Porcello’s 15 starts

Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers.

Earlier in the week Jim Leyland made the announcement that Rick Porcello’s  next start would come July 21st and that he has 15 starts left. Porcello has been on inning and pitch restrictions as the Tigers try not to burn out one of the most promising young arms in the game. Through his first 16 starts he has amassed 87 innings. With 15 more starts and assuming the same type of restrictions on start length he would finish this season with 165-170 innings. But do those 15 starts include a potential postseason appearance?

I decided to look at how things shake out the rest of the way. Barring rain outs and keeping the rotation intact Porcello’s remaining starts could be:

Date Rest
26-Jul 4
1-Aug 5
6-Aug 4
11-Aug 4
16-Aug 4
22-Aug 5
28-Aug 5
2-Sep 4
8-Sep 5
13-Sep 4
18-Sep 4
23-Sep 5
28-Sep 4
3-Oct 4


That’s 15 starts and it takes us right into the Tigers final series of the season against the White Sox. So if the Tigers do make the post season, does Rick Porcello have a role? Does he pitch out of the bullpen? Do they wait and see what happens? Or do they skip him at some point. In late August there are a couple of off days and the Tigers could push him back meaning he doesn’t pitch in the final series, saving a start for a potential post season appearance.

4 thoughts on “Porcello’s 15 starts”

  1. Well, the next question should have been “Does that include postseason?”

    That would have been my next question, anyway. I assume postseason is separate.

    1. The answer to the next question is probably “Let’s make it to the post season first, then we’ll discuss that.”
      Nothing in baseball is ever written in stone or should it be. I wouldn’t take any of Leyland’s comments so literally.

  2. If they are giving him 15 more starts, they should skip him twice when they can because of off-days. That would give him two starts in a possible postseason to play with. If they need more than that, then they should do it.

  3. I suspect if they make the post season, they won’t be afraid to use him as a starter. But they gotta get there before they worry about it.

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