Game 90: Indians at Tigers

PREGAME: Eddie Bonine tries to rebound tonight as he takes on Paul Byrd.

Byrd has given up at least 4 runs in 6 of his last 7 starts. The one start he didn’t you ask? When he held the Tigers to 2 runs in 7 innings sending them to a season low 12 games below .500. Jim Leyland, looking to avoid a similar fate sends out this gauntlet of a lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Thomas, LF
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Joyce, RF
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Santiago, 2B
  9. Sardinha, C

Byrd has allowed 23 homers, so it probably makes sense to keep the team leader in homers on the bench.
CLE @ DET, Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Game Preview –

POSTGAME: There was a time in my life that I despised Rafael Betancourt. Partly I hated him because he dominated the Tigers. But I thought I hated him because he worked sooo slow. After seeing the Tigers beat him up a couple times, I think it was the former that fueled my hate. I didn’t even notice him working slow tonight.

This game was downright ugly for the first 5 and a half innings. Bonine wasn’t good. The defense wasn’t good. Clete Thomas fought the sun and lost on a first inning fly ball and Carlos Guillen made a run costing error in the sixth. Meanwhile the offense couldn’t do more than tring 2 singles together at a time. So coming back from a 6-0 deficit didn’t really seem likely – especially with a less than primetime line-up.

But comeback they did.

  • What was the biggest hit? Guillen’s bases loaded double? Matt Joyce’s 2 strike homer? Miguel Cabrera’s walk-off? Does it matter?
  • Casey Fossum went 3.1 eventful innings. He loaded the bases with nobody out before fanning the side. In the end he finished with 5 K’s and kept the team in the game before handing it over to Joel Zumaya and Todd Jones.
  • Todd Jones needs to be buying dinner for Carlos Guillen tonight who turned 2 slick plays, one kept the Indians off the board.
  • Walk-offs and big comebacks are fun when your team does the coming back and walking off
  • FSN does a nice job with their postgame show. But one item was severely lacking tonight. When Matt Joyce was interviewed on the field there was no mention of the kitten. How does this happen?

265 thoughts on “Game 90: Indians at Tigers”

  1. If we lose tonight, my finger points directly at Jim Leyland. It’s five games before the all star break, yet he’s resting half the lineup with our worst pitcher on the mound. Mario and Rod think he has a method to his madness. I think he’s just plain mad.

  2. Thames has a one-year contract. I don’t see any way he resigns with the Tigers after this year. To play as well as he has played, and to continue to get jerked around – it’s total BS. After this season, some team will offer him a chance to play every day and hit 40 taters for them, and the Tigers are going to wish Leyland played this differently.

  3. Is Eddie trying to reenact yesterday’s game? Because someone needs to tell him he’s not JV.

  4. Okay, the Bonine experiment has lasted long enough. If he’s not even going to throw 70% strikes then what’s the point? Good thing is that they can skip his spot after the break and figure out what to do then.

    BTW, Thames is arbitration eligible next year, he’s not a free agent until 2011.

  5. Does anyone else throw up a bit in the back of their mouth whenever they see Paul Byrd or is it just me?

  6. Nice first two innings. Leadoff man on both times, and nothing to show. I hope this game turns like last nights.

  7. Curtis wanted to argue that punch-out pitch. And when it’s in the other batter’s box, who wouldn’t?

  8. The team had Monday off. Everyone is getting 3 days off after this week. Why is it necessary to put four rookies in the starting line-up when you are struggling to stay above .500 before taking on the Twins? Polly, Rodriguez, and Thames are going to be missed in this game. What is Leyland thinking? (If anything!)

  9. Actually they are not all rookies..but the point is why not use 3 of the better starters at least?

  10. Jeff:

    Good to know that Thames is locked up that long, so Jimmy can keep playing games with him. Isn’t he old to still be under team control for that long? He’ll be 34 when he hits the FA market for the first time.

  11. Yeah. Another Sheff. pop up. I’m over that swing of his. Long foul balls don’t mean crap.

  12. It’s too late to call the bull pen when the pitcher is already coming apart. Bonine is playing way over his ability level.

  13. Isn’t he old to still be under team control for that long?

    It’s years of service, not age. From 2002 to 2005 he had stints that must have added up to less than 1 season. 2006 and 2007 were full seasons but he was still short of 3 full seasons, thus 2008 is his “third” season as far as the clock is concerned. And thus he’s eligible for arbitration and a big pay increase next year (given his family situation, that’s good).

  14. Rod mentioned that both of Bonine’s wins came against the other minor leaguers in the NL. Maybe he belongs there.

  15. Mario

    The best question asked ever.

    “Why did Jim wait to get Fossum instead of getting him for Sizemore.”

    Rod “I don’t know”

    I just started laughing.

  16. All I have to say is: Fossum = WOW. I would have never guessed it. That could be a turning point in the game. I hope.

  17. Great and cool performance by Fossum getting those 3 strikeouts. Let’s hope it is a turning point in this game. It isn’t over yet!

  18. There’s nothing jim can do about bonine or whoever else we put there. Bonderman’s hurt and willis sucks. Thankfully we got lucky with battlestar. Bonine not so much and it is what it is.

    But what kills me is not playing guys with 17 hr as everyday regulars and putting the hens out there. We caught a break with fossum pulling a houdini. But maybe the score is within striking range if we played a real lineup. I’m sick of leyland not giving us the best chance to win.

  19. Forty

    I say bring up Porcello. He can’t be any worse. I am more upset about the lineup.

  20. So glad I bothered to tune in to this mess.


    Nice outing by Bonine, I take it?

  21. No clutch hitting by the Tigers, though.
    First inning 2 on no outs, and no one scores. Second inning 2 on 1 out, and no one scores.

  22. I see a lot of comments in this thread regarding the lineup the Tigers ran out there tonight, but the Indians lineup isn’t exactly a collection of HOF’ers and they’re beating our brains in.

    Thames missing from the lineup has nothing to do with Bonine’s godawful outing and it isn’t why we’re losing. It’s fine to speculate that this game might be “closer” with Thames in there, but that’s all it is – speculation. None of us really know for sure. If we don’t pitch, we don’t win, even with nine Marcus Thames’ out there.

    BTW, Royals lead 3-0 after 2

  23. Fossum with a couple decent innings. If he’s not careful, Jimmuh is going to run him out there instead of Bonine (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

  24. Mark:

    Not if Thames’s situation is any indication. GotMeOnMyKnees Leyland doesn’t like to reward good play with regular status.

  25. someone tell me why thames doesn’t start, why Pudge doesnt start


  26. I knew this game was going to go this way. Byrd is always struggles against everybody and then has his masterful game against the Tigers.

  27. I will say that Fossum is saving the bullpen. I hope Leyland plays all of the “regulars” all 4 games against the twinkies.

  28. Mark – but all a manager can do is give his team the best chance to win. I hear you that bonine’s awful start is the biggest reason we’re losing. But leyland can’t heal bonderman. He can however play a lineup that gives us a good chance to score runs. Would we be winning? You’re right, there’s no way to know. But it’s a game of expected value. And the indians having a bad team doesn’t excuse suboptimal managing.

  29. So I ordered one of the ’68 throwback jerseys on ebay down here to Austin. Putting it on now. Rally jersey time. I may even pair it with my mop rope necklace.

  30. someone tell me why thames doesn’t start, why Pudge doesnt start

    I suspect Pudge didn’t start because Leyland intends to play him all four games vs. Minnesota, so wanted to squeeze in a day off just before that series.

    As for Thames not starting, that’s one of the mysteries of the ages.

  31. “Is there any way the Tigers can make a run at getting Burnett?”

    Nope! Tigers blew their wad last winter getting Cabrrera, Willis and Renteria. The sad thing with the unessesary Jurrjens for Renteria trade is that what we gave up is the thing we need the most right now.

  32. Nevermind on Burnett. He started out great tonight, and now he is getting blown up. 🙂

  33. Agree, Forty. The manager’s job is to give the team the best chance to win, and Leyland has a poor track record in that regard.

    And it’s frustrating tha Thames doesn’t play nearly every day, it really makes no sense. But we’re getting beat 6-1 because of a lot of reasons, not simply because Marcus isn’t in there (necessarily). That’s my only point.

    Royals 5-2 in the 4th.

  34. So last night I was at the ball game and there was this really good team called the Tigers . . .

  35. Apologies Brian! LOL. My ticket package included last night. What can I say. I’ll be back Friday.

  36. well they did start scoring when I came downstairs to check out the weblog – –

    THAT’S IT!! I’m staying away from the tv. weblog only.

  37. My job here is done. I’m taking off the rally jersey and saving it for another day.

  38. as i said in my 8:38PM post,

    “so glad i decided to tune in to this mess”

    mess for the Indians, I guess.


  39. good call, Kevin. don’t want to use it all up at once. we’re tied, that’s good enough.

  40. Oh holy hell another DP. You know as much as I hate the Renteria trade, in a way I feel a little sorry for him. I mean what if I suddenly showed up at the office and day after day could not competently do my job? It would be very frustrating. Also I guess I’d get fired. And he’s still being paid.

    Okay, back to the game.

  41. Ooh ooh call on me! I know I know! We should have moved ramon to short and brought in polanco _before_ edgar hit, not just b/c he got hurt, right? Because polanco is better than him and it was a reasonably high leverage situation, right? Jim? Are you there?

  42. On the lineup, you can’t play all of your starters everyday. Leyland thought some of the guys looked tired last night after a 15 inning game and what became a red eye flight home.

    He had said he was resting Pudge tonight. With tomorrow being a day game, he was going to miss 1 of the 2 games anyways.

    As for Polanco resting, not as big a fan of that move but I kind of understand it. Why Polanco and not Renteria? Not sure, but Renteria seems to have made some progress the last two days and he probably wanted to keep him in to try and continue it.

    Thames is the head scratcher to me. He doesn’t need the rest. And if you want the extra lefty bat that’s fine, but why not sit the guy that is hurting – even if he has been swinging well instead of the fresh guy.

    I write this with the score tied so it seems less like next day quarterbacking.

  43. Nasty breaking pitch from Z. After 98 mph fastballs, it’s pretty unfair to locate that pitch there. Yikes.

    OK boys, need a couple runs.

  44. Forty – the move had nothing to do with offense and it was the fact that Renteria pulled up lame. Renteria has swung the bat much better tonight driving the ball to the outfield in his 3 previous at-bats.

  45. Billfer – I know it was the injury and had nothing to do with offense. Hence “not just b/c he got hurt.”. I was just making fun of renteria’s incompetence. I detest him.

    And re: resting the starters – good news tiger fans! When you don’t play well, you get to have all the rest you want over the all-star break!

  46. oh boy. c’mon jonesy. just 3 outs, no runs. you can do it.

    casey blake scares me here.

  47. And I acknowledge he has hit it hard today. More recently however, he hasn’t exactly been raking.

  48. Jones Jones Jones. Just caught up on tape. exciting come back.

    Congrats to Placido.

  49. I also have no confidence in Jones keeping the score even. I really don’t understand bringing him in given the situation. He’s been standing on the edge of a cliff all year.

  50. Unreal. Yeah, guys, I know all of the pitching rules. But why didn’t they let Joel keep pitching. I am forlorn.

  51. Maybe all these oblique strains are from everyone having to “pick up” Jones game after game after game. Great play by Chuck Guillen. Wow, TWO great plays.

  52. oh Carlos, holy moley!

    I’m betting Guillen wins it in the 9th. Walk-off HR.

  53. Royals imploding again and they REFUSE to go to the bullpen until just now.

    6-5 KC, 2 outs top 7. Alexei Ramirez at 2nd

  54. Does Guillen give himself up here and sac bunt? This is just a question as I’m 100% against that if it happens, but it’s a possibility.

  55. I think so, Mike. I watched last night’s Sox-KC game and he completely managed them out of a win last night too.

    KC gets out of the 7th, still up 6-5.

  56. OK Mike, you’re up. Walk-off double for Cabrera. Make it happen.

    Kevin, a little help?

  57. what is rod allen’s deal? he totally calls it, ON THE PITCH.

    Mike, i’ll give it to you.

    (well, maybe I get a share. You called the batter, I called the method.) 🙂

    awesome win! Bring on the Twins.

  58. Who’s the one woman that posts here that loves Miggy? My completely heterosexual mancrush on Miguel Cabrera might rival her’s.

  59. Kevin gets credit for sparking that comeback, Mark and I splitting the walk-off credit with Rod Allen. Good day all around!

  60. Mike – that would be tiff who should be downright giddy tonight.

    When is Chris going to come around and fess up to the Cabrera bashing earlier this year?

  61. I Love this GAME!! I went through the gamit of emotions in 3+ hours. Let’s get a sweep of the twinkies.

  62. I wish I could be in the D for the series this weekend. I’m so pumped right now.

  63. “When is Chris going to come around and fess up to the Cabrera bashing earlier this year?”

    OK, OK I confess.

  64. I love it when I’m right, I don’t love it when I don’t log on to the thread before hand to tell you I’m right. I had no fear of a 0-6 deficit. Great win! Long live the Puma! The Mig Tilde!

    Too bad he won’t be playing in two years, I’d imagine he’d be pretty good. 😉

  65. The tigers have lit up the last two games. But really, the pitching the Indians rolled wasn’t even up to Bonine levels. Byrd seems to need some prescription strength HGH to get rolling again.
    Hopefully we can light up the Twins the same way the Red Sox did.

  66. I could watch replays of that swing in the 9th over and over and over again for the rest of the year. So pretty and yet so ferociously powerful.

  67. Player of the game: Joyce, Guillen or Cabrera? All of them stepped up big time. But who owns this game tonight?

    Joyce’s bat
    Guillen’s bat and glove
    Carbrera’s clutchness

  68. From that thread about the Kitten, I saw that Miggy had 3 candy bars in his locker apparently. We need to know what kind so we can shower him at 1st base from the stands with them much like how they used to throw Oh Henry bars in Chicago for Henry Rodriguez.

  69. Kansas City ……if you watch how they absolutely blew last nights game with crappy fundamental baseball you would know they can only be sure thing against the Tigers…otherwise they stink

  70. ChiSox just tied it up. Hopefully the Royals’ pen is this bad after the break when the Tigers come to town.

    EDIT: The pen just balked in the go-ahead run. Sox up 7-6.

  71. KC completes the implosion, giving up a game-tying 2-out single to Thome, then balking in the go-ahead run.

    7-6 Sox, still batting in the 8th.

  72. Damn Royals. I just hope they rememeber to suck, as they do so well, when they play us later.

  73. broken bat single….e.. steal…steal …balk …there goes KC again they self destruct again…they can only play against Detroit

  74. Any news on the injury to Renteria.
    Someone please tell me he’s out for the season.
    O.K., just kidding. Was it just a strain, a sprain, a bruise, or…. don’t tell there’s an oblique in Edgar’s leg.

  75. Does that mean that Larish is pitching now, in addition to the outfield and 3rd base versatility he was getting himself ready for?

  76. billfer, Leyland just said he hopes Sardinha gets picked up by another team because that means he’ll be in the big leagues, but if not he’ll be in Toledo.

    Isn’t back up catchers our deficit?

  77. Since we don’t need a 5th starter with the way the schedule shakes out and the all-star break until July 21st I believe, I think Zach Miner comes back up in the rotation for that start. He’s made 2 appearances in Toledo and one is a start and in 6 innings of work he’s given up 3 hits (1 double, 1 triple, 1 single), 0 ER, with 8 K’s and 1 BB.

    I’d much prefer him (as I expressed when Aquilino Lopez was sent down to be stretched out) in the rotation over our other options, currently.

  78. No Rally Jersey for the Cabrera shot, he did it all on his own. Good thing is that there is plenty left for the series this weekend.

  79. Glad to Inge back. I worry about the 5th starter. We’re going camping this weekend I may have to sign up again for XM and bring the portable. I hate to miss this series. We’ll be up north later in the month and will be able to catch the games in the same Time zone.

    Of course KC was going to implode. Tigers just have to worry about the Tigers.

  80. I just got back from this one, and it was one of the best games I’ve been to all year. Joyce hit that homer a mile, and you should all know that I called Cabrera’s walk off an entire inning in advance. Because I am awesome.

  81. Brian in Tampa – click here.

    There is one on there for $23.50 including shipping. That’s a steal. I paid $35 for mine.

    One size fits all – XL. It’s really, really sharp. I highly recommend one for all to ensure that we can rally when necessary.

  82. Yes, Dave BW, you are awesome.

    In other baseball news, Hamilton just hit a shot off of K Rod to give him just his 2nd blown save.

  83. I was all ready to say that KC screwed Bannister out of another win, but then I looked at the box score and saw that Bannister was actually pretty wretched today. I wish he wasn’t having such a bad year — he’s a cool guy.

  84. Ahh, I didn’t see that one had 5 days left. Hopefully DTW’rs won’t bid up the price on each other.

  85. Brian P: The first post in the thread is 100% spot on. Insane lineup tonight. I refrained from comment (even when the Tigers were down 6-0) because I wanted to see nine full innings and comment without a frustrated bias. Despite the comeback, I stand by my words. Leyland’s lineup was absolutely insane. Don’t let the “blind squirrel finds nut” scenario fool you into subscribing to Leyland’s antics. Just insane.

    I understand guys need a rest every now and then. One at a time, please. You already have a huge hole in the middle of the lineup – what is Leyland thinking? Yes, there is a critical four game series approaching. Yes, we need the A-team well rested and playing for that series — but all these guys are professional athletes. Plus the All-Star break is approaching. They can handle it. They are paid — very well — to handle it. Stop babying them. We need the best lineup out there on a daily basis — and rest a guy at time if absolutely necessary. Dah? This isn’t quantum string theory…

    If some of the guys are hurt or hurting, I retract the comment — but as far as I know, they are/were all available to play.

    On the game:

    The comeback was huge. The Tigers team that showed up tonight and came from a six run deficit has every chance at making the post season… If that same team shows up during the four game series against Minnesota, we’re in for a very interesting and exciting August.

    I’m also thinking Lopez gets the starting nod the next time Bonine’s spot comes up in the rotation.

  86. Kevin

    I will keep an eye on them. I am a big ebayer for Detroit product down here. Already got a floppy hat. I work outside all day so it was a must.

  87. Back from the game and what a strange one it was.

    Going into the 6th I commented to Mrs. Tbone that this was one of the worst games I had witnessed in a long time. All of the early season woes were in place – poor starting pitching, missed opportunities on offense, an ugly error all on top of the whack Mud Hen lineup.

    Then we got into the Tribe bullpen and all was well in the world again. How about 3 of 4 from Minnesota? Go Tigers!

  88. Maybe PP is getting lazy now that he’s an American. I mean, he doesn’t have to work anymore.

  89. After reading billfer’s postgame, I forgot about Fossum. He kept the Tigers in the game after he tried to fuel a blowout. I’m not saying he is all that, but it was great work tonight.

  90. I’m sure Dave Dombrowski would prefer that Jim Leyland would stop trying to give away his emergency catcher. Sardinha is, as we all know, not much of a hitter. But the few hits he did have were timely, and he was solid behind the plate. Good job and a gold star to the guy!

    Eddie Bonine is a similar story: Never really projected to be a major-leaguer, but when he was needed, he came through for the Tigers with some key starts. Today wasn’t so good, but overall, he showed us that he can give a major-league team some good outings. But you know what you’re getting. Good job and a gold star to Eddie.

    Now, here is my question…. If Brandon Inge is coming back TOMORROW, why give Pudge TODAY off? In all seriousness, any sane manager would have started Sardinha the day after the 15-inning marathon, or not at all. And with Inge coming up for the day game tomorrow, why not play Pudge tonight and Inge tomorrow? I’m stumped.

    That brings us to Bonine… Would it have been so terrible to simply skip him and give the ball to Miner the day before the All-star break? A short start would be no problem with no need to “save” the bullpen. Let him throw 75 pitches, right? Get through 5. Good lord, do these guys even think a few days in advance?

  91. scotsw

    I’m ok with Verlander pitching twice before the break. This homestand is huge. Bonine is OK, but very frustrating. Did they know Inge was coming back? I’m just asking.

  92. One additional point on this ugly lineup tonight: Monday was an off-day (granted, a red-eye flight back, but still), so the odds of a bunch of guys needing a day off after playing 1 games in a row is pretty slim.

    That said, we pulled one and got away with it. I thought before this mini-homestand that 4-2 was acceptable, but now 5-1 is really necessary since splitting against the Twins doesn’t help us. Minny doesn’t pitch nearly as well on the road, let’s hope we beat ’em up early and wear out the pen for the series.

  93. Just got back from the game. Sat in the RF bleachers. Can’t believe Cabrera’s shot cleared the fence; it was hit on such a line. What a hitter.

    Go Tigers!

  94. I was at the bar watching the game and told my buddy in the 6th inning that the Cleveland will need to score 8 runs to stay in this game. During the top of 7th inning I said, Zumaya will pitch the 8th, and Jones in the 9th. I also said the Tiger will score 5 runs to the tie the game. I said Thames will hit pinch hit a grandslam to tie the game. Instead freaking Guillen hit a bases loaded double….another run scored, and then Joyce hit a 2 run bomb to tie it. Them bumbs.
    Even thought I was a little wrong I’m glad the Tigers did what they needed to do. Everybody who I was with at the bar thought I was nuts because I was calling a comeback when they were down 6-0. When Cabrera hit the walk off everyone went nuts. I felt nice to tell everyone, “I told you so”.

    Everyone should have faith in this team. They are are the benchmark in MLB. People weren’t kidding that we’d score 1,000 runs this year. If not for all the injuries we’d be one of the greatest teams ever. When it’s all said and done we’ll have won this central division easily by 10+ games.

  95. We play at 1 in the afternoon Tomorrow. Everyone should be be fresh for the game. JL is a freaking genius for resting guys Tonight.

  96. White Sox sneak by the Royals again.

    At least we’re making up ground on the Twins.

    If we can turn this into a two-team race down the stretch, I’ll feel pretty good about our chances.

    Plus it’s just so darn fun to hate Ozzie Guillen.

  97. Well we all agree now I think on the evil that is the KC Royals…yes, life with no Royals, just imagine how fantastic. So I did (sort of). Imagine the Royals were not the Royals, but a much more benign entity, say one that won half of their games against everybody, equally, instead of singling us out for special treatment.

    The standings are now:
    CHI 53 37 —
    MIN 50 41 3.5
    DET 46 44 7.0

    If KC split all games evenly:
    CHI 50 40 —
    DET 49 41 1.0
    MIN 47 44 2.0

    So, actually–even more so than Renteria–KC is the cause of us being so far out of 1st, and KC alone.

    (and yeah I rounded and all that so it’s a tiny bit exaggerated, but not much. And KC isn’t done yet).

  98. Just think how much better this blog would be if billfer managed so well–“Dave BW, Forty, Sean C, and all the Chris’–no posts tomorrow!” etc. We’d feel the lack of stats and forget about the Renteria trade and who knows what else, but it would make a huge difference at the end of the season, when this blog is going strong while other blogs drift off into song parodies and Inge-wars…

  99. I just caught Leyland’s line-up for tomorrow’s opener v. Min:

    CF Raburn
    SS Rogers
    1B Paws (he’s well rested according to JL)
    2B Santiago (likes the match-up)
    LF Thomas
    C Pudge
    RF Joyce
    3B Inge
    DH Rod Allen (see if he can back up all of his talk)

    SP Chuck Hernandez

  100. Leyland loves Thames, which is why he can’t play him.

    He wants him available on the bench, in case Rod gets ejected for chasing the pitcher around the stadium or something.

  101. Kevin: I guess you didn’t see it, but we signed Bob Cluck after the game and he’s taking Chuck Hernandez’s spot on the hill tomorrow.

  102. Hail to Caroline. She told us Miggy would come around when everyone else wanted to burn him at the stake. And kudos to kitty for throwing some Black Magic Cleveland’s way.

  103. Setting the record straight:

    Carolyn is the name of the poster who has demonstrated the most fervent Miggy Love, a love that predated Cabrera as a Tiger. If she posted in all lower case with frequent abbreviations for words as in “u r cool” I would be afraid for Miguel, but in fact she seems like a rather sensible woman in love.

    No offense to tiff, who astutely points out that there is enough of Miggy to go around.

  104. Another boring, predictable Tigers game, I see. Glad I sat this one out..

    No worries, Sean. The majority of the Tigers sat the game out, too.

  105. yes, I can’t take credit for all the Miggy girlie love on this board, as my love only started once he donned the old English D.

  106. Mine also and it is killing me to know that my lovingly purchased candy bars sit unopened, carelessly tossed in a pile with bobblehead dolls and whatnot as if they meant nothing to him…

  107. Is it too soon in Miggy’s career to name a candy bar after him?

    I think I might pitch the idea to Nestle. You heard it first here.

  108. “carelessly tossed in a pile with bobblehead dolls and whatnot as if they meant nothing to him”

    Don’t you see that this is precisely why you and all the chicks dig him? His arrogance and his distance just fuel the fire. You all need help!

  109. I see a breakfast cereal rather than candy bars. Cocoa Cabs. Chocolate-covered graham cracker nuggets, in the shape of taxis. With marshmallow Mini-Miggys in the shape of bats, baseballs, and Miggy’s own likeness. No gloves.

  110. The Mig Tilde is brilliant, by the way. Probably won’t stick, but still. I don’t care if there aren’t any tildes in his name. I still like it.

  111. Marshmallow Mini-Miggies!

    That beats Cap’n Leyland with Crunchberries any day.

    Oh wait I forgot I’m supposed to be mad at him. It was nice that the story specified “unopened” candy bars in his locker, apparently the norm must be lockers full of opened candy bars, and I’m glad Cabrera is more fastidious than this.

  112. The MIggy Bar – chocolate covered peanuts and caramel. Very original.

    Sean’s cereal is a good idea too, especially the Mini-Miggys.

    Maybe both.

    Then there is also the possibility of a restaurant chain.

  113. “It was nice that the story specified “unopened” candy bars”

    Nice catch.

    I have an eye for throwaway lines in AP (and other) game articles, myself. I can’t even think of an example offhand, but there’s a ton of it. Word count filler.

  114. I am actually more pleased with my Battle-Creek-certified, cereally correct spelling of Cap’n.

  115. Restaurant chain: Taco Miguel, featuring the Inge da madre fajita and the Craneo Deforme burrito.

  116. We’re gonna make these guys rich in endorsement money. Rich! I tell you. I just hope they throw a few crumbs back our way. (Um, thanks Miggy, but that’s just a figure of speech–ooh there’s marshmallow in it, OK, I’ll keep it)

    I’m currently working on getting Inge’s face on a line of goat-cheese products…

  117. “spelling of Cap’n”

    As was I. Suddenly I have a strong urge to refer to my supervisor as “Gov’nor” and my boss as “Cap’n.”

  118. The goat cheese could include little known tidbits about Inge’s exploits in other sports on the packaging

  119. Also don’t forget, whatever the product–gotta have a cartoon talking bat, the bat can say the silly slogans so Miggy or whoever doesn’t seem so goofy. Just a little trick of the trade.


    Brandon’s Bat says, one big WHIFF of this goat cheese, and you’ll KNOW it’s farm-fresh!!

  120. Does Fox still use that horrible talking baseball cartoon to describe rudimentary Baseball rules during the games? I still have nightmares of Jeff Suppan having a “conversation” with the cartoon about changeups during the ’06 postseason.

  121. Sean, try “yessum massa” in next conversation with your boss and let us know how it goes.

    For an enhanced grovelling effect in the use of “Gov’nor” and “Cap’n” I suggest prefacing those terms with “aye”. “Aye-aye” or “arrgh” work well with the latter also. Wearing an eye-patch could also be considered, but may be a little over the top.

  122. I had similar nightmares, but only because I saw Polanco and Ordonez sneaking around between innings looking for the cartoon to ask it for a little advice.

  123. I also have nightmares about the nature of whatever god created the circumstances that gave me cause to actually know anything about Jeff Suppan

  124. “Rogers pitched for Minnesota in 2003, going 13-8 with a 4.57 ERA in 33 appearances, including 31 starts.”

    From a preview of the upcoming game.

    Including 31 starts. Gee, really? And how is Rogers’s pitching for the Twins 5 years ago at all relevant to pitching against them tonight? This is what I mean. They could have used this space to possibly mention how Ordonez has killed the Twins in 2008 and how the Tigers will miss him, or how the Tigers have been snakebitten against the Twins so far this year, or something a little more relevant.

  125. Matt Joyce. Just before he was sent down last time, it lookled like AL pithers had his number, had found the big weakness. I wasn’t encouraged by his ABs against Dickey in the Seattle game. But all of a sudden, he’s batting near .250. Did a month or so in Toledo really shore up the weakness he showed with the Tigers earlier?

    I’ll take a 2-run HR to tie the game, for sure. Might he stay around for a while, or has Thomas got the job wrapped up for the summer?

  126. Well, we know Joyce has power. Remember that ridiculous stretch of like 10 games where he was the only Tiger to go yard? As an aside, kudos to billfer for making the Pedro Cerrano reference about Gil. The question, of course, is who plays the role of Roger Dorn on the Tigers? A burning question indeed.

  127. Dave: ‘Scooter’ is the talking baseball, and I hate him more than cancer and Paris Hilton combined.

  128. “Remember that ridiculous stretch of like 10 games where he was the only Tiger to go yard?”

    Yeah. That’s why I’m thinking he might stick around instead of Thomas. They can’t both stay.

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