Game 84: Tigers at Twins

PREGAME: Minimalist preview today. For the series win it’s Eddie Bonine and Nick Blackburn. Factoid of the day on opposing pitcher: big reverse platoon splits for Blackburn with 10 of 11 homers allowed coming from righties.

DET @ MIN, Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 1:10

POSTGAME: Minimalist postgame today. I missed this one completely. Couldn’t even listen in at all. And given a quick perusal of the box score it didn’t seem worth watching the archived version. I guess the Tigers were due for a series loss, and to lose back to back games, and at some point a crippled lineup wasn’t going to be able to piece together rallies, and a rookie pitcher was going to struggle. On to Seattle.

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  1. Reposting from yesterday’s game thread…

    Mike R:
    July 2nd, 2008 at 2:59 am

    I almost went even more pessimistic with my prediction for Nate today but didn’t think the Twins would actually pound out double-digit hits.

    Tomorrow will be better, though. I’m not as impressed with Eddie Bonine as others but I think he’ll have a good one tomorrow.

    Prediction: 7.2 IP, 5 H, 0 BB, 4 K, 11 GB outs. Book it, please. Someone make sure to carry this post over to tomorrow’s game post if I don’t get back in time before the game to post it myself.

  2. Twins lefty Glen Perkins had (and still has) considerably higher WHIP and OBA against lefties, but Leyland had only one lefty in the lineup, Granderson batting last who ended up getting three hits.
    Blackburn’s numbers look similar, except he’s a righty. I don’t anticipate that will make any difference to Leyland though. I imagine he figures those things start to even out over time, and he doesn’t want them to start evening out on him. Anyway, I think his only option would be to insert Raburn in place of Thomas or Joyce.
    Regardless, I think your point is that it could bode well for what is still a righty-heavy lineup (5R/4L unless Guillen decides to bat right which seems unlikely).

  3. Where was this move when Miner was, oh, purging runs? He had the 4 walks yesterday, but I’ll take the 0R line.

  4. I shall root for a 1-0 Tigers win, on account of Blackburn being on my fake team. Granderson with a solo homer providing the difference for the same reason.

  5. It’s strange having the day off, just doing some stuff around the house, and having a game to watch! Let’s go Tigers!!

  6. Thank god Miner is gone and now our best reliever from early in the season will be able to come in whenever and not wait for the 8th inning or trouble.

    Guess this means they’re committed to Bonine, huh? Hope he holds up.

  7. I think they’re on the fence… Bonine or Lopez, Bonine being first in line for the job depending on preformance.

  8. Not that I want to see Bonine or any other pitcher struggle, but it would be nice to see Lopez get a nice 3-4 inning long relief outing in sometime. See if it can hold up in the bigs.

  9. wow that was fast. Horrible outing, consequences. Just like that!

    Go Tigers! Listening from work… wishing I was outside.

  10. I’m not sure they’re totally committed to Bonine. I would assume that Miner will stretch out and see if he can get back to where he was in 2006 when he was an adequate (1.42 WHIP, 1.84 K/BB, 4.84 ERA) starter. I really think this was the better move all along. Lopez is very good as the long guy. Miner is not. Miner has had a little success as a starter. Lopez has not.

  11. I imagine it has more to do with wanting Aquilino back than Miner’s outing last night. I would have rather seen Fossum go but keeping two lefties in the ‘pen is the right choice.

  12. I’d rather have Andrew Miller or Jair Jurrjens as the #5 guy. But that’s just me. Maybe John Smoltz. In other news, I just spilled some milk. Should I cry?

  13. 3 bunt hits in the last 2 games, you’d think we would get smart an do something about that.

  14. Kinsler is hitting .324, but hey, let’s send that gritty Dustin Pedroia to the All Star Game instead.

  15. I know its a different sport but the Wings just signed Marian Hossa to a 1-year deal out of no where.

  16. Don’t get me started on the Kinsler vs. Pedroia debate. I hate Boston fans. In other news, here comes the 3 run jimmy jack by Morneau.

  17. All-star game starting lineups are a joke. Time to let the managers pick the teams, or not include votes from NY and Massachusettes.

  18. The only problem with that one is that the NYY/BOS bandwagon stretches from coast to coast.

  19. Dave:

    Jeter’s on his way out… Pedroia is the Most Overrated AL East Middle Infielder of the future.

  20. I was watching last night and noticed Miner stepping further to the 3rd base side than normal with his lead foot plus his arm slot seems to have dropped. I haven’t read any comments from JL or DD but I’m guessing they are finally getting fed up. After 7 straight pitches missing the k zone in the exact same spot you wonder if he was afraid to throw a strike. We might not see him again.

    Time and again we see that if you have command of the strike zone the ball may get hit but you have a better chance of getting the batter out than if you walk him.

    By the way The funniest thing I’ve read lately was from Lynne Henning in the Det News yesterday quoting Ned Rice. “The Tigers just found out that Jair Jurrgens is Dutch for John Smoltz”.

  21. At least Kinsler almost singlehandedly beat the Yankees last night, so he’s got that going for him.

  22. I’m of the opinion of others: thank God he’s gone, well, at least until he can throw strikes.

  23. Too lazy to look up the stats, but it never seems like Morneau does much of anything against us.

  24. Ryan: I remember Morneau hitting a 978 foot HR off of Zumaya a couple years ago at the Metrodome…

  25. Morneau’s Career vs. Detroit

    .308/.393/.546, 12 jimmy jacks.

    Not too shabby.

    Uh, just wanted to verify Chris’s numbers… yeah.

  26. Anyone notice that the Tigs will face Carlos Silva over the weekend? In case you were wondering, Carlos Silva is Spanish for “Detroit’s Bitch”. I think that’s what it means anyway – my Spanish is kind of rusty.

  27. Anson —

    My guess is because they need one player from each team, and a fan vote would probably give Phil Hughes the start.

  28. Wow, must have been asleep for those 12 homers. Oh well.

    And this game is going to suck.

  29. Well even if Phil Hughes did start for the AL, and give up 8 runs in the 1st (aka “Pull a Dontrelle”). I’m still sure the AL would win.

  30. Hey, my 2-year old daughter loves the train. That’s the only way I get to go to the games…

  31. I judge the quality of baseball video games based on whether they have that incessant train noise or not.

  32. Oh jeez, Rod is talking about Gomez’s legs at length. “Those are good legs… STRONG legs.”

  33. I’m sure the train is probably less bothersome if you are used to it. Other than that, Safeco looks like a fantastic ballpark…

  34. Dave, do you also check the Phillies stadium and make sure the fans are booing the entire time too?

  35. Surprisingly, I only got urinated on once at that ballpark (Philly) last year. I kid, I kid.

  36. Gomez’s legs aren’t country strong…

    He should be careful… the last guy in the AL Central that was bunting for singles all the time was Alex Sanchez. Rod might tip off the PED police.

  37. Nick Punto had perhaps the worst offensive season in the history of baseball last year. He made Bob Uecker look like Ted Williams.

  38. Gomez has a .304 OBP, but it seems closer to 1.000 vs the Tigers. The Twins luck will run out soon. It’s time to dust them chumps.

  39. ugh. this is turning ugly FAST.

    i hate the twins and the metrodome. dynamite this place SOON.

  40. I am restricted to Gameday today. What seems to be his big problem. Other than the fact they’re killing him?

  41. seriously, Bonine is still in? Jeez, nothing like letting it get out of hand….

  42. Guillen error leads to a big inning…we’ve seen this before. Really unfortunate, b/c we could have used Bonine today. Guillen at 3B is gonna cost us a few games per year, this could just be one of them.

  43. The singles off of Bonine were unnerving, but if Guillen makes the play then Bonine is pitching in the bottom of the 4th down 2-0, not bottom of the 3rd down 3-0 with RISP. Gotta shake him up quite a bit. How many errors is that this series? 5? 3 for Guillen, right?

  44. and Leyland said turf wouldn’t be a factor. That has to be the factor, right?

    The last time we were at the dome Carlos had just switched to third. Maybe it makes him regress.

  45. If you had the opportunity to swap the entire Twins roster for the Tigers roster, would you do it?

  46. Wow… seeing the score tells me I’m glad I was in Ethics training instead.

  47. Dave T – 25 man.

    I don’t mind losing…it’s just the spectacular fashion on today’s game that is bother some.

    But as far as the roster swapping goes, I’d seriously consider it. It would be fun to get behind those young speedsters and know that defensively you’ll always have the upper hand. The team has definitely been builit for that ballpark.

  48. Kevin —

    The Twins are one of the ugliest teams in baseball. Watching that roster on a daily basis would make me ill.

  49. At least Fossum and Bonine can carpool on down to Fifth/Third stadium. Fossum hasn’t had that many appearances, but anytime opposing batters are batting over .400 against you, you are not good. If I wake up tomorrow, and Fossum is on the trip to Seattle instead of Rapada, I will be very angry. At this point, I’d rather McBride or Ian Ostlund than Fossum. He’s just plain worthless. I sincerely hope that this overly long outing presages his release.

  50. Dave BW – I don’t know man. The errors that lead to big innings absolutely kill me. I’m really impressed with Minn’s D.

  51. Kevin – The funny part is that this team has finally been really well built for the dome, but is horribly constructed for their new stadium opening next year. This team is not built for a smallish, cold-weather, open-air park. Next year, hitters pounding the ball into the ground and fly ball pitchers will be a recipe for disaster.

  52. The twins def. have a philosophy. The tigers kind of lost their organizational philosophy this off season. Took them a while to figure out who they are. The twins always know who they are.

  53. Sounds like a GREAT game, folks. Do I even want to know the score?

    I swear I meant to tell Mike R yesterday (as Chris in D later did) that the Metrodome would not be good for Bonine at all. They should have started Lopez. Really.

  54. five hits. woo.

    three off blackburn. how do we consistently make nick blackburn, scott baker, and glenn perkins ALL look like pedro martinez circa 1998?

  55. Sean,

    It would have made no difference who we started unless they somehow allowed negative runs, because we didn’t score any. At least we didn’t waste a good pitching performance in this one.

  56. Mark

    That’s what Lopez was in Toledo working on, the negative run thing.

    I think you made a deal with the devil to get the Tigers so close (19-8!) to your projection for June. Now the devil is taking his payment, and it’s all your fault.

  57. Well I hope Lopez figures it out, because with all the guys missing, we’re gonna need negative runs allowed.

    if it was as easy as a deal with the devil, you really think I would have asked for a 19-8 June? I would have gone MUCH bigger than that…

  58. The Twins are to the Tigers what the Tigers were to the Yankees. Now Detroit is the big name, big money team (even if some big names are currently MIA) the overacheivers love to beat and can beat.

    Talent is what talent does.

  59. Well, Mark, I was thinking you probably settled for 19-8 so you could also get all the Thames, Bonine, and Sheffield and scrubs euphoria, not to mention some walkoffs for Miggy. That guy is known to drive a hard bargain, after all.

  60. You’re on to something there, Sean, and it dovetails with what Dave T. said a few posts ago. The Tigers were a much better team when they focused on pitching and defense. They got away from that a little bit this offseason, although I don’t blame them at all given the players involved. Also, the Tigers have been ravaged with injuries and bad luck. I know, every team has injuries, but this is absurd. Look who we’re running out there now. And these guys got us back to .500?

    My sense is that if they continue to languish around .500 for the rest of the year, DD will be aggressive and try and do something to get back to what made this team successful in the first place.

  61. You got it all wrong, Sean. I would drive a hard bargain with the Devil, no question. For MY soul, I want multiple World Series chamionships and several appearances (to keep us guessing which seasons are the good ones). Plus I’d want the extra innings package to watch all the games (and maybe even a TV and satellite for my friends in the boonies, if you’re nice about it).

    Oh, and something about Jessica Alba….

  62. Honestly, I expected more from this series. I’ll admit that I expected a Tigers sweep. I can’t seem to learn that Tigers vs. Twins, home or away, is always like The Twilight Zone.

    Not only do I have to give up watching Mr. Nate pitch, I think I’m going to have to stop even wondering how the Tigers did against the Twins. I’ll wait out these series and read up on them maybe a week after. Whatever happened, I can be sure it was ugly and probably not good for the Tigers.

  63. This might be a good time to point out that the Tigers scored runs in 188 innings over the first 81 games. That might be acceptable for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or the San Diego Padres of San Diego, but I don’t think it’s what the Detroit Tigers Formerly of Detroit But Recently More of Toledo had in mind.

  64. Mark

    Jessica Alba. Hmmm. I’m so out of touch I don’t even know who she is, but I aim to find out. I don’t like to brag, but I am a man of means in a position to have her delivered to your door if I so choose. But I remember you saying something about a girlfriend. Ah, spoken for. What a shame.

    I wasn’t suggesting you’d actually sell your soul for the sake of the Tigers. I thought it was a modest deal, not a blockbuster trade. One of those things where the devil gets a couple low level prospects and a Rule 5 draft pick in exchange for the relatively small favor of bringing Detroit up to .500 by the break.

  65. Even though this series leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t want to turn back into a pessimist right away. I’m still bullish on the Tigers. Injuries? Whatever. That’s been going on all season. I’m not going to write off the good record in interleague play. June was an honest to goodness turnaround in better play.

    A bit of comeuppance by the Twins could be just what the Tigers needed.

  66. Yo Ron

    I know my statistical posts are screen-devouring monstrosities, but I feel I owe it to the people.

  67. I suspect that we have seen the last of Zach Miner in a Tigers uniform. And I’m all for it, as much as I wish he could have gotten a make-or-break shot at #5 in 2007.

    Someone will have to explain to me why Casey Fossum has been with Tigers over a month and Clay Rapada has not. It only makes sense to me in convoluted ways. Are they making the most of keeping Fossum around as the lost cause, mop up, Grilliman reliever while they work something out with Rapada in Toledo? I’d rather have Jason Grilli than Casey Fossum, I’ll tell you that.

    So Lopez is back. Is he going to get a start in place of Bonine next time out? I’m not saying that Bonine has bought his ticket back to Toledo, far from it. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Lopez and Bonine rotate starts for a while. Both of them could be available by turns for long relief, and the Tigers could unload Fossum and bring back Rapada.

  68. The Tigers suck! The Twins are living gods of baseball, Overlords of the AL Central now and evermore!

    Just had to get that out of my system.

  69. Guillen at 3B is gonna cost us a few games per year, this could just be one of them.

    The Guillen error was very unfortunate, but it was going to be a tough play, regardless, even if he fields it cleanly. I saw the replay, and only once — I’d like to look at it again to be sure — but it looked like maybe it’s an infield hit anyway. ?? Not sure. It also looked like it bounced off the plate — (doesn’t that make it a foul ball?). I chalk that up a bad break attributable to the dome and not necessarily to Guillen. Guillen has been solid at third lately — and save for that play — hasn’t committed any serious gaffes that have hurt the team.

    The other issue I’ve been very uneasy about is the lineup. We’re not going to outslug a lot of teams if Ordonez and Cabrera are both sitting/injured, and we’re playing the AAA guys at the same time. Best you can hope for is a solid pitching performance and to win those games 4-3, 3-1, etc. One bad inning where the opposing team gets to the pitcher (al la Bonine), and the game is toast.

    The beauty of the Tigers lineup (when healthy and clicking), is a four or five run deficit is no big deal… they are always in the game. Not so with the lineup we trotted out there today. Four or five runs are fairly insurmountable when the Tigers are injured and/or resting and the Hens are waiving the sticks. No disrespect intended – the young guys have all contributed individually and have all been clutch – but when they are out there as a unit, i.e, Thomas, Raburn, Joyce, Sardinha, — it’s hard to deny you’re no longer a heavy weight lineup that strikes fear in opposing pitchers and wears them down. You better hope all your AAA guys are all scrapping and hot at the same time if you want to plate some runs.

    I’m really dreading this stretch without Maggs and hope Cabrera comes back 100% and (believe it or not) Pudge can tough it out and play. Put another way, we need the starting rotation to perform in this stretch like they did a few weeks back if there is any hope to maintain a winning record until the team in healthy.

  70. Minnesota deserves credit. I thought they completely sucked before this series started. Now I think they are a little better than Kansas City. They are just over-achieving. The Tigers are better than them man for man at every position, but catcher.

  71. This is the 1st game we really got to use Fossum the way I visioned they’d use him. Mopping up after the starter crapped the bed and left the game early.

  72. Maybe the Tigers are better on paper, but I wish they played baseball with half the heart the Twins do. Several times today the Twins cut off rallies with great defensive plays, pitched consistently, and got runs in anyway possible.

  73. The Twins do have a great club, but so do we just in different ways. Unfortunately, the pitching was awful and we sure could have used Maggs’ and Miggy’s bats. It’s fun to watch a good team and see how they win (imo). But I never felt the Tigers slacked off. We don’t have the lightening speed of those Twins guys. They are fun to watch! But so are we when we’re hitting.

  74. Chris in Dallas

    The 2008 Tigers and home runs:

    19-11 .633 Didn’t allow any 36% of games
    32-21 .604 Hit some 63% of games
    23-31 .426 Allowed some 64% of games
    10-21 .323 Didn’t hit any 37% of games

    The 2006 Tigers and home runs:

    51-23 .689 Didn’t allow any 46% of games
    71-33 .683 Hit some 64% of games
    44-44 .500 Allowed some 54% of games
    24-34 .414 Didn’t hit any 36% of games

  75. 2008 vs. Twins:

    Cabrera .257/.394/.651 1 HR 4 RBI in 9 games 35 PA

    Ordonez .500/1.000/1.500 4 HR 11 RBI in 8 games 32 PA

    Someone was missed, but it wasn’t Gil. That guy and Sheffield still have some ‘splaining to do, overall, and they’d better start talking soon.

  76. T

    “it’s hard to deny you’re no longer a heavy weight lineup that strikes fear in opposing pitchers and wears them down.”

    The irony of this is that it describes the Twins. The Tigers could play a different brand of baseball with Thomas, Raburn, and Joyce out there. But do they? Will they?

  77. And where on earth is Ramon Santiago? It’s like he’s being held incommunicado for questioning. Is he at Guantanamo or what?

  78. T-Smith – I don’t want to pick an argument here, but did you see Guillen throw the ball 10 feet wide of 1st last night? He was already playing in, and the ball took a perfect bounce up to him. It was all Polanco could do to catch the ball (pulled him waaaaaay of the bag) much less allow it to rocket into RF.

    Or the serious lack of range on the double down the line last night (I think it was Casilla)…he was already shading the bag…

    Today’s questionable error led to 3 more runs.

    I could be off here, but I’ll try and note it more as it happens during the season.

  79. I think I may owe Carlos a bit of an apology…while his projected Es at 3B would have him 2nd worst in the league, his RF and ZR are actually pretty salty…so I’ll temper that criticism for now.

    (just a bit worked up about today’s game)

  80. I don’t know why the Tigers have to play so many games against teams in their own division. The Twins never have to play the Twins, and the Royals definitely couldn’t sweep the Royals twice. So the standings are skewed.

  81. Sean C – If Guantanamo is a hotel in Columbus, he might be there later this evening. C-bus, after all, is where he is as he does his rehab stint with the Hens.

  82. The Twins have speed, but it’s not like they are the ’85 Cardinals or something. The Twins lack of homerun power will catch up to them eventually against the AL teams. Also, the Twins lost Hunter/Santana, they’re not supposed to get better this year. Before they went on this winning streak they were a below .500 ball club. A few key injuries here and there and they’ll be sucking wind, just like the White Sox will be.

    They Tigers have had a boat load of injuries this year and they’re still in it to win it.

  83. Kevin in Austin:

    No arguments here — just discussion. I hear what you’re saying. Admittedly, I didn’t see the play you’re referring to. I missed two innings yesterday, and I’m assuming that’s when it happened. I’m also assuming maybe it didn’t result in any collateral damage? Just surmising, based on the score, but correct me if I’m wrong about that.

    I feel compelled to let the pivotal play today slide — which again, was most unfortunate (definately collateral damage) — only because I don’t think he coverts the out anyway. He was rushing, as it was going to be a bang bang play at first, which led to the bobble, etc. And then three more runs. You get that out, inning over. I well understand that. I also made a mental note about the double. You may be on to something on that specfiic play. I was perplexed that he didn’t get leather on it, as I’m usually pretty impressed with Guillen’s range. I think he maybe should have had it, but again — the artifical turf and speed of the ball may have played more of a role on that one than we realize. I usually have no problem whatsoever with Guillen’s range; it’s his throwing arm and accuracy that’s usually the issue. So on that play I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    As a general rule, I tend to be less forgiving of errors when a gaffed play adversely effects the outcome without question. Or when a player makes at least a few spectacular plays now and then to offset some dubious ones that perhaps he should have made, were he vying for an ESPN highlight reel. And I’m more forgiving of errors when they don’t hurt the team. Last night the first three runs the Twinkies scored were direct result of errors — a rare Polanco throwing error, a Clete Thomas error, a Miguel Cabrera error (but in the end, the Tigers came out on top and those errors didn’t hurt the team)…. don’t misunderstand me, I’ve seen Guillen single handedly blow games — I just don’t think I’ve necessarily seen it lately. In fact, I’ve seen just the opposite — he’s flashed some pretty good leather, showed impressive range, turned some hard DPs, and done a good job at the position overall. Save for the play I didn’t see, the double down the line you cite, and the error today, he’s been pretty impressive, as far as I can tell. Is he Brandon Inge? No. But an error is an error and it’s gonna happen at every position. I just don’t know that it’s a fair assessment to pin the loss on him today.

  84. The irony of this is that it describes the Twins. The Tigers could play a different brand of baseball with Thomas, Raburn, and Joyce out there. But do they? Will they?

    I’m all for it. But if they did, or would, or intended to, Sardinha would have been bunting with runner on first no outs in one of the earlier innings before the Twins busted the game open. But he didn’t. He instead fails to move the runner and gets the out anyway. So that pretty much answers the question.

    I think the most formidable team balances their power with a little bit of the scrappy kind of baseball we see the Twins play. I wish the Tigers did more of it. Especially when the Hens are playing.

  85. T Smith –

    I’ve spent a good part of the year advocating the trade of Guillen, and I’d still be for it, if we could say, package him and Porcello for C.C. Sabathia, but I was as shocked as anyone when I saw his ZR and RF. Admittedly, RF can be more about luck than most stats, but he’s got a pretty significant sample size, and his ’08 3B RF is significantly higher than the games he spent with SEA at 3B, so I’ll drop that argument altogether.

    I was just really impressed by the Twins strategy, focus and execution for the whole series. We really did steal game one, but that’s what good teams do.

    It’s easy to get down on the team on a day like today, but we did have a AAA starter and three more in the lineup, so it can be excused. I expect 3/4 from Seattle, the real litmus test for this team sans Maggs will come during that 4 game stretch v. Minnesota the weekend after the AS break.

    Baseball really is a talking sport. I’m looking forward to tonight v. Seattle.

  86. Matt in Toledo

    Thanks for the update on Santiago. I was mystified as to why I hadn’t seen a word about his status here.

  87. There have been little-to-no updates on Santiago because well-minded commentators understand he is nothing but a cancer in the clubhouse.

  88. Man, one glance at the standings and it’s clear this team better keep up the winning ways. 7 back of the Team That Never Loses and 6 1/2 in the WC, if I read correctly. Little bit of a scuffling and it’s back to double digits in both. Ugh. Hate to say it but we might need 4 this weekend.

  89. I keep on expecting to read that Bonine has been optioned to the minors. Or thrown from a helicopter a la that scene in ‘Scarface’.

  90. The Rays are 10 games better than we are with a payroll that is 100 million dollars less than ours. Must be our injuries, costly errors, tough schedule…. something. How could this be? I hate it when you don’t get your money’s worth with a sports team that was and still may be destined for greatness but because of unforseen circumstances, languishes in mediocrity.Hey, it’s a long season; anything can happen.

  91. ron: The reason the D-Rays payroll is so much lower is that they are built on young talent (Longoria, Upton, Garza, Shields, Sonnanstine etc.). These guys have not been eligible for salary arbitration yet, so they can pay them the league minimum. And they signed Longoria to a ridiculously club-friendly long term extension. The Tigers are stocked with veterans who command more money due to service time. That’s all. The D-Rays are a fun team to watch, though.

  92. Anyhoo, I just wanted to post these numbers for fun:

    4 IP, 9 H, 7 ER, 1 BB, 0 K
    2/3 IP, 7 H, 7 ER, 0 K

    Ladies and gentelmen, Carlos Silva vs. your Detroit Tigers in ’08! (BTW this is not a new development, as he’s got a 5.78 ERA in 76.1 career innings vs. the Tigs)

  93. On a lighter note, A Rods wife split. She had a Lenny Kravitz thing while of course the A Rod and Madonna distraction is sending Son of Steinbrenner up the wall. I’m glad the Tigers are a family oriented team. It’s important that each member of a 143 million dollar team devote it’s full attention to baseball, so as to guarantee success. Do you think a scrub could mop up the floor with Madonna?

  94. Yes, the House of Rodriguez is in disorder. Oh, the humanity! I guess Mrs. A-Rod couldn’t handle being with a guy who wears purple lip gloss. Bully for her.

  95. Chris in Dallas, oh, I get it. When you get paid less and your talented, you bust your ass every day to pass probation, and then you will command millions in salary arbitratration and then you do not have to bust your ass everyday because your set for life moneywise.

  96. Maybe Maggs will come back with a Travis Bickel mohawk. I can see Ordonez kicking over the TV after watching yesterday’s game.

  97. The Tildehawk! I like that. Can he keep it long in the back, though? Considering a mohawk myself. A hairstyle whose time has come around again, I feel. Or not.

    Just regular stats today, folks:


    Inge .921 (.390)
    Ordonez .871 (.312)
    Thames .870 (.386)
    Polanco .841 (.304)
    Sheffield .778 (.269)
    Guillen .776 (.313)
    Renteria .736 (.278)
    Granderson .724 (.409)
    Thomas .703 (.304)
    Cabrera .697 (.333)
    Rodriguez .641 (.274)

    Expecting the 2 numbers to go hand in hand, I looked into why they didn’t.

    Granderson is insanely good at getting the guy home from 3B. Surprised by the mediocre OPS, though. His OBP plummets with RISP – 1 walk in 44 PA.

    Rodriguez is just another guy altogether with none on. He needs to be pulled from the game immediately when due up with RISP.

    They only thing standing between Renteria and exposure as a complete RISP black hole is 2 grand slams.

    Gil! Why? But he’s very, very good with a guy on 1B, somehow. He wrings out a good amount of RBI out of RISP opportunities, better than Ordonez and Guillen, so why am I complaining? That .697 bugs me, don’t know how he gets 33 RBI out of it. His whole RISP line is disappointing except for that part. No franchise guy slugging here.

    I know I’m demanding, but I feel Magglio should have 60 RBI, not merely 50. I looked and looked… aha! Failure with the bases loaded. There’s your missing 10 RBI, Maggs.

    There’s no denying that Inge has gotten it done here, .215 BA and 33% K rate and all. The numbers speak for themselves. Will he the same when he comes back? I suggest starting Pudge every day and then pulling him for Inge as suggested above.

    Guillen’s getting decent RBI out of opportunities. So why the lower than expected OPS? He’s not slugging with RISP.

    Thames, looking good all around, despite a .225 BA with RISP. Home runs help, but get this – 10 of 16 have come with men on, including 6 with a man on 1B.

    Thomas getting on base a bit more would be Polanco #2. Why can’t he be Raburn? Or why can’t Raburn be him?

    Sheffield’s problem is that walks don’t usually drive in runs. He also can’t get a guy home from 3B with 2 outs to save his life. It’s outside the scope of the above numbers, but his line with men on is just… unreal. Let’s hope he gets it together on a consistent basis. With Ordonez out, right about NOW would be a good time, Gary.

    Polanco – you can’t ask for more in a #2 hitter. Is he the best in the game? You tell me. It’s easy to see why, with all the crazy lineup suggestions we have, no one messes with #2.

  98. Speaking of Maggs, in case nobody got my newsletter yet:

    There is no injury. The oblique is a pretext. He is on the 15 day DL to have time (outside public scrutiny) to grow in his mustache without being ridiculed by DTW posters and the extended Detroit Metropolitan area.

    We should all be ashamed people. To lose our best hitter for 15 days, and for what? A joke or two? Have we no natural material or wit without rendering an innocent, facial-hair challenged All Star the butt of our jokes?

    I am ashamed of myself. Simply ashamed.

  99. “I am ashamed of myself. Simply ashamed”

    For once, I can claim a clear conscience. I didn’t even know about the mustache.

    For the record, I’ve always been a staunch supporter of the right to experiment with facial hair, and I’ve always been there with moral and emotional support for the brave men (and women) who defend out country against entirely bald upper lips, chins, and cheeks. Yet it’s no contradiction that I was there to defend Todd Jones when he shaved. Freedom is what I’m all about. I am pro-choice on facial hair.

    But freedom is one thing, and condoning what violates common decency quite another. Join me in my campaign to end the unseemly practice of eyebrow-plucking before it, too – along with the use of purple lip gloss – spreads to MLB.

    I haven’t received my last few issues of the newsletter, T. I’m feeling a little adrift and out of focus.

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