Tom Gage gets it right about Ernie Harwell

Tom Gage pens a marvelous column about Ernie Harwell and tonight’s events. The itinerary is that Harwell will meet with the team, and then the media, and then take in the game from Mike Ilitch’s suite. In the 3rd inning he will head down to the field, get behind the microphone, and address the fans. Those are the facts, but I highly encourage you to click through to the article below. Gage was masterful in expressing his thoughts and those of thousands. I quoted the end of the article, but really, read the whole thing. I mean it.

Thank you, too, Ernie | | The Detroit News

You all, of course, have shown what Ernie means to you. You’ve shown it with your letters to him, your notes, your e-mails, your thoughts, whatever you’ve directed toward him for years — but specifically lately.

Now you’ll be required to make a difficult adjustment when facing the thought of losing him.

Don’t be sad.

He’s not.

He’ll be out there on the field, in front of all of us, celebrating the magnificence of a relationship.

We won’t be entirely successful in not being sad, of course. As Marc Antony said in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.”

And tears will be shed, no doubt.

But, otherwise, cheer yourself hoarse.

That’s what you do at celebrations.

Cheer — and be happy that you’ve known such a friend.