Programming Note

If you’re on the West side of the state I’ll be on 96.1 FM in Grand Rapids this afternoon. I’ll be joining Sean Baligian & Ryan Terpstra to talk Tigers baseball and the pennant race at about 5 p.m. this afternoon. If you’d like to listen over the nets the stream can be found at

UPDATE. The audio can be found here if you’re interested. Yes I broke out the pythagorean theorem (and mispronounced it).

6 thoughts on “Programming Note”

  1. Very cool….a nice reprieve from sports talk out here, as on WFAN Mike Francesa is interviewing Joe Girardi at 5 p.m.

    It’s funny, even with the Yanks a game away from clinching the playoffs there is suddenly a sense of worry among Yankee fans. Basically they’re all worried that their entire — amazing — season could come down to A.J. Burnett pitching in Game 2 of the ALDS. (Me, I’d worry about CC, he wasn’t lights out with the Tribe two years ago.)

    Anyway, even the Yankees fans are suddenly a little nervy.

    Let’s hope the Indians don’t figure out E-Jack tonight.

  2. On a side note: Even though I am 0-4 in games I have watched at Comerica Park I think I’m going to get tickets to the game next Thursday afternoon against the Twins. I’m due to see the Tigers win, right?

  3. Getting into my car to drive home from work I turned on the radio just as the guys were saying, “Coming up later, an interview with…” Instantly I had to dial up the show and tell them they were in for a great chat.

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