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If you’re a Twitter user, I created a new profile that just tracks Detroit Tigers news.  It is @TweetingTigers. I’ve set it up to pull in the RSS feeds from all Tigers blogs (well, I’m working towards all and plan to get there) and I’m planning to add in the Tiger related feeds from the big dailies as well. The result, you get notified whenever a Tigers blogger or another traditional Tigers source posts a story.

As an aside, if you’re interested in following my updates you can do so @billfer.

As a further aside, or what should probably be a precursor, Twitter is a microblogging service. Think of it as a cross between blogging and instant messaging. If you’re interested in learning more Twitter has a how-to video and Darren Rowse recently launched a blog of called TwiTip.

8 thoughts on “For you Twitter-ers out there”

  1. bilfer,

    this site has already reduced my productivity at work to dangerous levels, now you’re proposing a way to get it below the ‘mendoza line’. brilliant!

  2. How about…

    Magglio Ordonez Placido Polanco Marcus Thames Gary Sheffield Mike Hessman and Fernando Rodney for

    John Lackey Joe Saunders Scott Shields Howie Kendrick Jose Arredando Mike Napoli Hank Conger(catcher), Nick Adenhart(pitcher) and Jordan Walden(pitcher)

    It would fill most of our needs quite nicely, plus if you’d rather they have more good young MI prospects if you’d rather sub one in for one of their good pitching or catching prospects

    Is it too one-sided? heck if I know, I didn’t figure in all the injuries/salaries and whos going to pick up what and what not

  3. @David, That’s too much for me to even wrap my mind around. But I would be stunned if the Angels included Arredando in any deal seeing as he’ll be their closer.

  4. Hmmm

    ok take out Arredando

    They’ve got Escobar coming back…from shoulder surgery

    I’ve heard they (being the Angels) are showing interest in him

    It might be too much from the Angels angle considering the number of pitchers I added in, but those last 3 are good prospects

    I think Hessman and Thames could start somewhere and could possibly produce 100RBI right now if they were in the middle of a lineup

    Still I think the Tigers would for sure be better off because we need both starting and relief pitching very badly, plus two good offensive catchers wouldn’t hurt. And plus it would help add something back into our farm system.

    On there side they’d get the highest ranked player overall in the last few years according to Elias – Maggs to really bolster their lineup

    plus Polanco to give them a guy who is a good lock to play 2nd base and play it well for an entire season, and who is also a vet

    then Rodney – a guy their staff would probably be able to fix

    and Sheffield – if they can fix him and he can come back strong good for them.

    On our side we’d get two possibly great healthy starters, a great reliever a solid catcher and MI plus the prospects

  5. I am big on Larish. I have followed him since Lakeland in A Ball. I would hate to lose him and honestly would rather move Joyce (feel he’s over rated) and low prospects for Putz. His option in 2010 is quite hefty but his buyout is only $1m so I see it as a good temporary quick fix. Despite injuries his second half wasn’t bad I would pull the trigger. We have a surplus of OF Talent Clevlen (who is out of options) Thomas, Raburn and other young up and coming talent. Closer is a big hole that must be filled.
    Bring in the Wolverine, if all else fails we can just call him a “PUTZ”!!!

  6. David,

    “two good offensive catchers wouldn’t hurt”

    is that all? that should be eeeeeasy for the Tigers to find 😉

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