The 5th Inning – 2009 Edition

Long time readers of this site remember a feature called the Inning Report. Reader Sam Hoff would break down the season into 18 game segments or “innings.” Why 18 game? Because there are 9 18 game segments in a season. When the Tigers completed the Oakland series that also completed the second inning. Sam is still putting these together, but he’s posting them on his site this season. So click through to read The Fifth Inning is over with games through last Friday.

The Tigers turned in their first losing inning posting a 7-11 record, and not surprisingly their second lowest scoring inning with only 70 runs. Sadly it wasted a lot of good pitching performances from the starters, and with the All Star break and off days allowing for rotation juggling, Verlander and Jackson started 9 of the 18 games.

Polanco was the RBI leader despite posting only a 699 OPS. Brandon Inge’s line looks frighteningly similar to his career numbers and Curtis Granderson failed to hit for either average or power. Thank goodness for Marcus Thames though.

Not related to the inning report at all, but did anyone notice the Twins blew a 12-2 lead to the A’s and that the Yankees won 2-1 yet again? Maybe it will make you feel a little better. Or maybe it won’t since the White Sox moved to within a game of the division lead.


  1. Matt

    July 21, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    When I went to bed last night the Twins were up 10.

    Got up this morning, flicked on SC and saw that the Twins lost?

    I’ll admit, it made my day. Guess we’re not the only team that gets “Zumaya’d” now and then.

  2. Coleman

    July 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    Interesting parallel: Tiger batters in actual 5th innings this season, cumulative:

    Best: Polanco, 2 HR 6 RBI .845 OPS
    Not so good: Inge, 1 HR 4 RBI .657 OPS

    If the parallel holds up: Tiger batters in actual 6th innings this season, cumulative:

    Best: Inge 6 HR 15 RBI 1.445 OPS
    Cabrera 2 HR 3 RBI .982 OPS

    Not so good: Polanco 0 HR 6 RBI .528 OPS
    (Polanco appears to think it’s still the 5th inning today…)