Game 2009.151: Tigers at Indians

PREGAME: It was early August. Rick Porcello took the mound for the Tigers on a night when the Tigers pen was depleted. Porcello had struggled in his 2 starts since returning from his midseason sabbatical. But something happened that first night of August.

Rick Porcello took the mound and [dramatization] said to the Indians, “this is my game, you guys are going down.” And the Indians were all like, “oh no it isn’t.” And Porcello was all like, “oh yes it is.” And the Indians were all like, “oh no it isn’t.” And Porcello was all like, “oh yes it is.” The Indians got tired of arguing and just started putting the first or second pitch weakly into play and Porcello pitched 8 strong innings before Fernando Rodney blew his first save of the season.

Justin Masterson pitched in relief that night and allowed 2 hits and a walk while fanning 4 in 3 innings. He looked really good. Since that night he’s been in the rotation and he’s made 8 starts. He’s allowed 72 baserunners in 41.1 innings in those starts and he’s fanned 32. But he hasn’t been hit for a lot of power with only 9 extra base hits allowed over those 8 starts. Did you know he was born in Jamaica?

Detroit vs. Cleveland – September 23, 2009 | Gameday


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The Tigers haven’t had a lot of easy wins this year. It’s made for some nice drama, but even the games where the Tigers have gotten a big lead early they have found ways to make things interesting. But tonight they got the pitching, and they got the add on runs that kept this one nice and boring.

Porcello wasn’t particularly effective, and in the 4th inning the chances of him getting the requisite 5 innings for the win didn’t look great. But a quick 5th meant he got the win in under 100 pitches. It also meant that the bullpen got some “tune-up” work.

But the really story was the offense. Everybody got their licks in but the biggest bomber was Carlos Guillen who went deep from both sides of the plate and added a double.

  • Clete Thomas had been struggling but he got a spot start in lieu of Magglio Ordonez. I wasn’t a fan of seeing him in the 3 hole but he came up with 3 hits and smoked another ball to left, and made a great running catch. It was a heck of a game.
  • Jeremy Bonderman walked 2. Not so happy to see that.
  • I didn’t understand Ryan Perry pitching 2 innings in this game. I know he likely won’t be needed tomorrow, but why not just throw him 1 inning and give that extra inning to Figaro or Dolsi?

55 thoughts on “Game 2009.151: Tigers at Indians”

  1. NOTE: it would also be helpful if the Twins lost. And it makes me physically ill to root for the White Sox, but it has to be done for the greater good.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if the Twins will ever lose. I guess as long as we keep winning it doesn’t matter but I’m ready for the Twinkies to drop a few games.

    1. Actually if they win all their games before they come to Comerica, and we win all of ours, then we will clinch the division during the home series against the Twins by winning 3…which would be kind of a nice way for it to play out…

  3. How about “Fernando Rodney blew his ONLY save of the season”?

    Because that’s how the year is going to end, right?

  4. That was a rocket that hit Porcello. Fortunately, that is about the best possible spot you can get hit. Million dollar wound.

  5. Another absurdly tight strike zone tonight. The third and fourth pitches of the at-bat to Choo weren’t even close to being balls.

  6. Sorry I am late to the party tonight but I echo the living in “bizarro world” flipping on the game and seeing a 4 spot up already. Don’t know it its already been said but a couple of real nice defensive plays by santiago and polanco there in the 1st. And yes it would be nice to see Buerle lend us a helping hand but the good news is they are saying grienke will pitch twice against the twins trying to cement his Cy Young away.

    Go Tigers

  7. I don’t see Porcello going very deep tonight maybe 6 if we are lucky. Good thing EJ gave us 7 strong innings last night. Was it just me or did that 4th ball look an awfully like a get over strike. Sure hope they call the strike zone both ways tonight

  8. Let’s just keep up the pressure, other than the one fan with leather lungs trying to heckle the Tigers, there isn’t much life at the Jake … err… Progressive Field.

  9. We may need to kidnap Cuddyer before next week. … Can the CWS please show up? Is it that hard? Ozzie? Anyone?

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you, Ozzie’s teams seem to either be all-in or all-out with his attitude, approach and managing style. Hopefully they don’t decide to show up this weekend or next.

  10. One night when Miner was…well, not doing so well and everyone was freaking out, to lighten the mood I remarked that Miner looks like a rabbit. Becuase he does, also to allude, obscurely, to some SNL skit. Immediately a rally ending DP followed, so I figured it was good luck.

    Since then: 7 rabbit comments in 7 appearances, earned runs = 0.

    So I can hardly stop now…

      1. Yeah…a HUGE RABBIT! We could just call him HARVEY (now THAT’s getting obscure…)

        September Walks-Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP):
        (WHIP/Player/Sept innings; today not included):

        0.720 Lyon (8.1)
        1.120 Porcello (25.0)
        1.147 Miner (11.1)
        1.154 Bonine (8.2)
        1.235 Verlander (28.1)

  11. Anyone else notice how confident the national media is that the Tigers are gonna win the central? ESPN has been playing up the race with the Twinkies, but just about every national and local Dallas story I read/hear has the Tigers inked in as the Champs. I’ve even heard the media refer to the Tigers as “good.” Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier, but obviously those guys just look at the standings every day with little research in-between.

    1. It’s noticeable, considering SI has us on the cover and a few articles about the team and city…honestly I think the media are looking for that “feel good” team of the year for Americans to root for, what better than a team in a city with 23% unemployment, a team in a state that is losing residents, tax base and bleeding jobs at an alarming rate.

  12. Love the jam you post after these games. Gets me all giddy.

    Not to nitpick, but you gotta mention Mr. Cabrera too. 3 Ribs (96 now) and hit his 31st HR. Or has it gotten to the point where mentioning his doings would be redundant because then I would absolutely understand.

    Off to listen to you on the radio…

    One more time!

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