Game 119: Blue Jays at Tigers

PREGAME: It’s A.J. Burnett against Zach Miner.

Miner has had a quality start in 3 of his first 4 efforts since returning to the rotation. Burnett has great peripherals. He fans a batter per inning and 2.3 for every batter he walks. His home run rate of .8 per 9 innings is solid also. Somehow he has a 4.62 ERA though.

The lineup is the same as last night’s.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Joyce, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

TOR @ DET, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 7:05

Whipping boy powers activate
Whipping boy powers activate
POSTGAME: Sigh. Well, the Whipping Boys (Sheffield, Renteria, Inge) power was activated in the 6th inning. Sheffield hit his 2nd homer and the other 2 hit back to back 2 out doubles. That should have been enough to beat the Blue Jays until Bobby Seay and Joel Zumaya combined to give it back.

Whether it is injury, or needing more recovery time, or simply needing more time to work on things, Joel Zumaya has to be sent down. There needs to be a spot made for Todd Jones on Friday, and it has to be Zumaya that is sent down. He now has 23 walks in 23.1 innings. Francisco Cruceta and Zach Miner were demoted for far less. If the fastball isn’t what it was, finding his change up and commanding his curve ball need to be next on the to do list and he shouldn’t be doing it with the big league club.

Zach Miner was very good again. That kind of got lost in everything else.

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  1. Hey, other mcb!

    Sheff WAS put on waivers, but he’s in the lineup tonight. D’ya think anyone will take him?

  2. Is he really on waivers? And now he goes yard? Awesome. I really do hope that someone takes him. We could use that money for a starter in the off-season. Maybe Freddy Garcia.


  3. Go Boston. I like Big Papi. And I like lobster rolls. And the city itself.


    Too bad I’m Michigan to the core!

    *starts up some Kid Rock on the iPod*

  4. <—- has caught “walleye off the dock” many, many times….

    I think, that if other mcb.’s last name had been “Scutaro” instead of mcb., I would have just kept my maiden name. Ugh… it sounds so prissy.

  5. Well, at least I lived to see Renteria and Inge start off an inning with a back-to-back walk-single (which is more impressive than back-to-back hits). So I’ve got that going for me…

  6. …and then apparently Renteria thrown out stealing home? Ol’ leadfoot Renteria? What was that word you used Cap’n Smokey? Flabbergasted?

  7. Just tuned in, what did I miss? A Sheffield home run? It was foul though right? How did we score the run?

  8. OK now gameday if saying something more reasonable…

    Maybe Sheffield could be a DH/3rd base coach, then he could yell things at players when they got on 3rd.

  9. Haven’t heard much about Farnsworth lately? Has he been closing? I haven’t been able to watch the entire game, due to work.

  10. Amanda: Farnsworth, you say?
    He may not be in uniform, I’m expecting him to be suspended for a few days by the league for his actions following the trade.

    Because there’s NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!

  11. I’m looking forward to another Whipping Boy powers activate post from Billfer. Really. No sarcasm. I’d like the Tigers to win this game. That’s why I’d better not follow it.

  12. Anytime they show Leyland scowling over a handful of parchments and Rod says something like “there’s Leyland going over the scouting reports”, I can’t help but think he’s just reviewing the warranty on his washing machine.

  13. Maybe Sheffield just needed something to piss him off so he’d start producing.

    So he did it to himself. Whatever works, I guess.

  14. Good for Sheffield…tonight.

    Two homeruns when the team has already slipped out of the race don’t make up for the .220 average and countless GIDPs.

    Either way hopefully Tampa is paying attention tonight.

  15. Is this the beginning of a tear by a “scorned” Sheffield? Remember last year when he was plunked by Daniel Cabrera in that game against Baltimore? He went on a tear after that game. As for this year, it’s about time.

  16. Sheffield, driving up his trading status.

    … hello Tampa Bay scouts, are you watching? Gary Sheffield could be finaly heating up…..

  17. “What’s that noise? oh, Dombrowski’s phone just started ringing…”

    Yeah, that was me Coleman. I just wanted to tell Dave to get Gary off of waivers. I think we just went from hoping to get his salary off of our hands to possibly being able to swing some free ham sandwiches out of this deal.

  18. The only way that steal makes sense is if
    -they really really want Granderson to lead off next inning
    -the next play was going to be a bunt/Inge run
    -LaMont just woke up and thought that was still Renteria on base from the inning before

  19. What can you say? These guys stink! There is no excuse. Zumaya is a complete bust…………why has anyone ever thought he could pitch?

  20. wow. some kind of bullpen. it’s really unbelievable. it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  21. No matter what……this is the most frustrating and sickening sports experience I have ever had………….the 2005 team was more enjoyable than this crap because you didn’t expect any better!

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joel on the DL in the near future. His slide step has always worried me — 95+ with all arm.

  23. Zumaya makes me so mad…..along with others…I really want to say something to his face about his stinking tattoos, his stupid beard, his mach fist-pumps because of his 100 mph pitches…………….and just point out to the idiot that he still can’t get people out when it matters! Never has ……all testosterone with no brain or discipline……..

  24. Leyland dropped the ball when he pulled Seay. I don’t get it. He never lets Seay pitch himself out of jams. All he needed was one out. LET SEAY FINISH THE INNING. HE’S EARNED IT. WTF?

    If he would have let Seay finish out the inning, the score is still 4-2 right now. Guaranteed.

  25. at least Zoom will have a lot of extra time to play video games tonight and tomorrow now…what was that 5 minutes of WORK

  26. I don’t know what the actual number is, but I heard that the Tigers have lost 20-something games this year in which they have gone into the 7th inning with the lead.. That is aweful….

    And now we are going to see what a good bullpen looks like 🙁

  27. Sheffield is like a Swiss clock! Or a petulant four-year-old on Christmas Eve, hoping to make up for being a dick the other 364 days a year. Nothing like trying to force management to make a move and ship you out to contender and THEN hit 2 hr’s. Remarkable.

  28. At least we didn’t give up a 10 run lead like Boston. Ohhh boy. Nothing would please me more than to see them miss the playoffs.

  29. I bet Zumaya can’t even play guitar hero well anymore. All his friends gather round to see him play Fire and Flames on expert but his thumbs just wont strum like they used to and his fingers just dont fret with quite the same speed. His friends pat him on the back and say “Don’t worry about it old, buddy. You’re still bad ass to us. Here, let’s do a keg stand and just let the world pass us by….

  30. a week ago i read the Tigers pen had blown 19 out of 41 save opportunities that resulted in losses… not just blown saves and a win later. so it is way more than that now

  31. Chris, there’s no need to go that far. Has he stunk this year? Yes. But I like to think it’s because, oh, you know, he came back mid-season from surgery with no spring training. Not to mention he has an at-best questionable pitching coach.

  32. Scott Downs is untouchable…. I make me so angry to see all these great relievers pitching for our opposition when we roll out such trash….

  33. Brian P, your just making excuses…

    My bet is that Zumaya is hiding discomfort of an injury, thinking he can pitch through it and be some kind of hero.

  34. Oh, I’m so sad that I went out for a run and missed all this great baseball… not really.

    BTW, has anyone seen anything besides features about Michael Phelps’ favorite sandwich during any of this Olympic coverage?

  35. Zumaya has only pitched good thru part of the 2006 season. The rest of the time in 2006-2007-2008 he has been hurt—ok—-awful—horrendous– with a spot or two of great —-or on the DL….you want to have him in position that you WILL count on him in 2009….not me

  36. I really want to say something to his face about his stinking tattoos, his stupid beard, his mach fist-pumps because of his 100 mph pitches

    Please make sure you have someone with a camcorder with you when this happens. We all want to watch.

  37. Another day, another blown save, another loss…. There is no better way to ruin a season then to have a bullpen in crisis mode. That will make good teams bad and bad teams worse. I would not mind it if the only thing that DD did next winter was to make every effort to strengthen the bullpen from top to bottom.

  38. Zumaya is average. Certainly, overrated.

    The thing is:

    If he can hit 103 mph, he’s unhittable. See 2006. But ever since the first surgery, he’s just not the same. A 96 mph fastball is very hittable, as we see night in, night out whenever he comes in. When Leyland yanked Seay I was yelling at my TV — there goes the two run lead. It’s soooo perdictable. His control isn’t anything great, so it’s not even like he’s placing those 96 mph fastballs anywhere special.

  39. I’ve said this before, we’re scary-similar to the ChiSox of last year with their horrendous bullpen and our terrible bullpen this year.

    What sucks most I think, is that I still cannot NOT watch them, for I believe (stupidly as each game passes) that they can still come back and win the division.

    They’ve had so many bad breaks this year. I think the luck we got in 2006 is finally evening out.

    Hopefully, when we go into the offseason with a lower payroll we can pick up some pitching help and make a run at the playoffs next year.

  40. wtf. this team is so messed up I can’t even begin. I have never trusted Zumaya. I don’t want to see him again, ever. He has even ruined Hendrix for me. If I were Zach Miner, I’d drop a big heavy box on Zumaya’s shoulder.

    Sorry guys, I just can’t take it any more.

  41. What are you guys talking about?

    Dontrelle just got promoted to Toledo! And Sheff hit is 12th home run! Plus, Verlander has a more than even chance to reach double digits in wins!

    I don’t know about you guys but that spells a-w-e-s-o-m-e in my book!

  42. Don’t forget, we’ll get to see Gary Sheffield (hopefully) hit his 500th career home run. AWESOME!

  43. Zumaya has 4 blown saves in only 21 appearances. That is staggering… miserable. It is definitely time to send him to Toledo. His cache with the fanbase has to be almost completely gone. The myth of Zumaya has been exposed. Goodbye Guitar Hero, box mover.

  44. Hmmm… things seemed to be going so well there for a while. Can’t fault the Whipping Boys – 5 for 11, 3 RBI, 3 R, 2 HR, 2 2B. 1 BB and only 1 K, and an utterly insane 1 LOB. This only happens when the scorn we heap upon them reaches fever pitch, so let’s keep it up. Can we add Zumaya to the Whipping Boys? Stat-wise, he’s earned the promotion.

    Ken, you ramblin’, gamblin’ man – what are the odds Zumaya goes on the DL when Jones comes off? The Tigers use of the DL with pitchers this season suggests that it’s a kinder, gentler of saying, you suck, so go away for a while, we’ll just tell them you’re hurt and have been hurting, saving face all around.

    I’m glad to have been educated on the finer points of waivers – I was one of the people exaggerating its significance. But I still think both the Tigers and Sheffield would be happier parting company, and find the suggestion that a deal for Sheffield may already have been in the works since just before the July deadline interesting.

    Zach Miner! And no comments above on his fine quality start, oddly enough. Miner is, like, the new Armando Galarraga or something. If he keeps this up the rest of the way, I hope he comes into 2009 “it’s your spot to lose now” and doesn’t get jerked around again. He’s a pretty bright spot in dismal Tigers times.

    Someone tell Matt Joyce that he did the wrong Marcus Thames impersonation. And where was Miguel, now that I expect him to be the savior every game? What a weird line, 0 for 4 with 0 LOB.

    That bullpen. Wow, what a headache. But as far as Zumaya coming in for Seay goes, yeah, I can understanf the frustration when there’s only one out to go and when Seay has been the lone consistent performer in the bullpen of late, but anyone should be just as able to come on and get that one out.

    2 RHB due up, but Seay is better against RHB. However, Scutaro had a HR (!) and a walk in 3 PA vs. Seay. Scutaro is mostly helpless against power pitchers. So, despite Scutaro having had a single in 1 PA vs, Zumaya, enter the power pitcher. Makes sense. Also, Alex Rios was hitless with a walk and 2 K in 5 PA vs. Zumaya. Too bad Zumaya blew it, but it was Zumaya, not Leyland. As far as I can tell, Zumaya didn’t lose it until Barajas, and he was pulled immediately thereafter. Anyone else earlier would have been just another crapshoot, and I don’t think Farnsworth against Lind inspired any sighs of relief until the ball was actually caught. The Tigers just don’t have that go-to guy in the pen. There’s nobody this year, despite all that seeming latent talent. (Hey, paired anagrams, how about it!)

    Seeing Zumaya blowing the the tight situations again and again reminds me of Cruceta earlier, except that Zumaya has actually been through the fire before. He may be well on his way to proving he’s no bullpen guy. The talk about making him a starter doesn’t seem so crazy to me any more.

  45. I was there, just got back and we all want to puke.

    Great night for a game, great game until Z (BS) comes in. How about we put him and Leyalnd on Waivers too. This is too much. Leave Seay in and let the guy pitch out.

    While DD has done us well the Edger trade for JJ is not working out. Edger cant hit and we need a pitcher.

    Have a great night guys…………


  46. ‘Don’t forget, we’ll get to see Gary Sheffield (hopefully) hit his 500th career home run.’

    Yes. Sadly, I’ll be unaware of this event for a day or two, since I only pay attention to games in progress involving the Tigers.

  47. Anyobdy notice that when Man-Ram was approaching 500 HR there was a daily update on ESPN, but virtually nothing has been reported on Sheffield’s approach?

    Maybe it has something to do with him being a collosal jerk.

  48. “Maybe it has something to do with him being a collosal jerk.”

    Or not playing in Boston. Just yet.

  49. but anyone should be just as able to come on and get that one out.

    One would think. But if I were partying with Ken in LV, I wouldn’t’ve bet on it. Interested to know how many inheirited runners Z has allowed.

    Interestingly, I think he’s better coming in with a clean slate. Put a runner in scoring position, and that run is as good as on the board.

    There was a lot of goodwill left from 2006, but that tank is officially empty as far as I’m concerned. I’m done giving Joel Zumaya the benefit of the doubt.

  50. I was looking around to see which contenders might be interested in Sheffield. How depressing. Only the Rays, Marlins, and Mets seem like possibilities.

  51. “Interestingly, I think he’s better coming in with a clean slate. Put a runner in scoring position, and that run is as good as on the board.”

    My research on this is old, but I have no doubt that the above is only more true now. Unfortunately, I think it’s true more or less across the board for the Tigers bullpen. Which may account for “leaving them in too long.” Might as well hope the current fire burns out, rather than throwing more gasoline on it. Especially with the price of gas these days. Save it for the next inning.

    Is Jimmy Gobble back from the DL and available?

  52. Spoke with a couple diehard Mets fans today — they think the Mets will want to claim Sheffield. They need a corner outfielder.

    If that deal happens, I somehow get the feeling the Mets will dupe DD into acquiring Aaron Heilman as part of the package. One thing’s for sure: he’d fit right into the Tiger’s bullpen.

  53. In thinking about Zumaya and the rest of the bullpen, I have a new theory:

    1) Players acquired by the Detroit Lions almost universally end up (a) underperforming, (b) getting injured, or (c) dying.

    2) Clearly, some sort of curse hovers over Ford Field.

    3) The Tigers’ bullpen is the area of Comerica Park located nearest to Ford Field.

    I think Dombrowski should call the Ghost Busters to determine whether the other-worldly bubble of negative energy that surrounds Ford Field extends just far enough to encapsulate the bullpen.

    In fact, this theory can be extended further. This season, we’ve had poor performance from the guys who play on the half of the field nearest Ford Field (Jacque Jones, Renteria, Guillen in the field–plus Sheffield, who spends most of his time in the dugout). Meanwhile, the guys furthest from that side of the stadium have performed quite well (Ordonez, Cabrera, Polanco).

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier.

  54. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier.”

    Well, at least we have someone to blame now. You.

  55. “Spoke with a couple diehard Mets fans today — they think the Mets will want to claim Sheffield. They need a corner outfielder.”

    Encouraging, T, even if it’s only opinion. I’m sure Gary would be all over going back to New York, especially across town. Anyone the Mets have the Tigers could actually use? Seems to me the deal would be be “pay for some of him and he’s yours.” Even the Mets can’t be desperate for Sheffield.

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