The First Inning – 2009 edition

Long time readers of this site remember a feature called the Inning Report. Reader Sam Hoff would break down the season into 18 game segments or “innings.” Why 18 game? Because there are 9 18 game segments in a season. When the Tigers completed the Royals series that also completed the first inning. Sam is still putting these together, but he’s posting them on his site this season. So click through to read The First Inning is over.

Aside from the fact that the Tigers won more games than they did last year, a couple things jumped out at me. First, this was their best offensive first inning since Sam has been doing this (2006). I’m not sure who much had to do with the weather, but due to a dome and a west coast swing the Tigers only played 1 game in rough conditions.

Also, a look at the bullpen usage numbers is interesting. Your bullpen leaders in innings pitched through the first 18 games were 1. Brandon Lyon, 2. Eddie Bonine, and 3. Juan Rincon. Rincon is also the pen leader in strike outs.

There’s a bunch of other good stuff there so I encourage you to check it out.

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  1. link works 4me…Sam’s an Inge hater 🙁

    Can’t figure out how he arranged the batting at the bottom of the page, but that is relatively minor (no pun intended).

    Verlander from his last several starts looks like he could have a huge year, if his hat isn’t too tight. I’m looking forward to watching more of Ricky, I bet in one of his next 2-3 starts he is going to pitch a totally dominant game.

    Also as you pointed out Bill, the weather (or lack of bad weather) didn’t hurt the Tigers as much as it could have. Still Team Latino hasn’t exactly been on fire. I’m going to wait until June or late-May at least, then I’ll recheck the #s.

  2. Sam’s an Inge hater

    “Many people (including myself) thought the Tigers were nuts to announce at the end of last year that Brandon Inge would be the everyday 3B man when he struggled in 2008 to keep his average above .200. Inge has had a nice start and so far and the Tiger’s management look like geniuses for that move. ”

    If that’s Inge hatred, I’d hate to see Sam get enthusiastc about someone . . .

  3. Sorry I guess if in your mind “nice start” = carrying the team, then you’d be right he isn’t a hater.

    In my mind, nice start = ehhh something slightly better than expected. Ie Inge hitting maybe .250ish with maybe 8 runs and 8rbis. Instead he has given then many hits in the clutch” and has done very well. Hitting at a .328 clip with 17RBI and 15runs. Along with the highest team slugging% and second highest team OB%(slightly behind cabby) . And I don’t know about geniuses.

    To me it is just a result of Inge recognizing a glaring weakness(and/or bad hitting habits), and working hard with our hitting coach(Lloyd) to correct it. Plus, this off-season our additions to our starting 9 were based on defense not offense – Laird (fantastic arm), Everett(at one time(2006) the best or one of the best defenders in MLB) and Inge – who many (but not all) regard as an elite third baseman.

    Not many people who follow the Tigers would peg Inge as a .200 hitter for 2009. I don’t think anyone would peg him as a .330 hitter either though.

  4. Good to see that Sam’s doing this again. It was always an interesting to look at. Only compaint is I’d like to see BB’s with the pitching numbers.

  5. The logic there has to be to keep Seay’s arm from falling off. With Matsui, Cano, Damon and Cabrera potentially in the lineup tonight and tommorow, a LOOGY is a must-have and Bobby has gone 26 games in a row (I might be off on that, but it seems like it).

    it also says that Jimmuh doesn’t trust Robertson to get a lefty out in a close game. He is strictly mop-up/long-relief.

  6. Mark: I think Seay is encroaching upon Ripken’s streak, actually. I’ll have to crunch the numbers and get back to you.

  7. I love the way Leyland is managing the team so far this year. I thought the bottom of the line-up would be a black hole, but it has turned out to be the most exciting part of the line-up. This team is on pace to get 72 sacrifice hits, last year we only had 30 all season. We are stealing more bases and the hit n run has worked to perfection a handful of times. This strategy of using the whole field, which includes the infield grass, is exposing weaknesses in the opposing defense. Even when we don’t win, we are grinding away on the other team and making them work harder.

    Pitching was our weakness heading into this season, but it’s only been bad a few times. The scary thing is that are pitching is getting stronger and stronger. What if Zumaya adds some stability to the pen? What if Willis and Bonderman contribute positively to this team? We already know we can get by without these guys and still be a .500 team, but what if these guys have something good to add? We’d be better than a .500 team, that’s for sure.

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