Ryan Perry optioned to Toledo

The move to make room for Jeremy Bonderman was the optioning of Ryan Perry to Toledo. I don’t think this is a bad move at all and it could be for no more than the minimum 10 days. The Tigers can’t continue with 6 starters and I think a decision on the rotation will be made after Dontrelle Willis’s next start. Someone will get bumped from the rotation which will then answer a question about the bullpen, and then Perry’s recall could be scheduled.

13 thoughts on “Ryan Perry optioned to Toledo”

  1. Entirely sensible. I think it may be more than 10 days, however. Perry can be a huge weapon by the end of the year, but he has a couple things to fix. I think the most sensible thing to do at this point is to keep Perry in Toledo until the All-Star break while trying out a couple guys from Toledo (maybe Ni and French). If one of those guys can stick, either Lyon or Robertson goes away when Perry is ready.

  2. Then why not make it a point to use Perry in Game 1, since there’s no need to save him for Game 2?

  3. Probably because it was a one-run lead and his control is shaky at times. You’ve gotta earn that trust from your manager, and I don’t think Perry has gained that trust from Leyland at this point.

  4. This is asinine. How you dump a guy in your pen who has the second best ERA to Zumaya, the highest number of k’s/9, second in holds, and allowed the fewest hits/9.

    Even if it is only for 10 days it makes no sense other than he probably has the most options.

    Even so, I trust him more than I do anyone else in our pen.

    Stupid Stupid STUPID!

    1. I’m gonna go with the 1.52 WHIP resulting from 19 BB in 23 innings. Dude can be awesome, but he’s got one more hill to climb.

      1. Who cares about walks if they don’t score?

        Plus if he is giving up several walks nobody is hitting him worth a darn.

        Walks are wayyyyy overrated

        1. It had less to do with with Perry, than our roster being full. Perry was the odd man out only because we really can’t afford to make any permanent roster moves. It would dumb to drop a player at this point. Considering how last season went, this is a great problem to have. Our greatest strength is our depth.

          1. Because Lyon has a track record of being a very good control pitcher and he is under contract with us. He’s getting paid $4.25 Million this season.
            Last year, at the all-star break he had a 2.48 ERA, 19 saves, 7 walks, 28 k’s in 37 IP, and only gave up 35 hits.
            Some people, like myself, believe that the talent is still there. If our pitching coach is any good, then Lyon will be fixed, and he will be great in the 2nd half.

          2. Well his career ERA in the second half is nearly a run higher than it is in the first half. He has stunk – basically thrown BP.

            I realize they have dollars going to him. But sometimes you need to know when to “hold em and know when to fold em”.

            He has been a horrid failed investment.

            I guess it is better to have Perry burn up AAA and mow down hitters and have Lyon serve up another loss or two while we see if Dtrain/Bondo can still pitch.


            I do not see Lyon having a ERA under 4 for the rest of the year… do you?

  5. Chris Berman and Orel Hershiser just told me that I, as a baseball fan, highly underrate Derek Jeter. I guess I only figured he was one of the Ten Greatest Carbon-based Life Forms Ever to Touch the Earth (With the Calming Stare that Could Stop The Earth ‘Twere that a Clutch Thing to Do). I really need to look into making him top five.

    Is it time for Rod and Mario yet?

    1. How would baseball have looked upon Derek’s career had it been spent in KC? Or Minny? Or here?

      To be fair he is one of my favorite current players and I idolized him and Arod as a boy. Still to say he is underrated is a farce.

      Barring death or deeply debilitating injury he is going to get to the magical 3000 hit club.

      Don’t think he’ll join Tyrus in the 4000 hit club though. 😉

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