The Sixth Inning – 2009 Edition

Long time readers of this site remember a feature called the Inning Report. Reader Sam Hoff would break down the season into 18 game segments or “innings.” Why 18 game? Because there are 9 18 game segments in a season. Friday night’s game against the Twins completed the sixty inning. Sam is still putting these together, but he’s posting them on his site this season. So click through to read The Sixth Inning is over with games through last Friday.

The Tigers posted a 10-8 record in the sixth inning despite being outscored by 4 runs. The pitching has been remarkably consistent throughout the season, never allowing more than 86 runs in these 18 game stretches. The fluctuations in the records come down mostly to the offense and the performance in close games.

The bullpen were the stars in this segment with Brandon Lyon not allowing a run and Ryan Perry and fu-Te Ni posting WHIPs under 1.10.

Carlos Guillen’s return to the lineup bolstered the DH spot while Miguel Cabrera, Curtis Granderson, and Placico Polanco had spans that were much more reminiscent of their career numbers.


  1. David Razawi

    August 10, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    So far so good, but we need a better SS, starting the guy with the worst VORP + WARP is going to come back to bite us. The best thing that could happen is Everett getting hurt because Leyland isn’t going to change anything unless a guys is completely inept for 3-4 months min, usually a full year. Everett qualifies for 4 months but I just dont’ see it being enough for smokey to change on his own. I was all over getting Scutaro but now I would be happy with a Duglish/ Santiago platoon. The best thing that happened to the Tigers so far this year was Zumaya getting hurt otherwise our record these past 18 would be below 500. Acually I am suprised he didn’t start Nate or D-train more, I guess he is making some progress.

  2. Nick

    August 10, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Who the heck is Duglish? I’m going to assume you mean Brent Dlugach. He’ll be a september call-up anyways, and usually it’s best not to entirely rely on rookies and youngsters in a pennant race. We’re already relying on quite a few of them this year, but there is something to be said for experience.