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  1. re: Bondo/ribs. Hank Blalock underwent the same procedure last season (rib removal) and was out about 3 1/2 months. No word on whether a new Mrs. Blalock was made out of the missing rib, however.

  2. Mario Impemba: “One of my favorite sitcoms growing up was The Jeffersons. So much so, that I once had a cat named Wheezie. ”

    Now I love him even more.

  3. Now I understand why Kenny so highly recommended the procedure to Bondo. Road trips can get ever so lonely.

    Kenny’s sure pitching up a storm on the road this year, eh?

    Dave, wouldn’t it be ‘Ouisie?

  4. If you’re not careful billfer, posting Mario’s comments about a looser clubhouse might cause some to believe that winning effects chemistry instead of the other way around.

  5. Mario Impemba: “It is amazing how different the clubhouse feels these days. Nobody will say it, but everyone seems more relaxed and confident.”

    I read this sentence and can’t help but think about that article a few weeks ago – I think it was from USA Today – talking about how the clubhouse sure did seem relaxed for a team in such a funk. Remember how no one was watching the video of the upcoming pitcher and how Cabrera and Maggs were just chilling in the clubhouse as if nothing was wrong.

    But now they’re winning – so a relaxed clubhouse atmosphere is a good thing. It shows confidence!

  6. “He [Lambert] was obtained by the Tigers midway through the 2007 season for washed up Mike Maroth.”

    I wonder if anyone wanted Marc Hulet to die for writing this. Survey says: Yes.

    Mike R, you should email a death threat to Hulet just for fun. You can use my name.

  7. Mark in Chicago and Ryan in Brooklyn:

    100% CORRECT. Thank you for that. (if that sounds sarcastic, it’s not. I agree with both of you. Funny there’s no chemistry cohorts around for these types of links).

  8. Speaking of…
    A WHIP of 1.50 and an ERA around five sounds like an acceptable fifth starter for this team. Assuming he’s still in shape, how about resigning Maroth? Give him a minor league contract, and if he looks okay, give him a shot.

  9. Dave – I feel your pain about Maroth. Adjusted for games the Tigers didn’t win in a parallel universe, they are just .387 without him. Very similar to the Jose Mesa story, and I smell a conspiracy.

    Have you contacted Hulet yet? He might know something he’s not saying.

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