Off day statistical nuggetry

Some things to chew on while the Tigers lick their wounds after dropping a series to the Yankees…

  • Curtis Granderson hit his 7th homer of the year Wednesday night. It was also his 8th extra base hit of the year.
  • Tigers pitchers throw the fastest average fastball in the league at a robust 92.8. That’s .9mph more than the Dodgers who are next closest – and Joel Zumaya just got here. Verlander’s 95.3 mph heater is the fastest among starters. Ryan Perry’s 95.5 is 6th best for qualified relievers (Joel Zumaya checks in at 98.4)
  • Tigers hitters have also faced the fastest average fastball at 91.5 (next closest is 91.4). Maybe it has something to do with where they’ve played.
  • Tigers pitchers rank 5th in terms of first pitch strikes.
  • Brandon Inge leads the team by a large margin in terms of win probability added at 1.42 (.5 is essentially worth 1 win). And when I say large margin, the other 8 players who have non-negative WPA are a combined 1.29.
  • Miguel Cabrera is tied with Josh Anderson, Inge, and Placido Polanco for the team lead in infield hits with 4.
  • Cabrera has 2 RBI in the last 12 games. One of which came on an infield hit.
  • Ramon Santiago has the highest strike out rate on the team at 34.3%

8 thoughts on “Off day statistical nuggetry”

  1. Cabrera tied for the team lead in infield hits!?!? And he’s got a stolen base. That’s hilarious. Nice data mining, Billfer.

  2. Jen: and who’s tied for the team lead in HR? There’s an obvious move to be made here…Granderson batting 4th, Cabrera leading off…

  3. Well, he does have a high Power-Speed rating (1.6), so he may have some power also…he looks like maybe a Torii Hunter type (1.8)…

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