Dontrelle Talks

Most of the time when you read the beat reporters game stories and quotes, you get pretty much the same thing. But every once in awhile, you’ll get some pretty different takes. Take for example the conversation that Dontrelle Willis had with reporters yesterday.

In the article the focus is on Dontrelle’s attitude and the minor league process. Willis says all the right things, accepting responsibility and all that stuff you like to hear:

“Not at all. You definitely don’t think about the money you’re making when you’re walking guys,” Willis said. “I don’t think that was the case at all.”

Willis said the demotion to Class A hasn’t been tough. He called it “necessary,” and said it has not affected his confidence. The lefty appeared humble, not bitter or angry.

“I’m accountable for everything,” Willis said. “I’m just not throwing the ball how I want to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to play baseball anymore. I still love the game. It’s just making an adjustment. Sometimes you work hard, but you have bad habits.”

The Tigers have a plan in place to fix those bad habits. Willis has a plan to pitch in Detroit again this season.

“You have to be a man and understand that everybody wants to be a .900 hitter and everybody wants to be undefeated, but that’s not the case,” he said. “You continue to work hard and continue to have fun and, in the end, you’ll be happy with what you’ve done.”

In the Free Press article the emphasis is on Willis drastically changing his wind-up.

Willis acknowledged during a 10-minute session with reporters Saturday that he is currently attempting to change his mechanics through work with the organization’s coaches. He did not provide specifics of what the new delivery looks like.

I can’t imagine that Willis will make huge changes in his mechanics, at least not changes that will be really evident to the layman. The initial coiling might not be as dramatic, and the kick might not be as high, but I still believe it will be the same general concept.