Clete Thomas called up

UPDATE: Per Jason Beck on Twitter Guillen hits the DL with shoulder inflammation. Also Jeff Larish is called up and Clay Rapada heads down.

The Tigers have called up Clete Thomas. A corresponding roster move hasn’t been announced, but with Carlos Guillen’s struggles and general injury-ness (achilles and shoulder pain) it is likely he is heading to the DL.

Thomas is only hitting 236/349/371, but he should provide solid defense. An outfield of Thomas/Granderson/Anderson with Ordonez DH’ing would provide some solid defense.

Tigers call up Clete Thomas | | Detroit Free Press

9 thoughts on “Clete Thomas called up”

  1. Just like with Treanor, you could tell something wasn’t quite right with Carlos. He’s been such a solid bat in our lineup these past few seasons, its a big hole to fill.

  2. I don’t know how they’re going to replace the .200 batting average. Dang. I kid, I kid. Carlos is awesome. Hopefully some time off will get him right. If the Tigs are to contend, they’ll need his bat.

  3. Well we continue to trade in offense for defense and the defense continues to underperform. The Anderson and Raburn errors still linger in my mind. It’s early in the season, but we have to stay within a couple games of KC, because they are going to get awesome starting pitching all year. Let’s bust up Blackburn tonight, despite coming off of two good outings. We seem to have had some success against him in the past, especially Ordonez if I am remembering correctly.

    1. I’ll preface by saying that I haven’t seen too many of the games this year, most of my following has been via gameaudio – specifically I haven’t seen the two errors you mentioned. Raburn doesn’t strike me as a defensive adjustment, although I don’t know if it was your intention to label him as such. I hear that he’s stunk the place up in that dept of late. Guillen hadn’t been performing anywhere near his norm at the plate, so in his case, we’re definitely “upgrading” in both off/def depts. Taking a look at our last four losses, on thing strikes me: in the combined first 7 innings of all those games, the Tigers plated a grand total of 2 runs. Now, hopefully Anderson and Everett’s defense normalizes, but regardless…this offense has to be more consistent. There’s no reason for this given the top of the Tiger’s order. As far as KC goes…well hopefully Greinke will stop shutting out the league and his ERA will peek out over 1.00 sometime…

      1. Shysterball summed up Greinke’s season the best thus far in today’s edition: “Zack Greinke can’t be bargained with. He can’t be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. CG, SHO, 10 K, 0 BB.”

    2. While the outfield play has been brutal, save Curtis Granderson, add Everett’s lackluster defense to the list of disappointing glovework.
      I still fail to see how he’s better in any way than Ramon Santiago.

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