Adam Everett returns

The Tigers have inked Adam Everett to a one year deal to man shortstop in 2010. Everett doesn’t bring much to the plate with his bat, except for an ability to lay down sacrifice bunts. But he makes his money as a premium defender at a premium defensive position.

The Tigers had reportedly shown some interest in Bobby Crosby and I’m happy the team didn’t go that route. Earlier today the Pirates and the Tigers were both in the hunt for Everett who was reportedly asking for a $3 million deal. Because of Jackson’s +8.9 UZR last year he was valued at $4.3 million.

Ken Rosenthal says the deal was $1.55 million. A good value for the Tigers. The payroll spreadsheet has been updated accordingly.

13 thoughts on “Adam Everett returns”

  1. Kinda sad that this may have been the best option, but I think it may have been. I think I take a one-WAR type guy on a cheap one-year deal over the other choices.

  2. Actually with all the rumors and speculation of Granderson and Jackson, im very glad the team got Everett back. Quality low signing with great defense, and some low but decent batting stats and some clutch hits/sac bunts. The Everett signing shows us this isnt a total fire sale, and glad they signed him on the cheap. We needed Everett with his great defense to help along Sizemore who will be starting at 2B next year. With Everett there to help compliment Sizemore i wont be cringing about the middle infield as much this yr compared to as if we had two rookies there at SS and 2B.

    Good signing DD, now on to what we will get for Jackson. And please NO Yankee crap picks please as they have none save for Jackson and Joba. And Im back guys!!

  3. I don’t have a problem with the Everett signing itself. It seems like a good value. That said, this was a team that missed the playoffs. I was hoping they would get better, and SS seemed like one of the better spots in the lineup to do it. With Granderson and Jackson trades imminent, and Polanco in the NL, it seems like the team is either treading water or downgrading. I was on board with moving Granderson and Jackson, but I thought there would be some corresponding moves to make the 2010 lineup better, not just add youth and prospects.

    It seems like the franchise is playing for 2011 and beyond. I can live with that, but its disappointing coming off a season where they were a few inches from being in the playoffs. Not to say a run in 2010 is out of the question, just that with a downgrade at multiple positions in the lineup its not likely…

    1. My thoughts exactly because 2011 and beyond they are going to be beasts. The rotation and bullpen will have nice options from down on the farm.

      Crosby, Turner, Oliver, Satterwhite, Weinhardt etc…

  4. Looks like Jackson is still a Tiger at this moment. Dombrowski better not take any cheap **** for him or Grandy.

  5. It sounds like it’s dead, but I’m sure other teams are trying to shop deals. But, that would be a big one!

    Lyon declines. Surprise!

  6. I still think trading Granderson would be a P.R. disaster.

    And it’s not automatic that Sizemore will be at 2B come March 30th. It is just as likely you will see Ryan Raburn or Ramon Santiago.

    Wacky prediction: Tigers sign Paul Byrd.

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