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  1. Thoughts on Pudge: Good to know he should qualify as a Type A free agent. Knowing that pudge wants to play for a while, he may turn down arbitration to sign a longer term contract some place, if not in Detroit. I remember the Mets being interested and I am sure there are other teams in need of a catcher. Perhaps the Yankees with Porsada’s issues. Boras will squeeze every team to get an offer and create a bidding war, if Pudge continues to hit well the rest of the season. It may be best to allow him to go and get those extra picks in the draft and start rebuilding the system with quality players.

  2. I’d ballpark Pudge’s shot at being a Type A guy at about 95% or something along those lines. I’m basically one step away from figuring out the formula.

    I’m in the process of checking infielders, as each positional group uses a different formula. It’s a bit more complicated, but I’m fairly certain Edgar Renteria could qualify as a Type A. Hitting .330 last season should help his cause significantly. Any sort of bounce back in the second half, and Renteria is a definite A. And yes, the Tigers can decline the option and offer arbitration, although that’s unlikely because of the buyout on his contract.

    After Renteria, I’ll check on Rogers and Jones, although I’m anticipating retirement or a one year return for both.

  3. D-Train probably comes back in September after rosters expand. Depending on whether the Tigers are playing meaningful games would likely determine whether or not he gets any starts.

    My opinion is that whatever ails him could probably take longer than a couple of months in Lakeland to straighten out. Is it a weight problem; mechanics; injury (ies)? Maybe all three?

  4. “Is it a weight problem; mechanics; injury (ies)?”

    Don’t forget mental, or psychological, whatever you want to call it. Seriously. So maybe all four. But I’m not being pessimistic. I’m sure he’ll be back. Hopefully with the Tigers.

  5. Oh, and Eddie: have you posted what the formula is yet? I’ve heard it’s very … well, simplistic in the types of stats it uses which doesn’t really surprise me at all when you see the types of players that bring back 2 picks year in, year out.

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