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  1. I don’t really understand the stats for catcher’s but sure am glad Lairds are good. He appears to be very, very happy to be Detroit’s starting catcher.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the article regarding catchers. I have been working for over 20 years on a card-and-dice baseball game, and stolen bases is particularly … “quirky” in a game system. Currently my system leaves it up to the runner to determine attempt frequency (with runner and catcher combining to create success odds). I’ve been thinking for years about incorporating pitchers and catchers into the frequency mix. For years we saw the reality of Verlander/Rodriquez squelching opponent’s running game. Unfortunately, this kind of calculation isn’t readily available anywhere, and the programming required using RS event files is beyond my available effort.

    Interesting thing about Laird compared to Pudge in 2008 with the bat
    Laird .276 / .329 / .398
    Pudge .276 / .319 / .394

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