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PREGAME: It’s a 4 game losing streak, and thus the backwards post. I’ve invoked this with other Tigers 4 game losing streaks in the past, and we’ve yet to see it flip to 5 games. Let’s hope the mojo keeps working. (the Twins lost by the way).

Edwin Jackson gets to play the role of stopper, and not just the role of stopping the the losing, but stopping the short outings of starters and getting into a favorable Seay-Lyon set up. Jackson went 8 innings his last time out, I’d take 7 with no complaints.

Scott Richmond will try to play the role of non-descript starter who the Tigers struggle against. Actually, Richmond’s peripherals are pretty solid but he has allowed 21 runs over his last 4 starts. He is allowing 1.5 homers per 9, but the Tigers have only mustered a single Ryan Raburn homer in this 4 game skid.

Your “it’s a right handed starter for a change” lineup is:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, LF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Huff, DH
  6. Thomas, RF
  7. Avila, C
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Santiago, SS

POSTGAME: Yeah. I’ve got nothing. Commence hand wringing.

The offense did something against a starter for a change, but did nothing after knocking said starter out of the game. The Tigers got a starter to go deep in a game, but not with a high degree of effectiveness. The Tigers got to hand the game over to the late inning specialists and avoid the seedy underbelly of middle relief, but both Lyon and Rodney faltered. Crap.

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  1. I predict a great pitching performance by E-Jax and that our offense will score 10 runs. I was going to say Inge will go 4 for 4, but I’m not going to get greedy. 😀

    ¡sɹəƃıʇ oƃ

  2. Edwin Jackson has never pitched over 183 innings in his career. It will be interesting to see he how handles the rest of his workload.

      1. How about Aardsma . . . we could have had him if we had a GM that wasn’t an oxygen thief . . . who would you rather see as your closer, Rodney or Aardsma?

      2. At the players. Don’t you scream? I’m an old ex-chearleader. We’s get the crowd worked up, do our cheers and commence to scream at the players.

  3. When will the Tigers finally get rid of Rodney! He is a menace just like Todd Jones was and the more he screws up, the more Jim Leland keeps trusting him as our closer! RODNEY STINKS and has once again killed the Tigers hopes tonight!

  4. Kind of hard to believe the Tigers could go from playing so well and finding ways to win to just stinking up the place against 2 or the worst teams in the league. We still have a 5 game lead which is nice but man we have wasted a golden opportunity to put this division out of reach.

  5. Indians 13 – Royals 3 . . . 4 and 5 in the AL central respectively, right . . hey, wait . . . didn’t we just get swept by that last place team . . .

    Just curious, when is ye old panic button pressed?

    1. Not until someone starts getting much closer. There isn’t much time left. The Tigers might win this division by one game. That’s all they have to do. Get Verlander, Jackson, and Porcello in a short series and who knows what can happen. If they make the postseason, I’ll consider this season very successful. And right now, they’d have to have another 5 game losing streak to even sniff giving the division away.

      1. But when facing the arch rivals in the ALC shortly, each loss is much more painful. Playing devils advocate, I know . . . I just wish they would play like they are in a pennant race. Look as how The jays were hungry tonight, and the Royals the series before.

  6. Seriously, everyone just chill. Both Twins and White Sox are still under .500. If we’re worried about them, then, seriously, what hope would this team have in the playoffs? The White Sox and Twins are going to find it really hard just to get to 83/84 wins. If Tigers can’t get to 85 then they’re not even an ersatz playoff team. I really don’t have a great desire to see the Tigers lose to the Yankees like the Pistons lost to the Cavs. Now, on the other hand, they get to 88 wins and are playing well then I’m psyched to invest myself emotionally and watch them give New York a battle. This is actually a no lose situation. They play better, we get excited, they play .450 ball the next two weeks, well, then that’s 3 nights that don’t have to be planned around a slaughter in October.

    1. Two more words: ’87 Twins

      These two teams are perhaps the worst WS winning teams of all time. Both ended their regular season awfully. Both defeated the more heavily favored Tigers on their way to their trophy.

      1. You remember those two examples becaue they are the exception to the rule. The baseball playoffs over the years are littered with the corpses of 87 win division winners.

        1. Fine… If the Tigers win the division and lose badly to the Yankees, then I’ll be OK with that. They still will be way beyond my expectations for this season. This isn’t a great team. I think we all can agree with that.

          Oddly enough… sadly enough ’87 & ’06 are the only two playoff appearances for this team in the past 25 years.

  7. We’re not gonna lose every game, and there’s a really, really good chance that we’re playing in Oct. This week has been tough to stomach, but let’s enjoy the ride. Last year most of us has already tuned out (at least emotionally) by this point in time. (Coleman, insert Sept 12 day of records and remaining game records for the last 5 seasons here)

  8. I’m not touching that. I’m already disturbed to realize it’s probable we’ll lose every Monday the rest of the season.

    Both of them.

    I can’t say I’ve never pushed a panic button, but I’m not gonna go there as long as the Twins are having as many problems as we are…let them win two in a row, then I’ll consider getting nervous.

  9. It would be nice to be the 06 Cards, but don’t forget they are in the NL, where the rules for going to the playoffs are different; I think they do one of those Powerball drawings or something.

    Still, it’s worth checking if Jeff Weaver is available.

    As far as the 87 Twins, I doubt we have the time or money to dome Comerica. Which is too bad really, what with Kathy’s screaming prowess and all…

    1. Only silent screams for me today. I’ll be at work, unfortunately. But us Tiger fans hang together even at work. We’ll probably go through our rituals ie, high-fives, bumping fists, etc. in hopes of a miracle.

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