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    1. I showed my girlfriend a t-shirt with the old logo to get her opinion and her first comment was “What’s up with those eyes?!” I never noticed it before and, like you, it’s all I ever see now.

      1. As much as those eyes bother me I don’t think you could bring back the old school logo and alter them. It just wouldn’t be right.

  1. Stoned? That Tiger isn’t stoned! Those are death-ray eyes, for wiping out Yankees, Red Sox, and hopefully Twins!

    1. I’m all for reverting back to the old logo. The only Tiger’s t-shirt I wear has it, although the so called “death-ray eyes” have always seemed to draw me away from the rest of the logo lulling me to drop my defenses… Imagine if the Lions had a similarly awesome and intrancing logo they might actually win a game.

    2. “Death-ray eyes!?”

      I had to check to make sure this wasn’t “Roar of the Tigers.” Maybe we’ll see a cartoon of it there?

      1. I say the team gets into this and make the stadium staff flash a “death-ray eyes” sign whenever the other team has a batter up in a tense situation. Then the crowd can be cued to collectively glare at the hitter.

  2. If Chicago wins 25 of their last 30 games, they could win the division, which is very unlikely. I don’t think Thome or Contreras contributed much anyway. I thought they were both negatives for their team because they needed to improve their defense and pitching, not their offense. Them trading Contreras is equivalent to us trading Galarraga. Neither pitcher has pitched well consistently this season.

  3. I’m glad we didn’t trade Porcello for Halladay. I was totally against it and thought it would of been a dumb move because Halladay had just came off the DL.

    Trading away Luke French didn’t bother me though. He doesn’t have the tools to stay in the majors. He reminds me of a young Wil Ledezma. Just not much talent.

  4. Three teams in the AL have scored less runs than the White Sox. Five teams in the AL have given up less runs than the White Sox. How is their pitching and defense the problem? I realize their defense isn’t great, but getting rid of Thome wouldn’t seem to offer much help there.

  5. Keith is right – losing those guys will probably not even hurt them this year. If their season is over, it’s because they’re too far out already, not because they lost those guys. Contreras has been garbage lately and they already has a surplus of hitters who can DH.

  6. Meanwhile the White Sox just pulled off a miracle win in the top of the ninth. Down 2-0 with two outs and nobody on Nathan gave up back to back solo shots to tie the game. Then after walking two batters, a single and a wild pitch quickly made it 4-2 Sox. Jenks came in and closed it out. That’s huge for us. Let’s bring it back to the faaarrrrr more comfortable 4 and 1/2 games up.

    1. Awesome! Sox found a way to end their history at that hideous dome… a very metrodome like ending, but with the shoe on the other foot. Nathan got smoked! No freakishly lucky bounces for the home team…

      bye-bye crapdome… The Twins organization’s biggest mistake is moving out of that piece of dung.

      1. WOOHOO! I forgot they had the early game today. As much as I hate the Sox and Fatboy Jenks, we needed them to win today.

        1. I was “watching” on gameday, it was pretty stunning finish. Nathan had Beckham down 0-2 and he took him out to left. Then Konerko homered to tie it, and madness ensued.

          Good stuff, and for some reason 4.5 games feels a lot more comfortable than 3.5, so a win would be really nice.

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