Miguel Cabrera and speculation

Probably not the dog that mauled Miguel Cabrera

Probably not the dog that mauled Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera had an awful night at the plate on Friday. Miguel Cabrera had an awful night at the plate on Saturday. The difference between the two nights is that his face was cut and bruised on Saturday. This was quite noticeable to the media before the game and it elicited questions from Jon Paul Morosi and other media. The answer that Morosi got was that Cabrera’s dog was the culprit. It is a story that is hard to believe which has just led to more speculation.

The speculation will continue until actual information comes out. Dave Dombrowski acknowledged speaking to Cabrera about the situation but wouldn’t delve into it. Jim Leyland said he hadn’t noticed.

The thing with the secrecy is that it raises suspicions. If it were nothing I’m sure we would have heard about it. I’ve read 4 different rumors (I won’t delve into them here) which all reflect negatively on Cabrera. But unless Cabrera hooked up with Harold and Kumar it would have been impossible to have done all of those things in one night.

But the bigger issue is what information are we the public entitled to? As a fan of the team I would certainly prefer that the players were upstanding citizens and that they performed on the field. At the same time, what they do on their own time is really nobody’s business as long as it isn’t criminal and doesn’t adversely impact the team. Is it really our right to know in any other case?

Professional athletes are public figures (and are compensated handsomely as such) but while that status does come with increased responsibility and exposure it doesn’t mean that their right to privacy is completely abandoned either.

The speculation and potential outrage is enhanced because of Cabrera’s recent struggles. He’s had a couple of bad games. There is no evidence at this point tying scrapes and bruises to a couple of 0’fers.

I understand the media have a job to do so they will keep asking questions. I understand that fans are curious. I understand that tensions are high as the team struggles down the stretch and it’s biggest hitter is nowhere to be found at the plate. But let’s can the speculation and wait to hear actual news.

For more on this, I recommend Mack Avenue Tigers take on the situation.

UPDATE: Cabrera blew a .26 when police responded to the domestic disturbance at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.

UPDATE: The Detroit News is reporting that Birmingham police were called to Miguel Cabrera’s house early Saturday morning for a domestic disturbance.