparison to the rest of the Tigers nightmare payroll.

    I’m sure some will say, ‘but Jax/Grandy are the ones who can actually be dealt and save us money.’ Wrong answer! The solution to wasting 40-50 million next year on wash-outs and never weres is not to cut the pay of actual contributors. It’s to suck it up and learn from your mistakes, not get rid of your positive assets.

    I’m willing to wait and see who they get, but if they trade Jax/Granderson for prospects I guarantee you that will result in Leyland getting fired by 8/1 and the team goes into full Royals mode.

    1. I think its much more a case of trading high on Jackson. We saw “two Jacksons” last season, and there’s no certainty as to which we’ll see going forward. If the Tigers can get a team to trade for the All Star-Jackson, then you do it. As a Boras client, most people agree that the Tiger’s chances of signing him to an extension are slim, so instead of risking losing Jackson to FA, better to deal him if you can get something in return (various people are saying that the Tigers’ asking price is very high).

      Don’t get me wrong, I think the Tigers would probably be better with Jackson in 2010, but there’s a risk that the first half of 2009 doesn’t repeat. I don’t think this is a cost-cutting move, I think its a forward thinking move.

    2. “I’m willing to wait and see who they get, but if they trade Jax/Granderson for prospects I guarantee you that will result in Leyland getting fired by 8/1 and the team goes into full Royals mode.”

      Couple things wrong with this. First, Leyland doesn’t have anything to do with what happens with Jackson or Granderson. Second, if they’re in this supposed Royals (I’m assuming [shame on me] that you mean cost-cutting) mode, then how does having to pay the rest of Leyland’s contract after they fire him, while finding and hiring his replacement, achieve that goal?

  3. Ken Rosenthal is saying Lyon will turn down arbitration. The Yankees are interested in him. After tonight, my computer will be shut down for 2 days while I’m moving. Maybe that’s a good thing! I feel like I’m going to cry.

  4. Jackson rumors are getting ridiculous. So some joe hears Jacksons name in a hotel lobby, so he puts it on Twitter that he got traded. What a loser.

  5. If Arizona is the likeliest destination for Jackson, who on their team do we want in return? (and don’t say James Skelton)…

    Is Stephen Drew in that conversation? Miguel Montero? Max Scherzer? Those are pretty much the only guys that are really interesting (outside of Upton, Haren and Webb, obviously) and I doubt Jackson is enough to get one of them. I also don’t have any idea about Arizona replacing one of those guys.

    EDIT: Joel and Vince’s posts would presume that Stephen Drew is not part of any Jackson trade.

  6. I read something about Jackson/Scherzer on mlbtr a few days ago. Not sure if it had any weight to it at all, but i’d love 3 or 4(?) years of Scherzer for two of Jackson.

  7. Getting Scherzer would be fantastic. It would be 3 years, but I think The dback’s would be silly to give him up for Jackson.

    They have two viable catchers Synder and Montero, unfortunately Synder and a prospect sounds about right.

  8. Actually I think a ML ready pitcher is or should be apart of the deal Mark. I don’t see the tigers with Laird and Avila that a catcher is going to a part of the deal. With one more year of Laird (obviously none trade able) and then up and start Avila, we don’t really have a need for a catcher til maybe next year.

    The smartest move would be for the Tigers to move in on a ML ready pitcher. along with 1 A grade prospect or 2 mid tier prospects for Edwin. Especially if we are selling high and the trade is all but set in stone to a team.

  9. Why don’t we just trade the farm to get Jurrjens back, and then trade him to SF so that we can get Renteria back.

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