Game 2009.012: Tigers at Mariners

PREGAME: It’s a rubber match! Okay, maybe the exclamation point wasn’t necessary. The Mariners haven’t lost a series this year but the Tigers have a chance to take them down.

Today will be Rick Porcello’s second career start. I’d guess his pitch limit would be in the 95-100 pitch range and we’ll see if he attacks the strike zone like he did in his first outing.

Carlos Silva takes the mound for the Mariners. The Tigers beat him mercilessly last year. A 472/500/660 line was what they did to him in 3 games last year and a similar performance would certainly make things easier on Porcello.

Anybody remember the last get-away game the Tigers played in Seattle? It went 15 innings and the Tigers got the win against catcher Jamie Burke?

Game Time 4:10

Detroit vs. Seattle – April 19, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: A very nice all around effort today. Rick Porcello is the big story getting his first win. He allowed baserunners, and I think with his style he will. There will inevitably a couple of infield hits and jam shots. But with the heavy heavy sinker he chucks he’ll also throw a number of double play balls.

It seemed like he didn’t have pinpoint command early in the game, but in the end he finished with 56 of 86 pitches going for strikes and lasting 7 innings. A little suprised to see Porcello out of the game at that point. I thought this would have been a good opportunity to stretch him out a little more. But I also understand the decision to not needlessly have him throw extra innings.

The pen allowed a run and baserunners, but it was largely inconsequential. It was only noteworthy because Bobby Seay allowed a bloop single, the first baserunner he’s allowed this year.

Offensively the Tigers did what they needed to do against Carlos Silva. And the bottom of the order continued to amaze. On a team full of All Stars, Ramon Santiago was the only one to find a gap all series when he cleared the bases with a double, just 3 of the 5 RBI he had on the day. And Josh Anderson and Brandon Inge continued to mash as well. The Tigers only had 4 extra base hits all series, and Anderson/Inge/Santiago accounted for 3 of them.

On to Orange County.