Willis is back in the rotation

Dontrelle Willis has a start scheduled for next Wednesday against the Twins. This will end his stint on the DL due to anxiety disorder. I don’t really know what to expect from Willis, but as Jim Leyland said:

“I think that’s good. I think it’s time to find out. The report is that he’s throwing pretty much around the plate all the time, 89-93 (mph) with his fastball, throwing some breaking balls, some change-ups, using all his pitches.

“I think it’s a huge thing for us, definitely. I’m all for finding out. I’m hoping he’s really good. Having a left-hander in the rotation would be really good for us.

“Regardless, it’s time to find out.”

Indeed it is.

Zach Miner is the one getting bumped from the rotation and he will be in the bullpen. No announcement has been made on who will head off the 25 man roster, and that decision likely won’t come until closer to the start.

Dontrelle Willis to start for Tigers on Wednesday | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Also, Dylan pointed me to this Fire Brand of the American League article about Dontrelle’s rehab start in Pawtucket.

5 thoughts on “Willis is back in the rotation”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of bringing Willis back up, at least not yet. I feel like the team has some mojo going on with JV getting back on track and the offense possibly heating back up. I’m all for “finding out” if Willis can still pitch, but why bring him back now instead of waiting until May 20th if they could? Against the Twins of all teams… My hope is that Willis will be able to take advantage if the opposition takes a “lets wait and see if he throws a strike” approach, and surprise them by pounding the zone.

    Sorry for the pessimism, its just that in Willis’ case, good scouting reports haven’t translated onto the field.

  2. Andre you make a good point, we are not really hurting for starters. 3 -4 more games of rehab might really be the trick. Whats next if it doesn’t work? more of the same?. He could have it before he gets here.

    Knapp seems to have made a difference with a few of these guys, hopefully DT can get some of “that”

  3. Well, he’s down to his last at-bat, so to speak, isn’t he? Rather than building up some confidence in the minors, they’ve decided to throw him right back into it.

    I guess we have to hope they know what they’re doing, but why he didn’t get two more rehab starts is a complete and total mystery to me. I’d love to be in on the thinking here.

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