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  1. That cartoon was GREAT!!!! I couldn’t agree more. This has been by far and away the most BORING hot stove league that I can remember. I blame it all on Scott Boras. He sucks. Nobody can make a move until the big pieces fall like Sabathia, Texiera and Man Ram set the market. I believe all of those guys are Boras clients. So, let’s speed this up Boras. I’m dying to know what the ’09 Tigers are going to look like.

  2. I love the cartoon, well I love a lot of what she writes, although I just lurk over there (MVN) from time to time, never comment

    And no I don’t remember Noochie Varner, although I do remember Sanchez and Andres Torres and Gabe Kaplar and Higgi, and Encarnacion (is he out forever due to getting struck by a ball in the eye?)

    A funny thing happened
    check out his 2008 winners

    Here is a fuller look

    On there he lists his 2008 winners

    He (Bill James) uses Tangotiger’s fans “poll” as one of his “voters”

  3. OOO, I didn’t realize that

    another blast from the past

    Dean Palmer picked his 2008 All Stars if you’re interested =P

    C – Posada
    1 – Teixeria
    2 – Utley
    SS – Reyes
    3 – Wright or Cabrera
    OF – just Ordonez

    “Sweetest right handed swing I’ve ever seen in my life…doesn’t do too much…drives in runs…smart hitter…if your a kid you need to watch this guy.” On Ordonez

  4. I remember Noochie. I watched him play for the Whitecaps and was extremely upset when we traded him. I’ve often wondered how much of an effect it has on a guy when he bounces around organizations in the minor leagues and what could have been had he stayed with one affiliation.

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