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  1. The Sully article about homegrown vs. acquired players is pretty fun reading. There is one error that jumped out at me though. Sully erroneously states Darrell Evans hit 30 home runs for the 1984 Tigers. Actually, he hit 30 home runs for the 1983 Giants, and only 16 for the ’84 Tigers.

  2. Today’s post-game headlines:
    1. Miner two steps closer to rotation spot.
    2. One less reliever in competition for roster spot.
    3. Jim Leyland “looking for some pitching”.

  3. I was really hopeing somebody would win the 5th spot by actually earning it, as opposed to by default via being the least sucky.

    Over/under on Porcello joining the rotation is June 15.

  4. That’s the thing Mark, Porcello seems to actually be earning it, and he’s the one we’d rather not be ready yet! I don’t think that Miner has done a bad job either and probably should be the favorite right now.

    The lefties…. yeeesh.

  5. So who are we supposed to root for in the WBC tonight? The Tigers are well represented on the Venezuelan side, but I can’t root against the good ole USA. It’s just nice to watch some real baseball.

  6. I never knew Cobb was “being the biggest All Time Racist”

    I’m glad he included Crawford on there.

    As far as this under Greenberg
    “(I wonder what Ty Cobb thought about a Jewish player doing what he couldn’t… win a World Series)”

    I have yet to find much (if anything) saying he was Anti-Jew, but he has a good point and that is one of the only blemishes on Ty’s career IMO…although there are reasons for that, nonetheless it still would have been nice for him to have won one…

    Plus I remember reading (although I forget where) that Greenberg liked Cobb and he was nice to him; if I can find the source I’ll be sure to post where I got it or I’ll give ya’ll a link.

  7. Me in Nashville: I rooted for ‘Mando, Guillen, Maggs and Gil to do well, but for the US to win. For the most part, mission accomplished (though Miggy and Magglio have had better days).

  8. Galarraga looked pretty good. He was better than anyone else pitching that game, even better than Roy Oswalt.

  9. How about some Billfer thoughts on Alex Avila, the catching prospect. The kid’s hitting .571! How’s his catching?

  10. Billfer,

    What are your thoughts on the Tigers allowing so many of their players to participate in the WBC? Does the team have the option to withhold players if they are selected? With seemingly so much hinging on a good, quick start to the season, why hinder the gelling of this team by allowing so many key players to be absent during Spring Training? If they did have the option of withholding players, would they risk player/player’s union backlash by doing so?

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