The brawl and umpire incompetence

Rick Porcello should not have been ejected. Call it a homers take if you want, but he had no business being ejected. In fact if Kevin Youkilis wasn’t an immature moron and he hadn’t charged the mound, there would have been no ejection in the first place. So Youk charges the mound, and the Tigers starting pitcher gets tossed despite the fact that Tigers hitters had been plunked throughout the first 2 games of the series and no warnings had been issued.

That’s my take. Keith Law is at the game and had this to say:

This is Crawford’s second major incident of the month, after Friday’s egregious blown call and subsequent outburst against Arizona manager A.J. Hinch. While Crawford has yet to sink that low during this game — the night is still young as I type this — the crew’s decision to toss Porcello after he hit one batter with a three-run lead and no warning in effect was incompetence at best and cowing to a hostile Fenway crowd at worst. Crawford’s involvement in two on-field blowups, both featuring bad umpiring decisions, calls into question his fitness to umpire major league games, especially ones with playoff implications like Tuesday’s.

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