Giving for Grandy

I love the opportunity to promote good deeds from athletes, and it is fortunately becoming common place to talk about Curtis Granderson. He has a new program called Scoring for Schools in which you can pledge an amount for every run that Curtis scores. The pledges support the Grand Kids Foundation. If you pledge $0.28 by 7:15 tonight he’ll even sign a picture for you. (I apologize for the short notice, type quickly).

Now the Big Tilde brought this to my attention last week but I was negligent in posting until I saw this reminder from Ian at Bless You Boys. But these folks are going above and beyond the 28 cent thing. The Tilde is donating .30 for every run Curtis scores and $.30 for every run Ordonez scores. Ian is letting his readers decide his alternate pledge.

For our DTW I’m going to pledge an additional $.28 for every extra base hit and stolen base that Curtis collects.

One thought on “Giving for Grandy”

  1. the jim leyland watch has officially began. as much as i like leyland, him and dombroski brought in sheffield. sheffield poisoned the team especially the hispanic players. the tigers got to the world series in 2006. after they got sheffield and he babbled about how the owners treated hispanics, the tigers were barely an average team. someone will get the blame for sheffield and the 13.6 million they paid to get rid of him and its not going to be dombroski

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