Tigers Minor League Wrap 7-29-08

Indianapolis 3 Toledo 5
Kody Kirkland homered twice. Timo Perez doubled twice. And Clete Thomas singled twice (plus he walked). Chris Lambert went 7 innings and allowed 3 runs on 4 hits, a walk, and 4 K’s. Clay Rapada got the 2 inning save fanning 2.

Erie 11 Akron 5
Casper Wells hit for the cycle with 5 RBI. Wil Rhymes went 4 for 5 and was missing the homer to complete his cycle. And a bunch of guys got 2 hits each. Lauren Gagnier allowed 4 runs on 8 hits in 6 innings.

Lakeland 7 Tampa 0 (in progress)
I’m guess this one was delayed since it’s only in the 4th as I write this. But James Skelton homered and tripled, so that’s noteworthy. Jonah Nickerson is throwing 1 hit ball through the first 3.

West Michigan – PPD. But check out this story from Andrew Hess and his hotel experience.

Oneonta 10 Aberdeen 5
Bryan Pounds homered and singled. Billy Nowlin went 4 for 5. Hayden Parrot, Wade Lamont, and Mike Gosse all had 2 hits. David Stokes allowed 3 runs on 9 hits, a walk, and 6 K’s in 5 innings.

GCL Tigers 5 GCL Blue Jays 3
Alexis Espinoza was a triple shy of the cycle and picked up 4 RBI. Luis Palacios was 3 for 5 with 2 doubles. Victor Larez struck out 5 and allowed only 3 hits in 5 innings. Brandon Hamilton allowed 4 hits and 3 unearned runs in 2 innings.

18 thoughts on “Tigers Minor League Wrap 7-29-08”

  1. Sweep!

    regarding Hess: My guess is that the Davenport AmericaInn (or whatever) was fully booked on account of people displaced by last month’s floods.

  2. ESPN.com is reporting the Tigers traded Pudge to the Yankees…WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. I think this goes down as one of the dumbest moves DD has made. Trade the only true catcher in the organization for a guy we already traded that can’t throw strikes. We already have about 5 Kyle Farnsworth’s in our bullpen.

  4. Yeah, this trade is pretty wretched, though the return of Professor Farnsworth is certainly entertaining.

  5. Farnsworth was stellar in his last tour with Detroit, even if he had trouble with the “pressures” of NY.
    I think this is a good deal as the Tigers were going to get nothing for Pudge after the season was over and, aside from an inconsistent offense, giving up leads was our worst problem this year.
    We lose some offense with Pudge gone in favor of Inge, but the defense will be nearly as good. Inge can catch most days, and we’ll probably have to suffer with the Great Dane as backup.

    Farnsworth this year: 44.1 IP/3.65 ERA/1.35 WHIP. He makes our bullpen much stronger and is probably our new closer, which would make him more likely to resign with us. I think he’s at the end of a $17m/3yr deal signed in ’05 (so we’ve saved a few $$ with this deal, too.)

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot Kyle Farnsworth is a closer…which is why he has 27 career saves in 11 seasons. Yeah, he’s a true closer alright.

  7. Kathy: “Pudge is a Yankee and we got Kyle Farnsworth. OMG”

    Didn’t you call Pudge to NY the other day? (And I called the Farnsworth part, except I was, you know…JOKING). Since I was right, we’ll have to see how the rest of my prediction does: Farnsworth pitching in a mask and tights and games he pitches in televised as a pay-per-view reality series called Chin Music.

  8. Chris, you know as well as I that “saves” are a product of opportunity, not effectiveness. The question is whether we get more value out of the guys he can get out from the bullpen over the offense we lose with Inge playing every day. I’m just saying I’m cautiously optimistic that he helps us more than Pudge’s departure hurts us.

  9. Though it is a strange trade, it does not really indicated whether the Tigers are buyers or sellers because they gave up a free agent for another free agent. Generally when you are a seller you give up something for the future and the Tigers did not do that.
    I think it is a desperate attempt to shore up the bullpen and perhaps a precursor for another move. The real debate is whether or not Farnsworth can help.

  10. Rings….if he was closer material, he would have had more opportunities to be effective in save opportunities in ELEVEN SEASONS.

  11. Oh yeah…who backs up Inge now? What does this do to Todd Jones? Are they just going to release him? This really raises a lot of questions the more I think about it.

  12. I was surprised we landed someone as good as Farnsworth. I didn’t think Pudge had any value, but I was wrong.

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