Game 2009.018: Tigers at Royals

PREGAME: It’s get-away day as the Tigers play the last game of their 10 day, 9 game road trip. So far they are 4-4 on the trip and 2-2 for the season against the AL Central. It would be nice to push both of those numbers into the winning side.

The Tigers take on Sidney Ponson and I’m hoping for a better game than they put up when leaving LA. Ponson has allowed 30 baserunners in 15.1 innings and he’s walking as many as he’s striking out. The Tigers need to pummel him.

Detroit sends out Armando Galarraga who had to work against the Angels. Current Royals only hav 38 PA’s against Galarraga and there hasn’t ben a lot of success except for Alberto Callaspo who is 3 for 3.

Game Time 2:10

Detroit vs. Kansas City – April 26, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: So much for the pummelling, but a win is a win. I watched the first 6 innings of this after hte fact in super fast forward mode. Ponson was uncharacteristicaly good. Speaking of uncharacterisitically good, Brandon Inge hit his 7th homer. Both Inge-lovers and Inge-haters should be able to agree that the magnitude of his start is exceptional and unexpected.

Armando Galarraga walked 5, but that was about the only blemish and he continues to rack up a strike out an inning.

Fernando Rodney allowed a solo homer but still preserved the lead, as did Seay and Perry. One thing to keep an eye on. Seay is being used a lot. This was his 9th game and some simple math tells you he’s on pace for 81 appearances.

A 5-4 trip and a 3-2 record in division so far is reason to smile though.