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  1. Im somewhat familiar with Mike Rogers of ‘Fire Jim Leyland’ hes definately legit. Happy to see you hook him up Billfer.

  2. Bill: I agree on the pitch classifications. There’s talk of Harry Pavlidis giving up a tutorial on how to classify pitches better, which would be god-send. Until then, I’m not sure on the best way to decipher what’s what. Do you have any advice.

    And thanks for the kind words Sir Gene Kingsale.

    1. Mike – I think pitch f/x really does a pretty good job this year. Last year I didn’t trust it at all, but this year the algorithms seem to be better. It was just the Figaro off-speed pitches that I couldn’t make sense of. The change/breaking pitch were all mixed together in terms of speed and movement. With spin angle it was all over.

      When I’ve done the formal classification stuff (which I do less of now that the system is better) would be to do K-means clustering on velocity, horiz movement, and vert movement (I’ve also done it with spin dir and spin rate). The draw back to that is that you need to specify the number of pitches ahead of time. If you know the scouting report it’s fine.

  3. The Detroit News quoted the Not-so-old-man-River as such: “”The team is, to use Marcus Thames’ word following Thursday’s victory, ‘hungry.’

    I think Thames has a unique perspective here, since most everyday-Left-Fielders have meagre bench-occupation peripherals. And Thames has definitely zeroed in on something important to keep in mind, namely team your team in the long run will play better hungry than they will with a Ham Sandwich at Shortstop.

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