Game 152: Tigers at Indians

PREGAME: It will be a Leyland-less team tonight as the skipper starts serving a 3 game suspension.

Armando Galarraga has been roughed up his last 2 starts. he’s allowed 11 runs in his last 10 innings. He’ll be facing the Indians for the 5th time this year. Hopefully he can find a little of his early year magic.

He’ll be opposed by Fausto Carmona. Carmona has been lit up his last 2 starts allowing 14 runs in 11.2 innings.

DET @ CLE, Friday, September 19, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 7:05

POSTGAME: In a strange way this game played out perfectly for the Tigers. Armando Galarraga had a great outing and still should be at least in the ROY discussion. Miguel Cabrera moved into a tie for the league lead in homers and with 4 RBI’s is still in the mix for that title as well. Ordonez had a hit to stay in the batting title race. And the Tigers continue to enhance their draft position. Finally, Gary Glover and Casey Fossum showed they shouldn’t be part of next year’s plans.

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  1. Travis Hafner was replaced by a fragile robot near the end of 2006 with a glitch in its pitch-recognition protocol. I have similar suspicions regarding Martinez

  2. Whoa, craziness. Sheffield was hit by a Carmona pitch. After going to first, Sheffield and Carmona exchanged looks and words and such silly things, at which point Sheffield charged the mound and tackled him. Then the usual baseball brawl stuff happened. Yeesh.

    Both Carmona and Sheffield have been ejected.

  3. And it looks like Sheff was ticked off that Cabrerra was taking Carmona away from him….

  4. And…. Polanco is ejected too. He seems completely incredulous about this. Frankly, I need to see some slow motion replays, ala the Rays/Sox brawl earlier this year.

  5. Martinez ejected as well for rushing into the fray. I thought he might get away with it since Cabs convinced him to turn around pretty quick.

  6. Oooh, the replay showed that Inge took down Martinez when it started…way to go Brandon….

  7. Of course, the downside to all this is that Shoppach is in now. He must be hitting about .900 against Tigers pitching this year

  8. How did Asdrubal Cabrera not get run. He was the first guy in and instead of trying to break it up, he just started swinging?

  9. heh heh I think Inge did one of those “intangible” (except to Martinez) things that doesn’t show up in the stats…

  10. I’m with Dave BW, if there was any doubt where Farnsworth’s loyalties lie, I mean come on–a brawl, and no Farnsworth? The dude is still a Yankee in his mind…

  11. I went to see the movie “Igor” tonight. Sounds as if it was a good choice. But I’ll watch the fight on my tivo.

  12. I see the tiger relief pitchers are working harder on the speed up the game rule by hitting the first batter instead of walking them ……is this the 30th or 40th blown game after the 7th inning????????

  13. Agree that this was the perfect game, Billfer. My buddy and I were clapping in approval after the Incredibly Surprising Game Tying Home Run. Only thing missing was a “please let him get to 500 on the 2% chance he’ll retire” Sheffield homer.

  14. It was indeed a perfect game, but everyone forgot one important ingredient: it again showed that Brandon Inge has no business being on the 2009 Tigers.
    .211 and dropping like a rock. Too bad there’s no federal bailout in baseball!

  15. stephen: “Brandon Inge has no business being on the 2009 Tigers. .211 and dropping like a rock”

    You aren’t considering the intangibles–like the take-down of Martinez, getting the umpire confused about the count, and the Peter Pan outfit. Oh wait, I might be confusing that last bit with the rookie hazing story.

  16. Maybin has more hits in three games with Marlins than in 24 with Tigers. Good times.

    I still don’t regret that part of the trade. I’d deal Cabrera for Maybin any day. It’s the Willis part of the deal that was crazy.

  17. lol Sheffield would absolutely destroy Carmona, and Victor mArtinez, especially Victor Martinez in a fight.

    Martinez talked smack at the end of the game, if yuo guys check it out, and I’m gonna bet he doesn’t have remotely anything close to the great career Gary has had.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Sick game though, ironically, when I was watching it with my dad, my thoughts echoed Billfers, this is a perfect loss.

    Anyways, hockey’s starting people. Get into it!

    Go Habs Go! lol

  18. RudeMood19: “ol Sheffield would absolutely destroy Carmona, and Victor mArtinez, especially Victor Martinez in a fight.”

    If Martinez got taken down by Inge, I don’t think he would come out of it very well if he got into it with Sheffield…

  19. Sheffield is a ANTAGONISTIC BUM! Dump him & his over inflated salary & ego. He’s a tired old “child” of a man. Cabrera is a class act. Did you see him telling Carmona sheff ain’t worth the effort? If you want fights watch the wings.

    Dump Shef & Rogers (a class act) & free up the cap for young talent.

  20. Gary Sheffield can divide by zero.
    Gary Sheffield has counted to infinity. Twice.
    Gary Sheffield’s tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.

  21. Hey can anyone tell me the reason that Polly got ejected? Ive been busy and haven’t been able to find out what happened with him.

  22. One of the umpires claimed he saw Polanco hit somebody, but replays show that didn’t really happen. Polanco’s theory is that the umpires felt they should toss two from each team, and since there wasn’t a clear second guy from the Tigers, he was the one who got picked. I read somewhere that Polanco’s not going to make a big fuss about the ejection, but if he gets fined or suspended he’s going to say something.

    How adorable was Matt Joyce though, just dropping into the fetal position and covering his head?

  23. Thanks Angie- Ya I saw the replay and to me it didn’t seem that Polanco did anything. Seemed Cabrera was more in the mix than Polly– I kinda thought they may of just randomly picked him so 2 players from each team were tossed.
    haha about Joyce..and as others have mentioned the (I’m just a temporary Tiger/wish I was still a Yankee) Farnsworth was MIA.

  24. I think it’s Martinez’ fault Polly got tossed–he was shouting and pointing at Polly (as well as Sheff) for who knows what reason, so I think the umps figured he must have done something. Either that or the aesthetic appreciation of the symmetry of tossing both 2nd basemen (or 2nd basements if you prefer). The surprise is no fine for Inge, who went full-bore out after Martinez, and took him down in a Farnsworth-level way. Inge had Sheff’s back; no surprise there, we all know how strong the bonds of the .220 Brotherhood of the Oblique.

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