The rest of the draft

NOTE: I added in all the day 2 picks and did some Googling for half of them so far. Feel free to use this post to make comments. I’ll drop it off the top spot in a day or two.

After the first round, there are like lots more. The Tigers made 2 additional selections Tuesday night. Andrew Oliver, a hard throwing lefty from OSU was their second selection, and Western Kentucky third baseman Wade Gaynor was their 3rd pick. Mack Avenue Tigers has already done some hunting and gathering for these guys.

This post will be here for those who choose to comment on the draft, I won’t be able to upate the picks though until much later tonight.

  1. Jacob Turner – yeah, we talked about him already
  2. Andrew Oliver – Keith Law has him ranked as the 54th best prospect and notes that while his fastball is a plus pitch, the rest of his arsenal leaves something to be desired. Baseball America notes that the fastball is good enough that even if he fails to develop a breaking ball, at worst he should succeed as a reliever. Tigstown thinks that the organization will give him a shot to start though.
  3. Wade Gaynor – The scouting reports are a little thin on Traynor, but he does have some big time power with 25 homers. Considering the Tigers only have one 3rd base prospect and he’s yet to play in the states, this might be a need pick.
  4. Edwin Gomez – He’s a 6-3 shortstop our of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy HS. Alex Cintron is his cousin.
  5. Austin Wood – In the 5th round the Tigers selected an arm surgery. You may know Wood from his 169 pitch relief outing in the college world series. (video interview)
  6. Daniel Fields – Fields is a shortstop, a top 50 prep talent, and the son of former Tigers coach Bruce Fields. He also has committed to Michigan and the Tigers will need to pay him way over slot.
  7. Jamie Johnson – Johnson is a Sooner and a centerfielder.
  8. Craig Fritsch – Another college product, a 6′ 4″ right hander from Baylor. He features a low to mid 90’s fastball and a change-up. (video)
  9. John Murrian – the first catcher the Tigers select is a 20 year old from Winthrop University.
  10. Chris Sedon – the 5′ 10″ 175 pound second baseman from Pitt won first team All Big East honors.
  11. Adam Wilk – He’s a Dirtbag and a southpaw. He made the transition from the pen to the rotation this year. (video profile)
  12. Matthew Thomsom – Another college player, this time a righty from San Diego. (video interview)
  13. Michael Rockett – He’s a centerfielder with the name Rockett. What’s not to like. And he’s a collegian.
  14. Kevan Hess – He’s the brother of Tigers prospect, FSL All Star, and blogger Andrew Hess.
  15. Mark Appel– A big tall high school kid with a commitment to Stanford could be a tough sign.
  16. Kenny Faulk – LHP, 22yr, Kennesaw State University
  17. Nathan Newman – RHP, 22yr, Pepperdine
  18. Eric Roof – C, 22, Michigan State
  19. Rawley Bishop – 3B, 23, Middle Tennessee State University
  20. James Gulliver– SS, 23, Eastern Michigan
  21. Giovanni Soto – LHP, 18, Puerto Rico
  22. Matthew Mansilla – CF, 23, College of Charleston
  23. Cory Hamilton – 21, UC Irvine
  24. Wade Kapteyn – RHP, 21, University of Evansville
  25. Almon Roache – RF, 17, Lincoln High School (MI)
  26. Edgar Corcino – 3B, 17, Adolfina Irizarry De Puig HS (PR)
  27. Patrick McKenna – SS, 21, Bryant University
  28. Tobin Mateychick – RHP, 18, Enid HS (OK)
  29. Michael Morrison – RHP, 21, Cal State Fullerton
  30. James Robbins – 1B, 18, Shorecrest HS (WA)
  31. Andrew Walter – RHP, 18, Cactus HS (AZ)
  32. Parker Markel – RHP, 18, Mountain Ridge HS (AZ)
  33. Cody Keefer – CF, 18, Davis Senior HS (CA)
  34. Derek Kline – RHP, 21, Millersville University (PA)
  35. Patrick Biondi – CF, 18, Divine Child HS (MI)
  36. Benjamin Crumpton – SS, 18, Lakeside HS (AR)
  37. Daniel Canela – C, 18, Florida Christian School (FL)
  38. Tarran Senay – OF, 18, South Park HS (PA)
  39. Chad Duling – SS, 18, Bishop Carroll Catholic HS
  40. Ben Bechtol – C, 18, Neshannock HS (PA)
  41. Larry Balkwill – C, 17, Ursuline College Chatham (ON)
  42. Nicholas Avila – RHP, 20, Central Florida Community College
  43. Andrew Allen – 1B, 19, Central Arizona College
  44. Charles Markson – 18, Whitefish Bay HS (WI(
  45. James Brennan – RF, 18, Suffern HS (NY)
  46. Nathan Goro – 3B, 18, Lafayett HS (MO)
  47. Kevin Chambers – RHP, 19, Capistrano Valley HS (CA)
  48. Jake Porcello – RHP, 18, Seton Hall Prep School (NJ)
  49. Cameron Giannini – RHP, 17, Hargrave Milittary Academy
  50. Nicholas Rosthenhausler – LF, 20, South Mountain Community College


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  2. Eric Cioe

    June 10, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Lots of conflicting reports on Oliver. Some say he’s got a really nice changeup, others say it’s average. Some mention plus command, some don’t mention it. I’m curious to see what he actually has.

  3. David

    June 10, 2009 at 11:24 am

    As far as Wade Traynor is concerned, he has a unbelievable name for a third sacker.

    Wade Boggs + Pie Traynor = Wade Traynor?

    • Coleman

      June 10, 2009 at 12:51 pm

      It’s definitely a better name than Pie Boggs would have been…

      • David

        June 10, 2009 at 2:59 pm


        Maybe we can call him Misty May… since Matt failed to record a hit in the Old English D.

        • Coleman

          June 11, 2009 at 11:12 am

          Since his name is Gaynor and not Traynor, I would suggest Mitzi and not Misty…

          Oh and to be fair to Treanor, he was playing with some serious problems…plus he is gaining on Sardinha in the all-important OBP category (.071 to .091)…

  4. Mr. X

    June 10, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    It’s Wade Gaynor, not Traynor.
    From Mack Avenue Tigers-
    “Gaynor is from Western Kentucky, of all places. He knocks the cover off of the ball, and had an OPS just shy of 1.000 as a sophomore to show for it. Oh, his junior year? Slugged 781 for a 1.281 OPS. But before you get too excited, that is the Sun Belt Conference, so don’t make too much of it. Still, the kid can hit, can’t he?”
    “The numbers he put up this year are really phenomenal across the board. His defense is really solid. He’s just a pretty good all-around prospect. All of his tools, not one of them grades below average on a big-league skill. That’s kind of interesting because that’s a rare kid.”

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  6. Mark Anderson

    June 11, 2009 at 8:34 am

    For those that may be interested, we’ve been churning out a ton — a ton — of content on these guys already, at TigsTown.

    We’ve already run full profiles on Turner, Oliver, Gaynor, and Wood…with a full profile on Fields to come yet today, and more throughout the weekend.

    We’ve also run full interviews with Turner and Fields, and we’ll be running interviews with Johnson, Mansilla, Murrian, and Hamilton….and we’ll be working to get even more of those throughout the weekend.

    Jason Avery has also cranked out day one and day two recaps with tons of detail…..

  7. Dave in New Have(n)

    June 11, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Thanks for the tip, Mark — and for the work put into it.

  8. Fritz

    June 11, 2009 at 11:23 am

    I really hope there is a time in the future when Giovanni Soto faces Geovany Soto.

  9. Coleman

    June 11, 2009 at 11:29 am

    I’m sort of intrigued by Tobin Mateychick, it must have been difficult growing up in Oklahoma as an Australian She-male…

  10. Mason

    June 11, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Looks like we’ve taken a few familiar names on Day Three. Another Avila, pitcher Nick w/ pick 1260, and Jake Porcello (!) with pick 1440.

  11. sharon vick

    June 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Mareo you are driving my husband crazy, please answer this why do you wear glasses some times and then sometimes you don’t have them. I know it is silly but my husband wants to know, please answer on one of your shows he watches all the games. Thank you Sharon

  12. Sam

    June 11, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Eric Roof is the brother of Shawn Roof, Illini Grad, who plays INF for Erie. Their Dad, Gene, is a coach in the Tiger’s organization.

    Shawn and Wade Lamont (Gene’s son – not sure if he is still in the organization?) sat behind me at a Tiger’s Spring Training game in March. Listening to their conversation, there are a lot worse things to do than spend a summer playing professional baseball.


  13. Mark A.

    June 12, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Lamont is still in the organization, playing in extended spring training games….though his job is tenuous at best right now…he’s squarely on the cut bubble in the next week or so.

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