Game 2009.060: Tigers at White Sox

PREGAME: The Tigers have already won the series, but they really have a chance to put an exclamation point on it today. With Edwin Jackson on the mound, Tigers fans expect a dominating pitching performance because we’ve been so spoiled this year.

Gavin Floyd is on a roll of his own though. In his last 4 starts he has a 2.12 ERA with 31 strikeouts and 8 walks in 29.2 innings. He’s only allowed 1 homer in that span as well. So despite the 5.35 ERA on the season, this isn’t a struggling pitcher. But the Tigers haven’t done much against struggling pitchers anyways.

Detroit vs. Chi White Sox – June 11, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: At least it was interesting and the loss was much easier to take with the series already in hand, but the Tigers had to watch the White Sox win a walk-off. That it got to a bottom of the 9th was probably the biggest surprise though.

Gavin Floyd absolutely dominated the Tigers. Ramon Santiago homered, but that was really the only damage against him. Meanwhile, Jackson gave the Tigers a chance to win, but his control wasn’t on and he couldn’t get the call on breaking balls low in the zone and he was done after 5 innings.

Thankfully Curtis Granderson took Bobby Jenks deep to tie the game in the 9th. Listening to Hawk’s call was fun in that it sounded like he was punched in the gut. Listening to him when Podsednik bounced one between first and second to win was miserable.

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    1. I’d rather have Hawpe than Spilborghs, but Hawpe would probably cost us more than Spilborghs. I’d be interested to hear what COL is asking for these two players. BTW, love your avatar. GO Blue! Go Beilein!

      1. I’m not quite sure how it showed up honestly. Apparently it’s linked to my e-mail somehow.

        I’m with you though, Go Blue and Go Beilein.

  1. any word on the rain delay? chisox may want to skip this one today based on how they are playing and who is on the mound.

    1. If they have any say whatsoever they absolutely call this one. They would much rather reschedule this game with Quentin and Konerko back in the lineup and only a 20% chance of facing EJ instead.

      What is the weather like? Anyone know? Is this game gonna happen or not?

  2. The “get out of town” lineup, certain to cure any offensive ills:

    Anderson, LF
    Raburn, 1B
    Thomas, RF
    Cabrera, DH
    Granderson, CF
    Inge, 3B
    Laird, C
    Santiago, 2B
    Everett, SS

  3. Still raining, but it’s lightened up considerably. They will probably get this one in, but it may not start for a while.

    It’s Ozzie’s call until the game starts, BTW. So I am totally expecting him to pull the plug and live to fight another day.

    Incidentally, Hawk has been extra sickening this time around, I think he’s starting to lose it. He was complaining in last night’s game about how the Sox “gave the Tigers 2 wins in this series”. How do you figure, Hawk? Ugh, he’s just so insufferable.

    I hate the White Sox.

  4. I”m thinking the Tigers need to make a deal to get Huston Street and Ryan Spilborghs from the Rockies…

  5. Or maybe even Juan Pierre…I have a feeling Guillen is not going to be back for a while…

    1. Juan Pierre routinely makes more outs than any other batter in the league and can’t throw. I do not want him on my team (his awesome numbers so far this year notwithstanding).

    1. I’m interested to know the reaction of Rays fans to this EJ deal. Anyone know of a Rays blog that talks about the trade?

      1. From what I’ve read Rays fans are beyond pissed. They can’t stand to even hear Jackson’s name anymore. To add fuel to the fire, Joyce is hitting .188.

  6. Just saw it on the broadcast, 5pm ET it is, it looks like it is suppose to be clear for the rest of the night.

  7. I absolutely hate Gavin Floyd. They always win when he is on the mound (9-1 in his 10 starts).

    1. Floyd kills us, I hate him most of all the White Sox. I hope we don’t get no-hit today, because I don’t think I could take it.

  8. how come Dye seems 20 for 21 on the series and yet he is 5 for 16? I guess when your winning you don’t seem to notice as much

  9. Tigers continue to draft players with family ties
    They picked Little Porcello, another Avila, Fields, Roof and Rod Allen’s son

    1. I have no problem with that. Avila looks like a legit prospect, as does Fields (even if he’s headed to UM). Besides, they are usually taken so late that anyone drafted there is a crapshoot anyway.

  10. anyone have a good guess why JL runs Granderson so rarely…11 steal attempts aren’t very many for a guy with his speed..15 pitches that inning he went on a 2 out 0-2 pitch…only one

  11. Sexy comeback by the A’s to beat the Twins. Sure would be nice to put another game between us here.

    1. They have no concept of the grind-out AB. When a pitcher has his best stuff, as Floyd always does for the Tigers, you try to make him work by being patient and fouling off pitches. You have to try to run up the pitch count so you can get to the bullpen. You try to draw walks. You do everything to avoid the worthless ABs.

  12. This lineup might as well have been written on a white flag. Ugh. Why rest when Jackson is pitching?

  13. I HATE EF-ING GAVIN FLOYD… He sucks all season but then puts together the only good start on this day. I just knew this would happen. He sucks but he somehow owns this team.

    1. You might want to read my game post. Floyd has been awesome his last 4 starts. Of course, this time he has the benefit of facing a lineup who’s best bet might be to have laird through thomas bunt consecutively.

  14. I like the fact that the Tigers draft people with family ties. It shows loyalty (although a lot of other teams do it too)
    Anyone know anything on Jake Porcello (aka Little Porcello)? Where’s he heading to college?

  15. Chris, It may not be the pitcher, It could be us…………….

    We need some hits and runs

  16. I have to say, I think it is time for Leyland to stop tinkering with the line-up. Leave it alone for a couple games and see what happens.

    1. I’m starting to think that’s the reason for the team-wide prolonged slump. I can’t come up with anything else.

      1. Exactly….nobody can get comfortable in their slot when they are moving around so much. And can anyone tell me how Ordonez and Polanco are doing any good sitting on the bench tonight? I just don’t understand all of the line up tinkering. Laissez faire!!!

  17. Ramon’s previous at bat was what, 10 pitches? He got his timing down on Floyd and went for it…

        1. I gotta leave the office, so I’ll answer it myself.

          It’s who won’t be getting on in front of Miggy when he hits his game tying meaningless homerun.

  18. Two spots that need work…Offense and bull pen….Hopefully we will see something before the deadline…

  19. It must suck being a white sox fan right now…and am I a bad person if I admit I enjoy that thought?

  20. So, who can still pitch whose last name is not Robertson?

    I should add, no matter who it is, I pick them.

  21. Oh well….nice try on the comeback, ZoomZoom got himself into trouble, hopefully it won’t be a pattern. Good series win though, would have been better with 4.

  22. Apparently no one told Zumaya you can’t get the win if you lose the lead in the bottom of the ninth. Its the tops of the innings where that is possible, Joel.

  23. @Matt
    Zoom-Zoom as closer- not yet…
    He will be… Soon.
    Rodney isn’t doing horribly, just recently he lost it
    I doubt it will be reoccuring
    Still… Posednick (sp?) should have been out on fan interference

  24. Zumaya looked pretty good tho…
    High 90’s her on outside corners
    With our inconsistent bullpen, anything can happen!!!

  25. I was being sarcastic.

    I didn’t see the game but I don’t see how Zumaya could have looked good when he didn’t get a single out.

  26. Wow. Did anyone see the postgame comment by Leyland re: Clete? “He’s going down to the minors to learn to shorten his swing”. He’s replaced by Jerry Kelly? Who? Isn’t Kelly an infileder? How do we need another utility infielder on the roster with Santiago already here and doing well? Weird move if you ask me. I’d rather see Ryan Raburn sent back down before Clete.

    I’m proud of the way the guys battled in Chicago and took 3 out of 5 even with today’s tough loss. Good to see Santiago and Granderson show some heart and make Chicago work for it. Jackson wasn’t at his best today, but he battled and kept us in the game.

    I wonder what Verlander and Jackson privately think to themselves some nights though with this anemic offense. Verlander nearly didn’t get enough offense to support his complete game six-hitter yesterday and the same for Jackson’s complete game win last Sunday. Its got to get frustrating putting up all those zeroes and watch your mates do the same against the other guy time and again. Its your move DD. We need more than Clete Thomas being swapped out for a minor league utility infielder.

  27. Detroit manager Jim Leyland said Kelly could start in left field when the Tigers begin a three-game series in Pittsburgh on Friday. He was batting .341 for Toledo.

    “He can play all over. Pretty much anywhere,” Leyland said after the Tigers lost 4-3. “He gives us a little more versatility and a little more depth.”

  28. I think it’s more of a reward for the 29 year old career minor leaguer. This might be Kelly’s last chance to play in a big league uniform in his home town of Pittsburgh. He’s got a hot bat anyway. No reason not to give him this cup of coffee.

    1. At Clete’s expense? Clete Thomas has been far more productive than Raburn this year, long swing or not. Also, isn’t that what McClendon is there for? To help guys who are mechanically messed up hitting, much as Knapp is there for mechanically messed up pitchers? Why can’t McClendon work with him up here? I think this is a slap in the face to Clete, who’s helped the Tigers more than he has hurt them this year. I don’t like it and think it is completely unnecessary. I love how Leyland will pick on a kid who’s busting his ass and let veterans like Sheffield hit pop-up after pop-up and leave them in the lineup (see last season).

      1. Clete hasn’t been playing as much lately either. He hasn’t started in 4 of the last 6 games.

        I love Clete too. I think he’ll be back ASAP.

    1. Actually that line-up was a very smart move by Leyland and was the complete opposite of malpractice. The game started with a 3 hour rain delay!!!!! It wouldn’t have been wise to risk playing Magglio, Polanco, Cabrera, and Thames on a wet playing field. Cabrera DH’d, while the rest sat.

        1. LOL. Well that’s just silly.

          We got lucky anyway when Zumaya slipped that he didn’t break his ankle. I know I was holding my breath for a few seconds. Last thing we need is more injuries.

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