Game 2009.049: Tigers at Orioles

PREGAME: The Tigers are running out kind of a different lineup today. One without Miguel Cabrera or Placido Polanco. They didn’t really do much last night, but still…

Edwin Jackson will try and get the Tigers a series split. Detroit hasn’t played particularly well in this series, and Jackson throwing a bunch of 0’s on the board would certainly help the Tigers chances.

He’ll be opposed by Jason Berken who is making his career start. He allowed 7 hits and 3 walks but only 2 runs in 5 innings in his debut against the Blue Jays.

Detroit vs. Baltimore – May 31, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: Well Jackson certainly did throw a bunch of 0’s on the board. Eight of them to be exact and he was efficient enough that at 101 pitches he probably should have been given the chance to complete the shut out himself. I mean this as no disrespect to Fernando Rodney who has been pitching great. But Jackson has been asked to work deep into other games when he wasn’t as effective, or when the lead was ridiculously comfortable. I thought this would be one of those “it’s his game” type situations.

Regardless, he picked up 7 K’s while only allowing 2 hits and a walk. And somehow he held Luke Scott in check fanning him twice and getting a 3-1 lineout to first.

The Tigers offense was fairly anemic again. I don’t know how much credit should be given to the Orioles young staff, but they held Detroit in check and did so fairly easily the last 4 games. But Curtis Granderson drove a solo homer to right center and that was all the Tigers would need. Though they did add on when Clete Thomas and Jeff Larish drove in runs late.

Ordonez’s hitting streak was snapped, but he did take a walk his last time up.

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  1. I’m really going to hate to see Jackson go at the end of the season. I hope Illitch will open his pocket book once again so we can keep him.

    1. He’s not going to be a free agent. He’s got 2 years or arbitration eligibility left.

      1. That makes my day. This is going to be a stellar rotation the next few years. Our lineup, on the other hand…

  2. he is doing some serious pitching today… just like he does just about every time out there

  3. speaking of serious how about that throw Laird just made with the runner betting a great jump

  4. What happened on the play where Adam Jones grounded out to Jackson? On gameday it said the ball was fielded by Jackson who flipped it to Everett who then threw Jones out at first. Anyone know?

    1. It deflected off Jackson’s arm when he flailed at it. The ball redirected right to Everett who barely had to move.

  5. It’s hard to get men on base when the ump is calling balls six inches off the plate strikes. Look at the 3-0 pitch to Granderson.

  6. Looks like the Maggs hitting streak is going to come to an end today. Big walk he took, though.

  7. Larish was in another 3-2 count when he doubled. Seems even when gets out he is deep into the count even though some of his at bats don’t look too pretty. Hope they keep him on the roster if/when they call-up Thames.

  8. Hope they leave Jackson in for one batter and evaluate him from there. I’m guessing Leyland does but you never know with the man…

  9. I’m not anti-Rodney at all, but let Jackson finish this one. Jim let him throw 132 pitches when he wasn’t effective. And if he let him throw 97 with a huge rain delay and a big lead. Let him try for the complete game shutout when he’s been efficient.

  10. pretty nice split all things considered and Battlestar pitched pretty well in one
    of the losses

    1. The runner at first took second base but they don’t award him a steal because the Tigers were “indifferent”, since that runner is pretty much meaningless.

  11. Another shutout for the Tigers. That’s the 7th one this season. Our pitching and defense has been awesome.

  12. Yeah, Jackson definitely earned the opportunity for the CG/SO. But either way, that’s a league leading 7 shutouts for the Tigers. The second best team has 4.

  13. Rodney hasn’t given up a run in 3 weeks. He deserves to get the ball in save situations.

    1. How many times in a season does a starter get through 8 innings of shutout ball with enough efficiency to finish it off? It’s nothing against Rodney, who I think is outstanding this season. It’s more a reward for Jackson. Unless Jackson told Leyland he was tired, I don’t see why he should have come out.

      1. Jackson’s splits are not good late in the game.
        .922 OPS in the 7th inning.
        1.438 OPS in the 8th inning.
        1.660 OPS after 100+ pitches

      2. @ Eric – I agree

        @Mr X – so what? he was in good shape and doing fine. if he gave up a run then i’d yank him… or 2 base runners

        I believe he could have thrown a CG Shutout today. W/e we still win. Still if he was to go long in any one of his starts this was the one – 2 freeking hits!

        1. Jackson has blown up almost every single time we tried to get an extra inning out of him. Every batter hits like Barry Bonds on roids against him after 100 pitches. He’s been beyond terrible after that 100 pitch mark.

          1. Well, now he is broken in then and should be able to handle that.

            Past performance (Good or Bad) isn’t at all a given in the present. He looked tonight like he could/wanted to go out for the 9th.

            Leyland can use his pen all he wants and making only Rodney unusable for one day isn’t so bad, but this was Jackson’s game imo. Throw out all the stats you want you aren’t going to convince me otherwise.

      3. Jackson was certainly stating his case that he wanted to back out there based on MASN footage I saw. But I’m glad Leyland put his foot down.

  14. This was a great win against a team that has given us fits recently. Way to bounce back after those first two lackluster performances.

  15. Bondo through 6 now, 0 R, 4 hits, 0 BB, 5 K’s. Only 73 pitches, 49 for strikes.

    Interested to see how his velocity is.

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