Tigers sign Alexis Gomez

Normally the Tigers signing an outfielder to a minor league deal wouldn’t elicit a post from me, but these are slow news times and this is Alexis Gomez. Jason Beck points out that Gomez is left handed and an outfielder, the kind of player that Matt Joyce was but without the upside (I know, let it go). The hope here is that this move is inconsequential. I have nothing against Gomez per se, but I do worry about the ways in which Jim Leyland may ultimately misuse him.

20 thoughts on “Tigers sign Alexis Gomez”

  1. This off-season is making me sick. And I don’t even think that much of Joyce. Alexis Gomez??? Again??? Why not bring back Milt Cuyler or Gary Pettis?

    This team needs pitching, pitching and some more pitching.

    Cruz, Hoffman, Lowe, Redding, Oliver Perez, Sheets, Smoltz, Wolf, Garland, Lyon, Beimel, Ohman, etc, etc. Any of them could help. And I hear absolutely no buzz other than that they are going to watch Chad Cordero with 10 other teams and see if his arm falls off. Alexis Gomez…………………, next it will be Alex Sanchez.

  2. Hoffman lives on the west coast and I’ll be shocked if the Brewers get him and go into a coma if somehow he ends up in Detroit.

  3. Gomez must be hard up to come back to Detroit. I thought the AAA/AA outfield is already crowded. I could be okay with the deal if the Tigers keep trading their spare parts. Tigers should have treated T Perez better because he has had two good years at AAA and got the offense going in Detroit in 07 in last stage of the season.

  4. This is a nothing move meant to fill out the Toledo roster…..nothing more unless there are injuries or unforseen problems in spring training.

  5. sorry, but i like Gomez, he comes to work everyday keeps his mouth shut plays hard when given the chance.. decent outfielder…..blue collar all the way…. good bench guy…….maybe you guys would have been happier if they would have spent $10000000000000000000000. for Bonds =Texeria=Putz and KRod=and CC

  6. It’s like the past two seasons have created a bunch of negative Nellies or something. Nothing not to like about Gomez as your seventh or eighth outfielder. And be honest: in a high leverage situation, would you rather see Gomez or Larish at the dish? Now, if the next signing is Dean Palmer, then we’ve got issues.

  7. If ALCS Game 2 never happened, no one would care about signing a 30 year old corner OF who posted a .234/.302/.481 line in AAA last year.

  8. So Gomez basically replaces Joyce – he may be the extra outfielder, may not. You could kind of look at the recent deal with TB as Joyce for Jackson AND Gomez. Does that help? A bit of a stretch, I guess.

    As far as Leyland “misusing” Gomez, well, I just can’t even imagine that 😉

  9. Gomez is a AAA player at best. The problem with signing him is that Leyland will “like his glove” or his “attitude” and he will make the roster, get a couple of hits and then suck up a bunch of ABs while putting up a .700 OPS if you’re lucky. Using him at all is definitionally misusing him.

    I’d rather have Larish at bat, 1000 times over, than Gomez, in any situation. There are a lot of good players out there. Prices are falling. The Tigs seem intent on going with what they have. They aren’t going to contend.

  10. “maybe you guys would have been happier if they would have spent $10000000000000000000000. for Bonds =Texeria=Putz and KRod=and CC”

    Well, yeah, probably.

  11. Tim,

    I don’t think Gomez will affect the possibility of future signings one way or the other. The ABs that he would theoretically be taking away aren’t likely to be many in number, or game-changing (let alone season-changing). The Tigers ’09 season will likely hinge on a healthy and productive (if only within individual career norms) pitching staff.

    I will agree that the above notwithstanding, it does seem strange to think that he would get ANY ABs ahead of some of the younger prospects, unless the idea is to let them mature, undisturbed by any call-ups.

  12. jud,

    “$10000000000000000000000. for Bonds =Texeria=Putz and KRod=and CC”

    that’s some public school math if i ever saw any…

    your utter disdain for proper punctuation, of any sort = my disregard for capitalization

  13. The Tigers ‘09 season will likely hinge on a healthy and productive (if only within individual career norms) pitching staff.

    Dr. Dre, the voice of reason.

  14. Chris,

    thanks, although in hindsight, i couldn’t sound more like Capt Obvious if i tried…

  15. Actually Dre, ultimately the Tigers success in ’09 will be due to whether or not they win more games than the other teams in the AL Central. Now that’s from the desk of Captain Obvious!

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