The Clete Thomas injury

Hey, it’s Tommy John surgery time. Clete Thomas, who showed some promise with a nice eye from the left side of the plate and a cannon of an outfield arm will be missing the AFL, spring training, and some more. He underwent surgery today under the hand of Dr. James Andrews.

Thomas is likely on the shelf for the next 6 to 8 months, making his presence on the roster early in the season extremely unlikely. Once again though we have a player trying to play through injury with poor results.

According to the Free Press article Thomas felt it pop back in June. He manned-up and kept playing until the pain was overwhelming.

He then hit the DL at the end of August, mis-diagnosed with an elbow sprain. Rehab and a re-evaluation were recommended culminating in an unfavorable MRI.

It’s a story that’s been told all too often the last two years where injured players are hurting themselves and the team. I don’t know why they are staying on the field as long as they are. Whether it’s a communication issue, and eagerness issue, or a problem with the medical staff. But it needs to be one of the top priorities addressed this offseason.

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  1. One question I’m done with the Inge thing.

    Looks like the rook took a page out of the vet. Shef and vet (?) bondo’s book and dumbly played hurt, cept it didn’t hurt us much as he wasn’t up and getting over 400 PA like Shef

    anyways Jeremy Bonderman

    Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

    his career ERA+ 93
    career ERA 4.74

    I know he can be great, can be good or can stink

    Hes got a great slider, a fast fastball (not huge movement, but its fast enough at 95)

    Leyland and co. the brain trust that they are keep trying to get him to develop a change piece

    while that might be well and good he could be very good… if he can stay healthy and thats a BIG IFFFFFF

    I’ve watched many a game where he can dominate, however he has stunk it up a lot.

    Is he going to have multi sub 4 ERA years with us?

    is he going to win 18+ games anytime soon?

    is he going to be good most times out

    is he going to be an ace? a horse? continue on mediocrity? a OK fifth starter? in the next 3 years

    should i pick him for my fantasy team next year? because if he is going to keep crumbling it’ll make me sad

    apparently you can have a “Mr. Snappy” and a fast heater and still not be a good pitcher

    What are your thoughts on him?

    How is he going to do in 2009, 2010? and beyond?

  2. Bonderman’s fastball has tons of movement. Not sure what that has to do with Clete Thomas, but it’s a misnomer if you think that he gets by on velocity more than movement and location.

  3. It’s not manly to complain. Right or wrong, it’s in our genes to not complain. When’s the last time any of you told anyone your hurting? That sissy thing can stick with you a long time.

  4. Unbelievable that Clete played that well with a bad elbow. I could cry a bucket of tears for this guy. He hung in there to show what he could do and got a good look while he was up with the Tigers. Better than any of the other prospects, Clete was my favorite. There’s only a limited window of opportunity for these minor league guys to make it. I just only hope he gets that opportunity again.

  5. “What’s this ‘We’ stuff, Kemosabe”?

    Ha. Well, he didn’t specifically mention the Tigers. Good attitude, though, yes.

  6. Clete will be back. No reason to cry. Well, not because he’s lost forever, anyway.

    Remember the Cardinals series? This was right after the undisclosed injury, and against the Cardinals and Rockies, he was INSANE. (Was it the painkillers?) 7 for 12 with 4 BB.

    After that, not so much. 11 games, 8 starts, .171/.293/.314/.607.

    I think he should be a big part of the Tigers’ 2009 plans, and hope he comes back strong.

  7. Heal up quick Clete! We love ya. Well at least we like you a lot, ok I like you a lot, I dont’ know about these other jokers.

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