The Weekend Trade Rumor Roundup

It’s that time of year when trade rumor talk is through the roof. Combined with the Tigers recent struggles, I know this is top of mind stuff for many. I don’t do a lot of trade speculation here, mostly because I’m too lazy to conjure up potential deals. However, I do know this is a hot topic so please use this space to discuss things. Below are a couple of my thoughts on who the Tigers shouldn’t give up, as well as some links to current-ish rumors.

The Keepers

I’m not big on the term untouchable, but there are a few guys in the Tigers system that I would be very reluctant to part with. This isn’t necessarily because they are through the roof prospects, but because of the impending role they may play in the near future. Rick Porcello would definitely fit into this category. And with most any move involving prospects, that’s where I’m going to turn most of my focus.

Scott Sizemore: Sizemore makes the list because he has hit so well this year at both AA and AAA that he appears to be pretty much major league ready. He also plays a position where the incumbent is aging and not signed for next year. In other words there is a high likelihood he will be the Tigers starting second baseman next year.

Alex Avila: Avila is a catcher who is hitting a AA in only his second professional season. His defense is still evolving, but he has a very good caught stealing rate. Avila is likely to be ready by 2011 at the latest and the Tigers don’t have a long term option at catcher. His potential role on the team combined with the emerging talent makes him too valuable to part with.

And that’s it. Everyone else in the minors leagues would be fair game. I like Wilkin Ramirez, but as a corner outfielder the Tigers could more easily absorb his loss. Cale Iorg has failed to impress this year. I’d be a little reluctant to move him, just because they may be selling low.

The news-ish stuff

Dave Dombrowski spoke to the media yesterday, and while he said quite a bit he didn’t really tip his hand at all. What was interesting is that he spoke of the depth in the Tigers farm system. I do think there is some depth, but there is a lack of top end talent.

Specifically Dombrowski said that he could name 10 relievers who could be ready to help the team in the next year. Off the top of my head I have Casey Fien, Zach Simons, Robbie Weinhardt, Cody Satterwhite, Josh Rainwater, Brett Jensen, Clay Rapada, Luis Marte (don’t know if you get to count him since he’s a starter right now), Brett Jacobson, Jared Gayhart, Scott Green. To expect all of them to be ready within a year I think is a litte far-fetched, but hey, it’s his job to talk up his system.

Dombrowski also apparently had a phone conversation with JP Ricciardi about someone not named Roy Halladay. Speaking of Halladay, there’s lot of buzz around him, but most of it is centered on the Phillies.

Some Tigers specific news involves includes scouts from the Washington Nationals attending AA Erie games potentially scouting some of those relievers, or Deik Scram, or Casper Wells, or Cale Iorg.

Troy Glaus is available and Rosenthal and Morosi list the Tigers as a potential suitor (ick).

Feel free to add other rumors or breaking news in the comments. With it being the weekend I won’t be tethered to a computer, but if something happens I will get info up as quickly as possible.

32 thoughts on “The Weekend Trade Rumor Roundup”

  1. Keep it like it is. Team is in 1st place. If you start looking at the ALCS before you win your division you’re done. Start looking behind and you’re done. Stop looking around at what the other guys are doing and play the game hard everyday. Pujols and Holliday could just as well be M&M from Minn. Two guys that can kill ya with men on. Just about every team has something like that to deal with. We have two. Sniker if you must any grey cloud fans, but law of averages say a lot of hits are due for the 3 and 4 spot. 1 and 2 look solid as ever regardless of the numbers. After that it looks good to me.
    Only part of the roster I don’t like is reassigning Anderson. This is only because I hate to see a kid that plays with so much heart get sent somewhere else. His replacement has that same heart. Both would say it is part of the game. All would say the kid plays good baseball.

    1. I agree somewhat (especially that Cabrera is going to produce more) but if someone is willing to deal to upgrade the team and we don’t have to give much up then do it. I also think a trade to get a bat that would result in dramatically changing the defense is a horrible idea especially if it is an overreaction to the recent offensive slump. Oh and by the way Anderson sucked.

  2. I like Dunn but only as a DH and the Nats may realize he doesn’t give them much value by having to play him in left and be somewhat anxious to get rid of him (or not). But even a slight drop in numbers from playing at the CoPa (say to his career road OPS. of ’round .890) is worth ten million dollars IF and only IF he never ever puts a fielder’s glove on his hand again.
    Willingham is interesting as he doesn’t have dramatic lefty/righty splits and he has value, in relation to his offense, as an outfielder. I like someone like Willingham but possibly someone who could play a decent CF from time to time to give Grandy more days off against lefties.
    Anyways I am in no way interested in significantly hurting the defense to get a little more offense. Also I wonder whether or not DD miht have also been talking to JP about a reliever or two. I have heard Scott Downs name come in rumors with other teaMS.

  3. I’m not completely against adding Troy Glaus, as long as he’s healthy. Well, unless he’s signed for a long time.

    How much could the Cards be asking for a guy who hasn’t played all year? One of those maybe possibly they’ll be MLB ready next year relievers? Do it.

  4. Can we also use this space to start trade rumors?

    Because I’ve been hearing noise that Grady Sizemore has been agitating for a trade to Detroit, as he enjoys hitting here and loves the right field lawn… I’m just sayin’…

    1. Where did you hear this? Are you trying to start a rumor because you want Sizemore, or did you actually “hear” something? Just curious. Even rumors usually have a grain of truth in them.

  5. The Tigers roster problems, for a couple years now, have stemmed in part from having a big committee of outfielders. What they need is an above-average bat who can play a solid outfield. They aren’t going to get Willie Mays out there, but how about a solid MLB-caliber two-way player?

    A good rule of thumb is that, when you have seven left fielders, you don’t really have any.

    I really, really like the Luke Scott idea. Yeah, I know it’s easy to be dazzled when he sports an OPS of 1.967 against Detroit this year (yes, that’s his real stat in 4 games against us). But more seriously, he has a career OPS+ of 122, so he’s an above-average hitter, and he’s about a league-average fielder (at least, that’s how his stats appear to me, but those defensive sabremetrics are sort of Greek to me).

    He could be a legitimate every-day left fielder, and this would solidify our lineup, make Leyland’s life a lot easier, and we wouldn’t have to break the bank to get him.

    Maybe we could get him for a AA arm and Marcus Thames. Anybody?

  6. Our back ups have a better value right now. I would take Cleland from Toledo over Sizemore any day. Anderson which after checking his stats does not suck.
    Does not close to suck . I can see him in a pinch runner role for the intentional pass of Big Guys in late innings.Both are marketable. I might believe there are 10 players that could play MLB but not just pitchers.

    1. His name is Clevlen. Which of Anderson’s stats do not suck? He is a horrible fielder, a bad hitter who NEVER takes a walk and has an abysmal obp, and for all of his speed, is NOT a good baserunner. He’s gotten picked off at least twice when he has been put in to pinch run late in games.

  7. I like the semi-untouchable list and agree with your logic, billfer. I would also add that legitimate catching prospects that can hit are extremely hard to come by. I would also be reluctant to trade too many of the young arms, because we have a chance to have a really good bullpen in a couple years.

    I really like Willingham as a player and he would be a nice fit, although it’s too bad he bats righty. I’d be fine with Dunn too, but I’m wary of giving up too much to get him. Maybe the $12 million or so he makes this year keeps the asking price down.

    I saw on MLBTR that the Yankees are after Scott Downs of the Blue Jays, who would be a fantastic addition for our bullpen. If he’s actually traded I’d be disappointed if DD didn’t at least have that conversation.

  8. If the asking price is right for Dunn, if I’m DD, I do that deal in an instant. The Tigers haven’t had a legitimate left handed power hitter since Comerica opened, and the park seems built for one, even with the deep power alley in right. To put someone with that sort of power behind Cabrera in the lineup would solve a lot of the problems the Tigers have.

    Although, Billfer makes a lot of sense as to how adding Dunn would create a problem with Thames, Guillen, and Ordonez also on the team, so maybe a bat like Willingham or Luke Scott makes more sense, and can probably be had for a cheaper price. Regardless of who it is, there seems to be a few decent bats out there that DD could get for a relatively inexpensive price.

  9. MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Tigers are interested in Milton Bradley.


    This doesn’t make a ton of sense unless they plan to play Bradley in right and release Ordonez. I would not be a fan of this move AT ALL.

  10. This just in (check it out at MLBTradeRumors):
    Tigers are considering MILTON BRADLEY!!!!
    Not even joking!!
    Stay in Chicago!!

    1. Oops
      Redundant info.
      Mark in Chicago beat me to it…

      Anyway, I have serious doubts about this “rumor”

      1. Me too — aren’t the Cubs in the middle of a pennant chase? Unless they’re looking for one of Dombrowski’s 10 nearly-ready minor-league arms. If Bonderman, Zumaya and Robertson are all on the way back, Detroit has a glut of AAAA relievers at the moment. Maybe Rayburn + Dolsi for Bradley?

        EDIT: The says Leyland “shoots down” Bradley trade rumor:

  11. About a week ago, I was having a hard time getting excited about any of the possible additions the Tigers could make. This week, it’s different. The thought of acquiring Dunn is extremely interesting to me, but I wonder if with Guillen coming back and seeming better if that move would be redundant (since either Guillen or Dunn would HAVE to play in the field in order to bat regularly, and I’m not sure I want to see either of them with a glove in their hand at this point. We’ve benefited too much from good defense this year for me to be willing to sacrifice it in that way, plus that’s a ton of money to be paying two DHs when we’ve learned that having just one designated DH doesn’t really work *coughSheffieldcough*). Maybe if it doesn’t work out with Guillen in the next few days or so…?

    Does Luke Scott bat left-handed? If so, I would be on board with that.

    Regarding Anderson, I’d like to see him stay with the Tigers organization and maybe work his way back to the majors in the future. He had legitimate speed (I know he didn’t get to utilize it well, but so few of the Tigers have any speed to begin with). Remember, he was only a September call up in 2007 and spent about 10 days (plus September) with the Braves last year, so he really hasn’t played much in the majors before this year. I remember being surprised when the Tigers essentially made him an everyday player at the beginning of the year because of this. He might just need a little more time, although he is starting to push it age-wise (he’s a year older than Brent Clevlen).

    Is there anyone on the major league roster we would be willing to part with? Lyon, since he’s been doing well lately, or do we really need him now? I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Thames, at this point. His name seems to come up year after year; maybe it’s finally time. He just has never seemed to have a permanent position on this team, and I don’t see that changing. In fact, I wonder how he’s going to get enough bats to hit enough homers to compensate for his average since Guillen is back.

    1. Yes, Luke Scott bats left. He’s also showing more power this year, and I’d be really excited about watching him slam balls into the short right-field stands. Buy him from the Orioles for cash if need be! Of all the moves available, this one makes the most sense to me.

      Getting another pitcher makes the least sense, especially with 2-3 guys probably about to come off the D.L. in the next 3 weeks, and allegedly 10 guys down on the farm nearly ready to contribute.

  12. I’m only up for a trade if it adds more versatility , defense, or pitching. We can do without slow footed DH type hitters like Dunn. We already have enough of them (Thames, Guillen, Ordonez) Anyway, to get Dunn, it would probably cost us a good player like Galarraga. I’m not a fan of trading away Galarraga either.

  13. Is there a reason the Tigers aren’t pursuing Mark Teahen. He can play both outfield and third base, and provides an improvement in those areas.

    The Royals are shopping him, although I don’t know if they’d be willing to trade within the division. I think we should take a look.

    1. Agreed — I also thought he might be a good addition, especially given Inge’s bad knees. He gives them some Inge-surance. And if Inge keeps playing, he can nail down a corner outfield spot. Solid player.

  14. Dunn is another DH type player…There are too many on the team now. Plus he adds to that team… K… total which is high enough already

  15. How about a speedy outfielder to bat leadoff? Would love to see them move Grandy down to 3rd. Anybody know of anyone available who meets that criteria?

    Btw…NO to Dunn

    1. I also like this idea. I think the 2009 Curtis Granderson should be hitting 3rd or 5th. The Tigers need a high-OBP guy to lead off, which isn’t Granderson anymore. Too bad Josh Anderson isn’t ready to hit MLB pitching.

  16. Hey J in GR!
    I know this sounds far fetched/ will never happen, but the TB Rays are listening to offers for Carl Crawford…
    Juan Pierre could be the “speedy, leadoff” hitter along with Crawford.
    However, not happening!

    Btw… Dunn would be a nice pick up for the right price…. However with Guillen now the fulltime DH, I dunno what we would do with Dunn…

  17. By the way, the Jack Wilson/Detroit Tigers rumor mill is turning again over at MLBTradeRumors. com:

    That said, it doesn’t exactly sound like the Tigers are going all-out on this — they’re just mentioned in passing. But another post says the Tigers may be looking for a “middle infield bat” — which didn’t seem like it makes a lot of sense to me:

    (Bonus Tigers tidbit there: Dmitri Young may have to call it quits. See link above.)

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