Game 116: A’s at Tigers

PREGAME: Just got back from 4 days of camping. Armando Galarraga and some dude named Dan Myer. Relevant statistical goodness at the below link. Sorry for the brevity. I’ll get back into the swing tomorrow.

OAK @ DET, Saturday, August 9, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 7:05 in theory. But lots o rain in the area

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  1. A couple 3-2 counts followed by outs. Then Frank Thomas puts a hurt (ar ar) on the Tigers for the first time in what seems like forever.

  2. I also think the Tigers might want to keep this Cabrera guy in the lineup at least another couple weeks.

  3. I wonder if Inge hitting .075 for August qualifies under the JL mandate of you better get the job done or sit policy…..maybe JL meant .050 or lower

  4. When other guys don’t produce, there are legitimate alternatives. In Inge’s case, you’d be replacing a guy in a slump with a guy in a permanent slump.

  5. Can Inge bat under .210 for the fourth time in eight years and still be owed 12 million dollars and be our incumbent catcher for 2009??
    Stay tuned!
    Man, it’s better than a pennant race.

  6. I think the main reason INGE will be back is his jersey is the biggest seller in the fan shop and they ordered a gazillion for next year already… question is …who would wear one?

  7. what a great job Grandy has done vs lefties this year…in a dismal season it is sure fun to watch him progress

  8. lets get “bombs-worth in for one or two batters to see if he can get someone out …no more that two batters though,,unless they make outs give him one more batter

  9. Farnsworth can easily handle this relief appearance. He is bound to get three outs sprinkled in between all those homeruns he’ll dish out.

  10. I see exactly what Miggy is doing, I wasn’t born yesterday and you have to wake up very early the evening before the previous morn to get the jump on me. the GreedMig wants the elusive Quintuple Tiger Crown, about which even the great Tyrus Raymond Cobb was cursing venomously on his uneasy deathbed.

    Cabrera wants to lead the team in Home Runs, RBI, Avg, GIDP and Errors, and the pressure begins to grow on Ordonez, because it is not an easy thing even if you have the advanced math of all the asian grade schools in your head, to calculate with the 1st-base in occupied status, which is your most valuable weapon to protect the QTC–the single to raise the average? The home run to raise the RBI, but in the pursuance of which the dread strikeout looms in a Mig-friendly way? Or the high-hopper to first, because you never know if you will get another at bat with a runner on 1st and less than 2 outs, because what happened to that guy from last year who was always on base with the same name as the guy we have this year instead–and the Cabrera is a terror at producing double-plays from nothing?

    And while you are calculating and the pitcher is pitching and that dumbass is whistling and his daughter is now deaf, you have less than a second to make a decision, and there are 40,000 people who do not understand the half of it and boo boo boo.

    And then you shuffle out to “right” field about which nothing is right if anyone understood, and you realize its the skislope in hell upon which you stand, when you get a decent ball hit the “right” place, with the pitcher’s playing keep-away from home plate and then oops! no it’s dodge-ball, and in the distance you see the merry-go-round of runners and no baseballs hit with the baseball bat sound of wood, and the pitcher not being able to stare at the Inge-mitt which becomes ever larger and then concentrate and then throw where the mitt wrist-flung could reach it–that same pitcher looking over his shoulder at the runner on first and–Oh the Torments of Melvin Nieves in Hell! that lucky bastard is going to get another chance at an error at first and by god if that ball is exceeding the height of him and he scores the error the scorekeeper will find that the machete, it is no friend in any way to the radial tire.

  11. judpma: “I think the main reason INGE will be back is his jersey is the biggest seller in the fan shop and they ordered a gazillion for next year already… question is …who would wear one.”

    They say “marketing people” and we laugh and think of perhaps old women at the market wagging their toothless jaws, or the young fellows with the expensive suits and cheap ties and bad haircuts and–what the hell, how does he afford that car?–and…well let’s just say I am certain there is no god, not one who cares how much who makes for what. But there is a real Marketing that makes our statistics look like chalkmarks on a sidewalk, and VORP vaporize, and who knows what else…and computers that are like the best of their type from every type, all combined into one, and then programmed by programmers who could be hired anywhere with one email, and that not even revealing their identity.

    So my meaning is–they know who would wear one, and the very souvenir stand was built through construction that would result in the souvenir-stand-where-who would where one-is most likely-to notice and hence purchase. (The statistic they refer to as CRSSWWWWOMLNHP quotient).

    I cannot reveal where, but I myself am in the knowing of the Inge-jersey-secret, which i will reveal to you through blog-brotherhood loyalty…

    There are a powerful number of jerseys bought by, or bought on behalf of, all the 15-yr olds that come to the game, and it is no joke the number of them.

  12. Wow Coleman. Just wow.

    since this season is a wash in my book and just enjoying expectation free baseball… It was a great win. Nice to see the professor get out of a jam and I’m with the fsn crew… Lets make every night fiesta tigres!

    My favorite part, however, as co-founder of the MigTilde fan club, is to see him blossom in the AL. Next year he will terrorize the league.

  13. I own an Inge t-shirt and wear it all the time! And it was only partially bought for the irony value!

  14. I want to see Maggs win another batting title, Granderson hit .320, and Miggs get to 30.

    Who cares about the playoffs anymore?

    It ain’t me babe. No, no no.

  15. I don’t care about the playoffs, neither. Because it’s all over but the crying, now. I have to say, of all my years of watching baseball, this is the WORST season I have ever seen in my entire life. Yes, worse than 2003. Because in 2003, we were supposed to be abysmal.. and at least we didn’t set the record for losses. At least the play of Bonderman, Monroe and Dmitri Young was some sort of silver lining at the time.

    The fact of the matter is, everything bad that could have happened, did. We had injuries in the starting rotation. Willis was one of the biggest disappointments in history. We threw a ton of money at Robertson for him to post a ERA over 6! Kenny Rogers got old fast. So did Sheffield. Edgar Renteria put up pedestrian numbers while Jurrgens pitched well enough in quadruple-A to have most of us freak out over how bad the trade was. Jacque Jones? Bum. Todd Jones? Bigger bum. Zumaya and Rodney BOTH having injuries? Of course.

    Top it off with an 0-7 start and an incredible amount of shutouts and you have a season that makes me wonder when the first Lions game is. And that says something.

  16. The Tigers have a diverse group of Latinos employed by Mr Illitch; as diverse as the group who tends to our autos at the local car wash.

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