Game 2009.008: White Sox at Tigers

PREGAME: After brief stops in the other AL divisions, the Tigers get to take their first stab at their Central foes.  Last year the team was 27-45 in division, a mark they are determined to improve on in ‘09. They welcome the White Sox to town for 3 afternoon tilts.

Zach Miner will be the Tigers moundsman (I don’t think that is a word but it sounds like something they’d use in the 1920’s doesn’t it?). Miner was one Ramon Santiago error short of a quality start against Toronto. Which was a little surprising considering it took him 5 Jays hitters to record his first out.

He’ll be opposed by Gavin Floyd who pitched 7 innings of two run ball against the Kansas City Royals. Scouting him with Pitch F/X, the table below shows his pitch selection and what the Royals did with said pitches.

Results/Pitch CH CU FC FF FT SL Total
Ball 4 11 2 14 3 6 40
Called Strike 4 1 6 11
Foul 1 9 2 4 16
In play, no out 1 2 1 4
In play, out(s) 1 1 7 2 1 12
In play, run(s) 1 1 2
Swinging Strike 4 1 6 11
Total 4 20 7 40 8 17 96

Only 11 called strikes is what jumps out at me. If the pitch was near the zone, the Royals were hacking at it. Virtually all of the swings and misses came on the breaking balls from Floyd.

Game Time 1:05

Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers April 13th, 2009 | MLB Gameday

POSTGAME: That wasn’t nearly as much fun as the winning. I got most of my description from Dan and Jim today, and watched an accelerated version of the game on the DVR. Zach Miner didn’t have it today. I don’t know if the extreme cold played a role in Miner’s struggles, but given the fact that White Sox pitchers walked 9 Tigers it certainly seems that it was a tough day all around for pitchers.

The Tigers got some offense today, and had many chances, but couldn’t come up with enough clutch hits to drive in the numerous baserunners.

  • I hated the idea of Ramon Santiago batting 6th, but he did it all right. He ripped a 3 run homer, and had a couple more hits and was robbed of a triple.
  • Josh Anderson also had a very fine game with anice defensive play and he drove in the Tigers other 3 runs.
  • Curtis Granderson can’t get anything going since leaving Toronto.
  • Eddie Bonine has now allowed homers in each of his 3 appearances
  • Juan Rincon allowed 4 baserunners, but he ate up 3 innings on a tough day, allowed no runs, and fanned 5