Game 134: Royals at Tigers

PREGAME: If you’re looking for a reason to get excited about tonight, it will be the first game in Comerica Park’s history with instant replay. Hey, I never said it was a good reason.

Zach Miner and Kyle Davies face off. Woot.

KCR @ DET, Friday, August 29, 2008 Game Preview –

POSTGAME: Hey, I went to a game and the Tigers won! I got down there early with my daughter and watched the bulk of the Tigers batting practice. I was a little surprised to see Dontrelle Willis shagging balls, but it appears he’ll be activated on September 1st. It’s unclear if he’ll see game action, but given his forearm tightness and the way things have gone this year I’d expect him to pitch.

Something else that was surprising was Andy Van Slyke hitting fungoes to Justin Verlander for a solid 20 minutes. And Verlander could be an outfielder. I’m guessing this was just a way for Verlander to get some leg work in, but it was pretty intense.

One other note from BP, Marcus Thames crushed everything. Everything. And he wasn’t just hitting the ball to left. His last 3 balls were out by the hall of fame names on the brick wall in right center.

As for the game, it was good. Things were very quiet for the Tigers bats early on, as they continued to hit infield or opposite field pop-ups. Until they broke it open, fueled in large part by an error and a Curtis Granderson triple (I love Granderson triples).

Miguel Cabrera left with a pectoral injury, because the Tigers need more injuries. Two notes on this. One, it resulted in Brandon Inge playing third and making two slick plays to start GIDPs. Second, why the hell they can’t inform the fans when a player leaves injured is beyond me. You pay to go to the game, and you have less information than anyone.

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  1. Another reason is that the pre-season favorite “1000-run Tigers” may yet be able to produce. With the current pitching performances of the starting and relief staffs there is a slight possibility (well very slight actually) that they could manage to give up 1000 runs this season. Not exactly what we had envisioned, but for stat heads and record freaks it coud well be reason enough to continue paying attention for the next 29 games (or until the milestone is truly out of reach (achieved!), whichever comes first). It’s at least as interesting as watching to see if Glover pitches himself into a regular bull pen role for next year.

    Secondarily, it may provide an opportunity for all of us to keep in touch for a few more weeks with tales of how we spent out summer vacations and such.

  2. Only 29 more games huh? Billfer do you write a Lions blog? I’m sure gonna miss reading everyone’s comments and the blogs written. I’ve learned a lot about baseball this year. Not as simple as 3 strikes and you’re out. Much more interesting.

  3. Well, guys and gals, have a good one. See you next spring. College football and the promise of a BCS-busting season for my BYU Cougars beckon.

    Wolverines fans – do my Cougs a favor and show those obnoxious Utes who’s boss tomorrow. 🙂

  4. And a successful double steal!! And although Polanco isn’t the fastest of runners, it helps when One-legged Joe isn’t the runner on 2B.

  5. Could Zach Miner be the new No. 5 starter next season? That would go a long way in solving the starting staff dilemma – would only need to trade for/sign one quality guy in the off-season.

  6. Who would have though it, but right now our best starting pitchers are Armando Galarraga and Zach Miner. The five guys who were supposed to be our rotation either have been aweful, or injured.

  7. Galarraga is definitely the silver lining in this dark cloud of a season. Miner, so far, gives a little hope for next year too. However, as I recall, when they first brought him up as a starter 2 years ago, he was light out for quite awhile before completely crapping his pants, so I am not totally convinced he can continue as he has recently. He’s certainly worth a shot though given the paucity of ready pitchers in Erie and Toledo.

    Hopefully Verlander figures it out and Bonderman comes back healthy and smarter, which would leave only one spot to be filled – not by Robertson or Willis in my estimation, so outside of the organization they will need to go.

    Speakinng of coming back smarter, hopefully DD can come back smarter for ’09, since he mostly fell on his face this year.

  8. Miner and Galarraga exactly that one -two punch we thought they would be….where would this team be without them …definitely a silver lining

  9. Amanda –

    No Lions blog for me, but stick around. I get to do a lot more analysis in the offseason without the daily routine of game posts, comment moderation, and minor league wraps (which really fell by the wayside this season).

  10. Miner has been very good as a starter… Nice quality start tonight. I think if he finishes strong in ’08, you have to give him strong consideration for ’09. So….

    Verlander, Galarraga, Bonderman and Miner. Sounds like a good #2 through #5 in a rotation. Now, if only there was a real blue-chip starter out there on the free agent market…

    Am I dreaming?

    (And this is comment #14. Not 140, but 14. I guess the air has gone out of the balloon, eh?)

  11. I didn’t get to see much past the 2nd or 3rd inning but I wouldn’t be surprised if Miggy hurt his pectoral on the Renteria throwing error. Miggs seemed to get his arm hit by the runner (Billy Butler, right?) and it kind of torqued his arm on the one replay I saw of it.

  12. I agree on the substitution announcements. All of a sudden I look down and it’s a completely different team! It was good to see Brandon’s moves at third, though.

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