Tigers make roster moves

Following the game tonight Eddie Bonine was optioned to Erie and Dane Sardhina was optioned to Toledo designated for assignment. Taking their places are Jeff Larish and Brandon Inge.

Inge of course is returning from the disabled list.

In the case of Bonine, he struggled his last 2 outings and his command was particularly good. With the All Star break coming up the Tigers won’t need a 5th starter for over a week so they are giving themselves an extra bat.

As for who will fill that 5th starter role, I’d guess it will be Zach Miner after the break. He was great in a 4 inning start for Toledo and will get at least one more start to further stretch his arm out prior to being needed.

24 thoughts on “Tigers make roster moves”

  1. I like the idea if giving Zach Miner a shot at starting. It looks as if they abandoned the idea of making Lopez into a starter. That’s fine too. Lopez is great for the pen.

  2. This is how I wanted it to go down in the first place. I think Miner’s arsenal is best for the rotation where as Lopez’s is best (this year) for the bullpen where he’s been K’ing guys at great rates.

  3. Zach Miner is a bum.. I’m really not too happy about him pitching a start. Why not call up Porcello already? Nobody’s seen him, and with his stuff, he’ll at least get a few wins before hitters figure him out (a la Andrew Miller).

  4. It seems unlikely now, but I still like the idea of Lopez getting a shot as a starter. Miner, at best, is Nate Robertson, and not the occasional good Nate. I think Zach Miner’s time with the Tigers has come and gone.

  5. Yes, for the love of god, let us please rush and stunt the development of another of our star prospects.

  6. Zach Miner was 2006’s Galarraga, or vice versa. I like the idea of him getting a chance to start. I was never sold on him being a reliver, he didn’t seem to have the personality for it, i.e. run out of the bull pen fired up to strike guys out. He seemed more laid back.
    And by the way, where in the world is Virgil Vasquez? Is he done?
    What about Tata? Is the finger totally messed up? Or is it a mental thing?

  7. With Inge coming back, I think bilfer should open a permanent Inge open thread. And soon, because with the three days off for the AS game, what else will there be to talk about. I suggest permanently leaving it the top of the page.

  8. Billfer knows people who know people and all that right? What I’m getting at is how hard would it be to arrange to have a little tiny cam in Inge’s hat, then all you do is click the Ingevision link on the blog, and voila, you see the world as Inge does!

    And for those Inge-haters turning pale, be honest–aren’t you the least bit curious to see if he’s actually even looking on some of those swings? It would be a winner all around…

  9. Okay, Coleman is just operating on a whole different, more sophisticated level than the rest of us today

  10. Coleman,

    It would be interesting to view from inside Inge’s head, but I’d have to turn the speakers down. I could only listen to Doris Day’s “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” on feedback loop once before going criminally insane.

  11. I like Coleman’s camera idea. For a moment I thought it could be interesting to have one installed in Leyland’s hat, but then it occurred to me that the view would always be obscured by smoke so that Leylandvision wouldn’t really tell us much.

  12. ez, I hadn’t even considered the audio issue. So, there is another argument against Leylandvision: the noise from all the buzzing would be an added frustration.

  13. Doris Day? Somehow I picture more a loop of his favorite lines from Caddy Shack over and over. (Which explains the occasional Bill Murray-like swings)

  14. Listening to Leyland mumble while smoke obscures the view, that’s a public service. Hey kids, feel like you’re stoned–all legal and free!!

  15. Inge coming back strengthens the club. I am not a great Inge fan like most of you aren’t either because I get frustrated with him offensively but I appreciate all the things he does defensively. Giving up most at bats in the process of him being in the lineup, he is pretty efficient with runners on, which makes him more valuable then a lot of others. And no one plays third batter. Those two great play Carlos made last night are routine for Inge. I think Pudge will continue to have a good year with Inge taking a regular turn catching. Their are more positives the negatives so lets bring it on. Lets continue with the Twinkies!!!

  16. I always wanted Miner for the starter’s role. I remember I watched him play the White Sox in Chicago and he threw 6 in and gave up about 3. He kind of just lost his starter’s role when the team got healthy.

    I like the idea of giving him shot. But what I like more is….

    Trading and trying to get a good starter. Willis might not return this season, Bonderman is out, Robertson’s ERA is high. The Tigs could use a rent-a-pitcher for the rest of this season. Also, if JV, Kenny Rogers or Gallaraga got hurt, we would be cooked.

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