Guillen activated, Anderson DFA’d

Carlos Guillen is back and Josh Anderson has been disignated for assignment. I expected this move, but not with this sequence.

Another move will be required when Eddie Bonine gets activated tonight. Most likely a reliever goes down, perhaps Freddy Dolsi who hasn’t pitched for awhile. Then either Bonine will go to the pen or another reliever is recalled, possibly Zach Simons.

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      1. He’s actually going to be attractive to some struggling N.L. team: Cheap, no strings, on a 1-year deal (isn’t he?), fast and a good defender (not great, but good). Someone looking to cut salary might find a use for him. I’m just sayin’.

        1. You actually just described this so well I can already picture him in the Pirates jersey…

  1. I saw Guillen on Wednesday and he looked good. He was 1/3 with 2BB but just missed a walk-off home run (pulled it foul). He batted left handed against both RHPs and LHPs, so he must be focusing on that side of the plate.

  2. A healthy Guillen would certainly help the lineup a great deal. Getting Bonderman up to full speed can’t hurt either.

    As far as the lineup, how about:

    Thomas RF
    Polly 2B
    Grandy CF
    Miggy 1B
    Guillen DH
    Thames LF
    Inge 3B
    Laird C
    Everett SS

    1. I think Thomas would make an interesting leadoff hitter and Grandy would probably be better in the three hole. I’d still rather have Ramon as the SS.

      1. If you want to cringe, look at Everett’s July numbers — 0 HR, 0 RBIs and a sub-400 OPS. When the Tigers were doing well, Everett was at least producing some hits in clutch spots….nowadays, not so much.

        1. I think Everett has used up his “clutch” for the year and what we are seeing now is the normal player, one who should never bat higher than 9th and one who should always be pinch-hit for late in games when you are losing or tied.

    2. I like that lineup but would flip Inge and Polanco. Polly just isn’t getting it done and doesn’t take a walk. Inge strikes out a lot for a #2 hitter, but he’s got a nice OBP.

    3. I like your lineup better than the EM’s lineup. However, there are probably about 50 other possibilities that can be tried before he gets to that one.

  3. Who did we trade for Anderson?
    By the way in the paper today they talked about Bondo making 25-30 quality pitches and not worrying about 100. Is this just injury talk, or are they gonna put him in the pen?

      1. David Dombrowski disagrees with your assessment, Vince. Dombrowski, whose information should be somewhat better than our Minnesota correspondent’s, says Bonderman’s velocity is coming back, he’s been pain free, and could join the bullpen “soon”.

  4. Personally I am disturbed a bit at having an un-healthy Inge in the lineup. All that stuff about having to play hurt because they are in a pennant race, doing it for the fans, the city, blah, blah, blah sounds good, but how does it help if he isn’t able to hit or field well? What if his knees get worse (likely)? Remember Bonderman pitching through injuries two years ago? The tough guy way isn’t always the best way.

  5. Forgive my MLB rules/terminology ignorance… is this DFA for Anderson equivalent to being optioned to the minors? Can he refuse the DFA? Could we (or have we) lost him from the organization?

  6. He is basically placed on waivers, if anybody claims him he goes to that team, if after 10 days nobody claims him, the tigers can send him to the minors.

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