Draft Deadline Stuff

UPDATE: The Detroit News notes that the Tigers signed 30th round pick James Robbins, a lefty power bat from Washington who gave up a commitment to WSU

UPDATE: BA says the Fields deal is $1.6 million

UPDATE: Keith Law says the Andrew Oliver deal is $1.495 million

UPDATE: Baseball America has the details on Jacob Turner’s deal. It’s a big league deal with a $4.7 million bonus. Total value could hit $7 million depending on when he reaches the big leagues

UPDATE: The Tigers get Daniel Fields per Jason Beck – 7 figure bonus. Big, big get and he’s a top 10 prospect in the system now.

UPDATE: Peter Gammons says that GMs have said the Tigers have inked Turner ($6.7 million) and Oliver ($1 million) but that the league office is holding the announcements.

Jason Beck writes that Turner/Oliver/Fields all had physicals this morning.

It is an off day for the current big leaguers, but the Tigers will be spending the day trying to beat the midnight deadline to bring some big league hopefuls into the fold. The Tigers have yet to sign their top 2 picks, Jacob Turner and Andrew Oliver, who are both rep’d by Scott Boras. Also on the radar are 6th round pick Daniel Fields, 8th round pick Craig Fritsch, 12th round pick Matt Thompson, and 15th round pick Mark Appel among others.

I’ll try and keep this updated at various points throughout the day as information comes in. In the meantime here are some links from the local beats:

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