Fien, Dolsi cut

A couple of bullpen candidates have been trimmed from the big league camp. Freddy Dolsi was optioned to Toledo and Casey Fien was assigned to minor league camp. Fu Te Ni was also assinged to minor league camp.

The Fien move is a little surprising because he has pitched so well this spring, but as a young player not on the 40 man roster the Tigers may choose give a veteran like Juan Rincon a shot first. Of course Perry is in the same boat, young player not on the 40 man roster, but he’s also a first round draft pick.  Still I think Fien’s assignment means Rincon in particular is in a good position.

With Venezuela eliminated from the WBC, I’d expect some of the surplus outfielders to be cut very soon as well. Wilkin Ramirez is likely in the next round of cuts. After that it gets interesting between Clete Thomas, Ryan Raburn, Brent Clevlen, and Jeff Larish.

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  1. I really like Dolsi and I seriously think he’ll be a high-quality reliever soon. He pitched well for stretches this spring, but this is still probably the best thing that could have happened to him. He’ll pitch frequently at Toledo, which he wouldn’t have in Detroit. That should give him plenty of time to hone his change-up, which is his primary limitation in punching out MLB hitters right now. Dolsi has always had a live fastball, but he really seemed to get away from his secondary pitch after his first few weeks last year. Hopefully, this opportunity at Toledo works out for him.

    As for Fien, I think he’s just around the corner. If anyone falters (read: can’t hit the strike zone), Fien is in Detroit.

  2. Chris Y.,

    Does that mean you think both Williamson and Rincon make the bullpen out of S.T.? I sorta figured one of them was going to end up in AAA, though I admit I’ve got a tenuous handle on all the ins-and-outs of everyone’s contracts.

  3. I’d bet on Rincon making the bullpen. I’m less certain about Williamson, but only because of that one wretched game where he gave up about a million runs in under an inning.

  4. Right now, assuming seven spots, I think it looks like this:

    Perry/Williamson (the Joel Zone)

    I think we have to assume Rapada or Willis makes the club to have another lefty besides Seay in the pen. I think Rincon makes the club, so that leaves Williamson and Perry battling for “Zumaya’s” spot, at least until those little elves get done fabricating him a new arm.

    I’m not sure there. I think Perry certainly has better stuff, but if Williamson continues to pitch reasonably well, I could certainly see giving him a shot. Then Perry gets time to work at Erie, and is next in line (queued with Fien) for a spot.

  5. As for roster spots, as Billfer mentioned, both Rincon and Perry/Williamson would require a place on the 40-man roster.

    Adding two is doable, but not three. I don’t think there is any way that Kyle Bloom makes the squad, so that opens up one spot. Also, one outfielder is due to come off the roster as well — either Clevlen moving on or Thames/Clevlen getting traded for a minor-leaguer or two.

  6. I like Williamson and Rincon, by bringing those 2 up and not the kids you leave the powder dry so to speak. Its easier to start with the veterans then go to the kids than vice versa.

    You always hear how Leyland loves talent, but he really loves proven veterans more

  7. I know this is a bullpen post/thread, but it’s worth mentioning that Verlander was outstanding again yesterday against the Marlins. That’s two great starts in a row. I sincerely hope he’s onto something…

  8. Rodney and Lyon not good today…Lyon at one point gave up HR – HR – HR – HR (assuming I’m reading the box score right).

  9. Yes it would appear that Lyon gave up 4 straight jimmy jacks. At least the offense didn’t get no-hit, though. And EJax appeared to have a nice outing.

  10. The pitching staff is amazingly looking like it may not turn out to be near the headache that I (and everyone else) thought that it might just as little as a couple weeks ago. Not to say that there aren’t worry spots, at this point it is certainly looking stronger than at any point last year. In the last few days, they have gotten solid performances from Bonderman, Verlander, Robertson and Jackson, and the bullpen appears to have an excess of people pitching well, which I never thought that we’d be saying.

    To me, the bullpen looks to be Miner, Rincon, Seay, Rapada, Lyons, Rodney, and probably Perry until Zumaya gets healthy. One other thing that you would think would benefit the Tigers greatly is the depth they have by being able to call guys like Dolsi and Fien up, which is something they have not had the luxury of having the past couple years.

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