Game 58: Tigers at Athletics

PREGAME: Tonight’s starters are Dontrelle Willis, Dana Eveland, and Armando Galarraga. That’s right, it’s split start night in Oakland.

Dontrelle Willis returns to his hometown and the starting rotation. Willis has made 2 starts, but only recorded outs in one of them. The other saw his knee do a strange bendy thing that resulted in a DL stint. The key for for Willis is not to walk the whole ballpark.

Armando Galarraga will be the Tigers other starter coming in around the 5th inning or so. He’s coming off a near shut out complete game performance against the Angels that was spoiled by a Maicier Izturis 9th inning homer.

Eveland takes the ball for the A’s. The lefty has a 3.66 ERA on the year and a normal 6.4 K/9 rate and a normal 3.5 BB/9 rate. What he does well is keep the ball in the park. He’s only allowed 3 homers in 66.1 innings this year. Only 1 of those has come in Oakland where he boasts a 2.73 home ERA.

Everyday left fielder Marcus Thames who hasn’t played the last few games will be DH. Inge is available as a defensive replacement late, but Leyland doesn’t want to risk losing his back-up catcher early in the game aggravating his oblique.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Guillen, 3B
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Rodriguez, C
  9. Raburn, LF

DET @ OAK, Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Game Preview –

POSTGAME: I confess. I went to bed. After the 10th inning, with my alarm clock looming 3.5 hours later I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t surprised to wake up and see they lost. I was surprised to see it on an infield single from Jack Cust.

The Tigers left too many runs out there. The Clete Thomas play where he got a horrible read on the ball. The Pudge Rodriguez play where he couldn’t handle the short hop from Thomas allowing the tying run to score. Leaving runners at third with less than 2 outs. It all adds up to a loss.

Willis looked very good in the first 2 innings being in and around the strike zone. But then he struggled again the next innings and was all over the place yet somehow escaped unscathed. So there was some reason to be encouraged, but he didn’t exactly finish strong (although wiggling out of the jam should give him a lift).

Galarraga walked a couple in his first inning and then ultimately allowed the 3 run homer before settling in.

Curtis Granderson made a phenomenal play and with the help of a Emil Brown brain cramp kept the game tied in the 8th.

I don’t have any other thoughts. They are playing better-ish, but still not really crisp. Each of the last 2 nights, and really every game of this road trip save for the Felix Hernandez start, they had multiple chances to win a game but once again they come up short.

I’m just happy to be done with late night west coast games for awhile.

467 thoughts on “Game 58: Tigers at Athletics”

  1. I’ll hit this later, but Brent Clevlen has 2 more homers and a IBB so far tonight for the Mud Hens.

  2. Might be time to try to catch lightning in a bottle with Clevlen? Is that what you’re hinting at?

    Also, I love the breakdown on Willis’ injury … “strange bendy thing.” Haha, it made me laugh.

  3. Well …. we REALLY need to win tonight as we only have a one game lead over the Royals for last place. It would be nice to see the guys get it all together and go on a 15-3 run of games and move up.

    Maybe Dontrelle will mash through tonight and get some confidence.

    And NO bendy things tonight 😉


  4. Raburn! Our other everday leftfielder!

    Early leader in Comment Of The Day voting, tiff!

  5. Nothing Leyland does ever makes sense or corroborates(sp?) other decisions that didn’t make sense. For instance, if you don’t have the confidence in Marcus Thames to play him everyday (even when you said you would), then why would you bat him 3rd? Is he our best hitter or is he a pine-riding spot starter that should be hitting 8th or 9th? There are a plethora (sp? What happened to spell check on here) of other examples just like this. One day Leyland will bat you third or 5th and the next day you aren’t in our plans for the future anymore. One day you’re given the ball to pitch in a crucial 2-2 bottom of the ninth game, and the next day you’re sent packing. Is Leyland a schitzo?? Is the whole team a bunch of schitzos?? Am I a schitzo? Is this how you spell schitzo??

  6. Ken,

    Try using simpler words you know how to spell as apposed(sp?) to tuffer (sp?) ones so you don’t half (sp?) to keep putting (sp?) in every sentance (sp?)


  7. I see Thames. Guillen, and Cabrera all hitting 2-run homers. A bendy thing will happen with Carlos (nothing serious), and his replacement, Mr. Inge, will come through with his weekly clutch hit, a single misplayed into a double, to drive in 2 runs and break a late tie. Polanco wins it with a grand slam in the 9th, though we won’t realize it was the winner until Todd Jones gives up 2 in the bottom half en route to picking up the win. Dontrelle gets roughed up early, but Galaragga comes on and puts out the fire, though one late mistake will cost him the win. A sensational play by – of all people – Edgar Scissorhands gets Jones and the Tigers out of a difficult 9th inning pickle. Magglio goes hitless again, and yet scores 4 times. A Quad-Magglio (thank you, Mark).

    Tigers 12, A’s 8.

    Shut out again on Wednesday.

  8. Sean,

    Do you mean Inge’s weekly hit or weakly hit?

    Love the sutout tomorrow call after scoring 12 tonight, that’s golden.

  9. Sean C.

    That was one of the best comments I’ve ever read here…

    It’s almost sad that our season has become such comic relief, but it’s nice you guys come through to keep me laughing!

  10. Ken, your spelling was fine, accept for skittzo. Seriously – you make a good point, and it’s the thing that worries me the most about the Tigers aside from the consistently inconsistent play. Could there be a connection between the two? And what came first? (No, Who’s on first…)

    Coleman, you’re funny. You’re in the right place.

  11. I see Jim Leyland, self-confused by mentioning that Inge has the same injury as Sheffield several times (required: one cigarette before and after each use of the word oblique), becoming furious at being unable to find Sheffield to send in as a late-inning defensive replacement at 3rd–so furious that he almost puts a name to it.

  12. All the Central teams except the White Sox are losing tonight. Sure would be nice to pick up a game on everyone.

  13. Ken, you do make a good point, Leyland seems to be all over the place with his moves, sometimes contradicting something he said minutes earlier.

    At least he’s consistent (so far) with letting Curtis get some ABs against a lefty.

  14. Taylor – Thanks, but keep reading. I’m actually kind of a lightweight around here.

  15. Sean,

    “Don’t sell yourself short, judge. You’re a tremendous slouch.”

    Caddyshack? anyone? no? nothing?

    Marcus struck out, he may not see a start again for 3 weeks.

  16. “And we now boldly embark into Day One of the Cassey Fossum Era.” I read that they found the skeleton of a prehistoric frog from that era that probably ate baby dinosaurs.

  17. Apparently Raburn is our emergency catcher, meaning that he would take over for Pudge if something extraordinary happened (a base on balls, perhaps). Thames, who lacks Raburn’s one Spring Training inning at catcher, is therefore the DH because you can’t move players from the DH spot without a pitcher having to bat. Everyone got it?!

  18. Mark in Chicago,

    If I didn’t indicate that I’m smart enough to know when I might be stupid by putting (sp?) everywhere, then you might end up thinking I’m just stupid. We can’t have that, Mark.

  19. “because you can’t move players from the DH spot without a pitcher having to bat.” If Leyland had gone with Galarraga then Willis, you wouldn’t risk much if the pitcher had to bat.

  20. Dontrelle, presumably having lost a bet, is now sporting the beginnings of some truly unfortunate facial hair.

  21. A walk free inning for Dontrelle. And even on the balls he was right around the strike zone.

  22. “Marcus struck out, he may not see a start again for 3 weeks”

    I may have it wrong, but I think I noticed earlier today at bbref that he strikes out LESS often (ratio) against righties.

  23. He’s back in his home town, maybe the facial hair is to impress his little brother or something.

  24. Pretty good inning for D-Train, he established the fastball. Might need to use a few other pitches, though.

  25. Ken,

    Um…… OK?

    Dave BW,

    Actually, having Dontrelle bat is not a bad thing, he’s a hell of a hitter. Good catch on the brillo pad he glued to his face, though. Somehow I missed that.

    Sean C.,

    Don’t make me go back over to bbref to verify Marcus’ splits against righties, I was there all afternoon, and, there was an…. incident, and well…. let’s just say I can’t really go back for a while.

  26. Mark —

    I was just reporting Rod’s herculean explanation — as a Marlins watcher for some three or four years, I know well of Dontrelle’s hitting prowess, believe you me!

  27. oh my.

    The A’s TV network just put up a stat the pudge swings at 60% of ALL PITCHES.

    But, at least he didn’t hit into a DP.

  28. i see the “big unit” is second all time in strikeouts. boy, i wish my nickname in highschool had been the “big unit” might have had a couple more dates lol.

  29. Wow this is cool Detroit is doing that thing other teams do, where they don’t swing at the bad pitches and suddenly there are a lot of guys on base and the pitchers get tired and whatnot…except Pudge of course (on the other hand: no double play)

  30. “*scoff* Dana’s a girls name, Eveland.”

    And you can bet that the Tiger dugout is razzing him without mercy. One of the keys to victory I failed to mention in the pregame forecast.

    Mark – Ken’s kidding. I’m pretty sure. Incident? Ha! You’ll HAVE to tell us about it some time. I was telling Chris we NEVER should have told you about that place.

  31. I don’t want to do this, I’m sure it’s impolite but I really can’t help it …Raburn’s only hitting .091 with Runners in Scoring Position! Help!

  32. When I see Pudge walk to the plate with the bases loaded I get the same feeling I get when I walk into a room with 3 drunk chicks at a party. I see loads of opportunity…..I should at least get one. Hell, there’s the possibility I might even get two or three…But most likely I’m just going to go down swinging.

  33. “boy, i wish my nickname in highschool had been the “big unit” might have had a couple more dates” haha now ain’t that true

    (on the other hand: could have been “the big eunuch” so maybe count your blessings)

  34. “Raburn’s only hitting .091 with Runners in Scoring Position!”

    At first I read this as: Raburn’s only hitting .091 with Renteria in Scoring Position! It was funnier that way.

    I’m not making this up.

  35. Wow and poetry here too, thanks to Sean C, what fun (although I keep ending up with other rhymes in my head instead of “mitt”)…no wonder Grilli misses you.

  36. Next time Pudge comes to the plate, bases loaded one out, I’m calling for the suicide squeeze. Nothing erks me more than a bases-loaded-one-out whiff. If you can’t even put the ball in play, for crying out loud, bunt.

  37. Yeah, Ken I know you were joking around, but I originally read your post explaing all the ‘(sp?)’ that it was difficult to understand. So writing “Um…. OK?” was a lot funnier to me than it was to everybody else.

    Chris, sorry to disappoint, but there was no actual incident over at bbref. I was just poking fun at myself for wasting a LOT of time over there today instead of doing, you know, work. I knew about the site prior to you guys but had never really explored it until you and Chris told me about some of the other stuff on it.

  38. Joba Chamberlain — restricted to a 65 pitch count — allowed two runs in an epic two inning start. Pitcher of the future!

  39. Re; Pudge–strangely enough, that’s why it might not be so dumb batting him leadoff. One less DP opportunity per game. And he hits better with bases empty.

  40. Rod on Polanco: “you don’t see him going 0-2 against Oakland pitching”.

    Just like we never see him strike out.

    Just like everything else about this season that is so inexplicable.

  41. “At first I read this as: Raburn’s only hitting .091 with Renteria in Scoring Position! It was funnier that way.

    I’m not making this up.”

    OK, that’s annoying, because now I really want to look up Raburn’s stats with Renteria in scoring position but I also want to, you know, watch the game.

    Oh well, I shouldn’t worry about Renteria, since I don’t drink the water.

  42. What’s going on, folks? Remember, I’m in the Land That Time Forgot here. Oh, sorry – I already saw the game in my crystal ball. Never mind.

  43. Well they will break it up–now that you JINXED it by mentioning it.
    (Although I guess it’s still unclear if blogmention has jinx power)

  44. If this pitching strategy works tonight I see a new rotation. Verlander/Rogers, Robertson/Bonderman, Fossom/Porcello, Willis/Galarraga. The new wave of baseball. Catch It!

  45. Sean,

    Dontrelle looks pretty good, got a couple of DP grounders. Walked two last inning as his command disappeared but got out of it.

    Tigers have 3 walks but no hits.

    0-0, top 4.

  46. Sean — No score. Willis has given up a couple hits and walks, and Eveland just had his no-hitter broken up by legendary failure Miguel Cabrera

  47. Thanks, Mark. 🙂 I’ll just grab a dictionary next time so we don’t have to explain ourselves anymore. BTW, Nice job so far by Dontrelle. He’s the best African American pitcher we’ve had since……ummmmmmm…well…(panic attack)..ummm…(shuffling through papers)…….(googling,googling)………..uhhh…..Earl Wilson?

  48. See, told you about Cabrera. And he’s just getting started.
    [Cabrera day game BA: .186 night game BA: .324]

  49. I liked Willis’ reaction after the Guillen DP. The man cares about what he does, I respect that a lot. He doesn’t just stop giving a sh*t just because he’s getting paid millions.

  50. yeah, there’s the DP.

    what a fun (and familiar) way to end a tiger scoring threat.

  51. Cabrera is still in the bigs? Give the guy credit for trying. Hang in there, Miggy.

  52. I just think the M.O. for opposing pitchers is to pitch around the first 2/3 for the order and make up for lost time w/ the latter 1/3. A couple anxious swings out of the top 2/3 in a 6 inning stint and that’s all you need. Renteria’s AB and Pudge’s/Raburn’s in the last threat shows that.

  53. “now, let’s try a run.”

    Ah, so that’s what a “hit and run” is. As a Tiger fan, I am hazy on such definitions.

  54. something is bugging dontrelle, but he stayed in the game long enough to walk the second hitter of the inning also.

  55. Ivan Rodriguez blocked a ball in the dirt. Is it time for Haley’s Comet to come around again or is the world about to implode?

  56. only because Emil Brown swung at 2 straight pitches out of the zone, Dave.

    But I’ll take it.

  57. Struck out Emil Brown but also had the wild pitch to “bunt” the two guys over.

    Like a Sacrifice K.

  58. Basically Willis came up hopping like he pulled a groin. He just dusted off Travis Buck with a 91, 91, 93 mph fastball sequence. This is the velocity he was at when he was good in Florida. That’s a good sign as this isn’t the only inning I’ve noticed this. He seems to be sitting comfortably in the 89-91 range.

    His, what I think is his groin, is REALLY bothering him. He’s hopping after every pitch.

  59. Dontrelle’s delivery is so weird that it’s impossible to tell when he’s injured or not

  60. You gotta bring Gallaraga in after he walks the bases loaded here.

    The guy is money when there’s two outs.

  61. Why is he still in there?

    How many times have we seen a guy walk in a run this year? I don’t want to see it again!

  62. “According to Adam, the scout’s name is Pete, Chris.”

    Pete Chris? Wasn’t he the Kiss drummer?

  63. Whoa, Dontrelle got out of the inning on a ground out to first. Hopefully he will be allowed to leave on a high-note

  64. Nah. leaving Willis in is the right spot. Let him either get burned by the BB’s or get out of the jam and keep your lone LHP in the pen for later in the game.

  65. I will give that effort by Wiilis a pass. Not bad at all. Against a marginal offensive team but looked much better. Now get Gallaraga in there.

  66. Okay, two nice innings, then two innings where he danced on the knife blade and managed to get of it (and quite nicely I might add). He shouldn’t be out there for the 5th.

  67. The fact that Willis hasn’t allowed a run yet doesn’t make a bit of difference – this kind of performance is unacceptable.

  68. Wow, dontrelle battled and got out of it, 0 runs.

    4ip, 2h, 5bb, 3k, 70 pitches, 37 for strikes.

  69. “That’s our problem. Our scouts are rock legends.” Well at least that Guitar Hero guy they signed turned out to pitch pretty well, if he can get healthy again…

  70. “According to Adam, the scout’s name is Pete, Chris.”

    Well then, hopefully for OUR sake, he is given the ol’ pink slip and he gets hired by Kansas City or Cleveland.

  71. That comment about the last Tigers African-American starting pitcher being Earl Wilson was hilarious, although I think Earl was Black during his playing days, but eventually became African-American.
    The thing that struck was that Earl was lifetime 600+ OPS hitter. I think the Tigers were just waiting for an African-American starting pitcher with an OPS above 600.
    Maybe if someone could have conviced the Tigers Carlos Zambrano is African-American then maybe they would have gone after him instead.

  72. OK, now that he’s up with nobody on base, NOW Pudge gets all selective about the pitches….

  73. Oops. Too late. Two strikes.

    And as I type Raburn ropes one to the right field line. I love it when I’m wrong.

  74. I almost don’t want to score here just becuase if we do, Leyland is sure to send Dontrelle back out there to try and get him the “W”

  75. Actually I think Earl Wilson may have even started playing before he was black or African American, that would have happened mid-60s.

  76. ok, now that we’ve scored, I’d like to put up an 8-spot or something so if Leyland sends Willis out there he’s got some breathing room

  77. Not to be ungrateful or anything, but Raburn’s double came without Renteria in scoring position.

  78. Willis was a throw in with Cabrera – just Florida’s way of dumping an unwanted player with a high salary. Maybe they made it conditional that Willis go with Cabrera.

  79. Neal, it’s actually interesting, if you go back even farther, African pops back up. It was feared that African references were being used to make them seem less American, and therefore prejudicing their fight for full citizenship rights.

  80. Billfer, great news. Now how about another breakdown on possible roster moves at the end of the month when Fernando and Joel are ready to come up?
    Cruceta – what are the possibilites with him? Any chance he stays with the organization?

  81. The A’s are usually very good at this, I predict they are one hit away from turning the game over to relief pitchers they just called up and will soon send down in “concede game save arms” mode

  82. Coleman, I had to switch to ESPN gamecast since MLB Gameday froze on me. I read your post and saw that the pitcher for A’s had no picture in Gamecast. How many guys do you think the A’s use like that in a month?

  83. Renteria is just brutal. Hopefully he’ll have a huge September and October to redeem himself.

  84. Cabrera is hitting EXACTLY at the pace he has the last few seasons…in NIGHT games (.329 BA)

    In day games he is hitting .186 (compared to about .350 the last couple of seasons). It could be a statistical oddity, or there could be actual (and therefore fixable) causes for it (vision issues, sleep habits, team pre-game routines, all sorts of things)

  85. Neal – So much can change between now and when they are ready. With Willis limping around Bautista may be taking his spot. After that who knows. Jones and Miner are safe, and Seay probably is as well. Lopez needs to get back to throwing strikes. Dolsi would likely be out due to options.

  86. We got a guy with an airhorn that won’t quit. Now I’m hearing a referee whistle every 10 seconds. Is that bongos too?? Let’s just get a cow bell out there and finish this thing.

  87. hooray, Leyland made the right move pulling Willis.

    However, I worry this may be a foreign experience for Galarraga, I hope he gets settled in quick.

  88. I’m not sure how often they do it, although I like the idea of keeping track of them by picture/no picture…and there is seldom any fuss about ooh they brought up so and so…of course Oakland could call up about anyone short of Rickey Henderson and nobody would notice much. You may remember the trick used to be the DL–guy pitches, you put him on the DL, take another guy off the DL, use him, etc, but the league cracked down at some point, although I’m foggy about if they changed rules or said “hey, cut it out!” or what.

  89. I don’t know Dave, Armando is all over the place with some of these pitches.

    EDIT: that 1-1 pitch to Crosby was a strike, but called a ball, I agree.

  90. Is this just one of those games or is the strike zone really tiny? – 14 BBs and we’re ot out of the 5th inning yet.

  91. Galarraga has done this his last couple starts in the first inning. He’s all over the place.

  92. Vince – it was pretty big the first 2 innings, and then it shrunk in the 3rd for both teams.

  93. SD as in South Dakota? or as in San Diego? If S. Dakota, do they black out the Twins and Rockies?

  94. Oh sorry you said gamecast not; the reason I asked is from horror stories about the blackout policy for people who live in places like Las Vegas.

  95. Why would you have 5 guys on the roster who haven’t thrown more than 10 innings. Do the starters for the A’s consistently go that deep? Or, really, do the A’s just bring up guys to see if they will work out, or show them to other scouts, etc., etc.

  96. Neal, the A’s have that many guys with so few innings due to injuries. Something like 15 guys have hit the DL for them I think?

  97. I’m in SF area, and I think I just felt my 2nd earthquake of the evening. (And no, that isn’t some reference to a Cabrera hit and run)

  98. Wow, maybe Moneyball should be more interested in the Athleticism of guys, maybe more scouting report emphasis. Just kidding. (yes, I know it doesn’t equate to staying healty).

  99. My point was they seem to bring up some guys as cheap hired help–these guys aren’t prospects.

  100. Strange move by the A’s going with a lefty with no lefties due up for the Tigers until Granderson bats again.

  101. Coleman, you’re probably right. Look, a pitcher with a picture.
    I thought it was really funny earlier in the year when I checked the score on a game, , and both the pitcher and hitter pictures were guys in Tigers hats. I think it was Marlins-Braves, Infante and Miller.

  102. I have to wonder how the 5th inning would have turned out if Leyland had sent Willis back out there.

  103. that was a really close pitch, but he has been pretty consistent with that call.

    2 on, 1 out.

    NOW is a good time for a big hit from Miggy

  104. Neal, no Topps baseball card type airbrushing out the “D” on one of the hats? You’d think at least a quick photoshop job…another walk though and this Embree’s gonna wish there was no pic of him up….

  105. Well, Mark, everyone was crying not to let Willis back in for the 5th. I blame you guys.

  106. terrible 0-2 pitch by embree and the Tigers have the lead back!

    still loaded, 1 out. Renteria preparing to ground into a 6-4-3 DP

  107. welcome back, sean.

    you’re probably right, it’s all my fault since i was probably the most vocal. this is why i’m not a manager.

    edgar grounds into the FIVE-4-3 DP, I really hate it when i’m wrong.

  108. Coleman, that’s not fair. I wanted to be the guy who could rattle off stats like that at the drop of a hat. I was keeping spreadsheets and everything, Drat. What went wrong?

  109. I guess no Inge for defense, this would have been the spot. Carlos has done well tonight though actually.

  110. Can we please start to look for anyone that can actually field at SS. I mean, if the SS can’t hit, why not at least have glove out there.
    I know I’m probably way premature on this, but Renteria doesn’t seem to progressing at all either at the plate or in field, maybe even regressing in each area even from the beginning of the year.

  111. Well stats can’t actually predict anything that’s gonna happen. Renteria’s stats are odd anyway. He gets like 6 RBI in game, then goes a week without any. But it all averages out.

  112. “It’s just that Leyland can’t find Sheffield.” Wow good catch. It would be funnier if I wasn’t suddenly worried it could actually happen…

  113. “I wonder if Jair Jurrjens could have run that one out?”

    I know that would be hilarious if I was actually seeing the game. Tell me later.

  114. Inge is only available in emergencies, he has a tweaked oblique

    insert similar rhyming injuries here….

  115. My feeling is that Renteria is a very streaky player. The problem is, those streaks are lengthy and can be a season long. (See time in Boston vs. time is Atlanta)

  116. Sean’s the poet let’s see if he can get “tweaked oblique” and “jair jurrjens” into the same poem

  117. Not seeing Inge hit because of a bad oblique gives my eyes a night of relief.

    …I promise to never try to do that again.

  118. I don’t see any reason why Leyland wouldn’t let Galarraga pitch the 8th and 9th innings so he can get a win, hold and save in the same night and then retire directly into the Hall of Fame.

    I’m sure that’s what Jimmuh’s thinking.

  119. Coleman – I pay attention. I see all, sorta like that all-seeing eye in the pyramid on a dollar bill. Or something. Too bad I can’t put the all-seeing eye to work on an actual Tigers game in progress. Am I gonna have to start going to bars or what?

  120. As soon as Sheff gets healthly (2010?), he could start at SS.
    Guillen evidently played outfield (not at MLB level) before going to the infield. Sheff starting out as a SS. He’s old, slow, injuried, not much of fielder, and may have arm accuracy issues, seems like he would fit the Leyland mold to play in this infield.

  121. Mike

    Fossum does throw an eephus pitch. I’ve seen it when he pitched here in Tampa.

  122. Apparently Pudge is in little league swinging at pitches a foot over his head.

    Goodness I’ll be glad when he’s gone. I’m sorry, he’s my whipping boy.

  123. Brian, thanks. I thought he did but wasn’t 100% sure. That’s the bonus of him being up — I get to see the Eephus from a Tiger pitcher.

  124. Any combination of three more walks or singles and we’ll have that all-important insurance run.

  125. Sorry, Coleman. I can barely spell Jurjjens, let alone pronounce it. Otherwise, I’d try.

  126. I think that billfer set up a paypal account so we can all chip in and get Sean C. a broadband connection. I mean, he’s been hinting at it for weeks 😉

  127. I forgot about that eye on the dollar bill, thanks a lot, now I don’t feel comfortable with money in my pocket.

    Another run here would be huge…

  128. Mark, my woo was for the Leyland comment. Neal just raised you for biting sarcasm, though.

  129. wow, looks like Clete might have been safe. As it stands he should have gotten a better jump than that, they had Polly shaded to right field.

  130. I’m going to go on record right now:

    Fossum should not come into this game by default. Galarraga is settling in. Let him pitch.

  131. I don’t mind them sending the runner there. Clete actually got his hand in I think.

    But Thomas as a pinch runner I’m not a fan of. He’s been very tentative on the base paths.

  132. Yeah, that’s a pretty snarky comment from Neal re: Sheff at short.

    Well done sir.

  133. I agree with you, T, although I don’t know what lefties Oakland has coming up, if any. I tihnk Fossum is very tough on lefties.

  134. I wouldn’t mind Galarraga back in either…plus that would be 5 innings, a quality start…sort of….

    That’s an interesting observation about Clete, since he doesn’t seem tentative in general. Odd.

  135. Mark – You’ll all have to chip in to relocate me while you’re at it. The price of rural splendor – no broadband available. Satellite, maybe. But I think I owe Billfer a “beer” or two before anyone starts taking up collections for ME.

    Also, armed with broadband… well, try not to think about it. Isn’t it bad enough already?

  136. This is what happens when you abandon your game plan – they should have held Thomas at 3rd and waited for another BB.

  137. Something crazy. I went to a spring training game Tigers-Pirates. Fossum gave up the game winning home run while pitching for Pittsburgh. Now he’s with the Tigers.

  138. whoa. 91 from Fossum on the first pitch? In Tampa wasn’t he throwing like 85 or am I wrong?

    And I love how surprised Rod is whenever the numbers are put up by whoever is called up. “Whoa! 48 K’s in 11 games!” You’d think that he’d know a little bit about the guys dominating in Triple-A.

  139. at the same time, how many times has Leyland played the percentages with matchups only to see it blow up all over the field? It seems like a ton. I wonder if Jimmuh’s gut told him to go with the hot pitcher who’s thrown like 50 pitches?

  140. Look:

    It might work out okay, but why? Why gamble here? There is nothing wrong with Galarraga’s stuff.

  141. Coleman – it’s a hard thing to judge on TV, but when he was up earlier I was at several games where he wasn’t going first to third and not getting good secondary leads.

  142. Seeing as he already gave up a homer to Chavez, I’m okay with it. If it were a 2 run lead I’d say leave him in, but I’m okay going to Fossum in that situation.

    You say it’s a gamble to go with Fossum, I’d say it’s a gamble to stick with the Cat.

  143. “So it is possible to throw someone out at home.” So it seems! (although a helpful ump is useful in doing so)

  144. Fossum is on ‘roids.

    Steroids, that is. Carlos has the market cornered on the other kind. hey-yo!!! (that’s actually my first carlos/h-roids joke. I can’t believe I held out this long… it’s not even that good of a joke, oh well.)

  145. Yeah Oakland as usual is stocked with lefties I gotta backtrack and say Fossum was the right call here.

  146. Let’s just hope Miner comes thru. These late inning one run leads are not enjoyable for me.

  147. I am still absolutely stunned that Casey Fossum hit 91 on the gun. Couple that with Ivan Rodriguez blocking a ball in the dirt at a semi-crucial point earlier tonight and I’m starting to question the functions of time and space.

  148. Annnnnnnddddddd there’s the Ivan Rodriguez I’ve come to know! No need to catch, hang onto, or block a ball with the game on the line. Atta Boy!

  149. I can’t believe Pudge doesn’t catch that. Then again stop walking people please.

  150. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME PUDGE. Wow. I can’t think of what else to say. Freaking wow.

  151. This season is nothing less than comical. I guess I start cheering for the Street Save for my fantasy team. Ridiculous. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it in 30+ years of sports fandom and there is a LOT of material there. I don’t know how Rod and Mario do it every night/day.

  152. Why bring in Fossum for the lefties if you have L-L-L-R-L-L-L coming up, then take him out for the one right hander (who Miner walks), and get left with Miner facing all Lefties? or am I missing something?

  153. Miner has been afraid of his own stuff since forever. He continually falls behind on counts. Then he walks guys or has to come in with pitches that are easy to hit. This has been obvious for almost two years now (after his deceptive first time around the league as a starter).

    There was no reason to pull Galarraga in the first place. I’d rather have a starter in his 4th inning throwing his 51st pitch than a mediocre couple relief pitches in their first inning. Just because the inning sign says “8” doesn’t mean you have to go to the pen.

  154. I feel bad b/c I’m not excited about Grandy’s catch, as I’m still disgusted with Pudge’s lack of one.

  155. Although Miner will eventually get back to some right handed hitters it appears….@!!!##!

  156. That was an UNREAL play by Grandy….BUT, that was HORRIBLE baserunning on Brown’s part. The play is to go the bag there either way….even if Granderson doensn’t make that catch, he’d score either way. I doubt he gets up and throws him out…though he did get it in pretty quick. Clete made a great throw after making an equally bad baserunning play.

  157. well, we lucked out that we’re not down by a run, but we got some bad breaks mixed in with our own mistakes to be tied.

    Oakland dind’t hit a ball hard all inning, Clete may have been safe at home and then made a perfect throw home that for some reason pudge couldn’t catch, and Miner walked his first hitter to put the tying run in scoring position. That’s how you lose games.

    Fortunately, we have Granderson on our team, otherwise this game is over.

  158. I’m not mad at Pudge, he’s human, everyone makes mistakes.

    I bet you he smokes a line drive in his next AB.

  159. What’s the ratio of steps covered by Grandy and by Maggs on that last play? I say at LEAST 2:1. Grandy makes that catch in shallow right field.

  160. What is going on? Fossum, then Miner? In the 8th? Huh? What?

    Leyland needs a Public Defender. Volunteers?

  161. Adam, I think you’re right, but it’s so hard to tell. The closest angle the A’s tv guys showed had the umpire directly in the way, so you couldn’t see the plate.

  162. Honestly, we should be happy that Ivan Rodriguez even got in front of the Clete Thomas throw. I mean, any other ball that touches the ground he never gets in front of.

  163. It looks like he’s safe probably in the pic, but it also looks like the ump is looking right at the play, and Clete is looking up at the ump (am I safe??) which makes him seem less safe. Seriously.

  164. “i guess magglio just can’t hit huston street…:)”

    Ha! Only occasionally.

  165. Sean – I retired from a 1 year term of defending Leyland about a month ago. I’ll never hold that office again.

  166. “because when these bats break, they’re dangerous!”

    This is the hard-hitting analysis you get here on FSN Detroit! No OBP numbers, but boy, I now know that broken bats can be dangerous!

  167. Please note that the Tigers have had 17 baserunners tonight: 14 off of LHP in 5.1 IP and 3 off RHP in 3.2. If Oakland hadn’t goofed by putting in Eveland and Embree, the score would be 4-0, game over and another shutout.

  168. We’re only paying him Pudge the league minimum, right? And it wasn’t an team option to keep an old catcher who never had high OBA, but had lost his high BA and his power, not to mention diminishing defensive skills.
    A keeper, at what, only $13 million.

  169. man, these midweek games threads are routinely over 250 posts now. plenty of great jokes, fascinating insights, and good old fashioned chemistry.

    and, soon enough, another walk-off loss…

  170. but neal, he manages the staff so well. he’s practically been a father to justin verlander this year.

  171. “Who’s on the block to get DFA’d if the Tigers can’t go to extra innings here?”


    Greg, I don’t blame you. I tried working for that office as a part-time paralegal. Didn’t work out.

  172. Renteria might bunt for a hit. And I might get out and run 7 miles tomorrow to work off the taco bell cheesy double beef burritos that are destroying my intestinal system since they went on the value meal.

  173. “since when does billy beane bunt?” Oakland has 21 bunts AB so far (Detroit has 18). Beane isn’t big on the SACRIFICE bunt, but bunting for hits is fair game…and if you look at the Detroit corner infielders…

  174. “taco bell cheesy double beef burritos that are destroying my intestinal system since they went on the value meal.” Sounds like you might have a bit of renteria yourself.

  175. well whoever called the pudge base hit nailed it.

    nice work, can we get a run, please?

  176. This Oakland crowd has to rank as one of the more lifeless major league crowds I’ve ever seen.

  177. The best thing Pudge could have done in a fatherly way would have been to tell Joel to hire some kids to help his dad move boxes. That would have been worth the option.

  178. Any combination of two more singles or walks (well maybe three if they get another runner thrown out) and we can take the lead. Please Jim, don’t try to take that extra base.

  179. “OK at least we don’t have to worry about the DP” True Vince, since he’s on 3rd.

  180. Sounds like you might have a bit of renteria yourself.

    Holy crap, Coleman. That is outstanding. Billfer may not make that the post of the night, but that’s my leader in the clubhouse.

  181. Gotta go, hope they make it, at least no one can get a high sticking penalty in extra innings. Sean, Coleman, and the rest, till next time.

  182. that is the weirdest bat-breaking sound i’ve ever heard.

    it sounded like he hit it with a bamboo rod.

  183. “There were also two outs.” Yeah, I’m a tad overboard today in my Pudge aversion

  184. Coleman,

    Pudge sucks, we know this. No shame in shredding him mercilessly. No such thing as overboard.

  185. Man, I’m sure glad that Neal guy took off. I think he’s bad luck for the Tigers.

    What do you mean, he’ll be able to read this tomorrow? Shut up.

  186. leadoff doubles are good. maybe we can actually score a run now with 4-5-6 coming up.

    think Jimmuh will have Maggs bunting?

  187. God, I can’t believe I’m still up. The wife has been asleep for 3 hours, and the alarm is set for 6 AM.

  188. I’ll say something nice about Pudge–I don’t mind him one bit on the basepaths. He’s about the only guy (besides Sheffield, when he used to be on the basepaths sometimes, and sometimes Inge) you see go in to 2nd HARD on a double-play ball; he’s aggressive and rarely foolish; etc. Now if he could just catch the ball, and hit the ball…

  189. Come on lead off double and he’s going to get stranded. This is just plain horrible.

  190. Renteria can make his miserable night all better by simply getting a base hit.

    He’s done it before. Lots of times, in fact.

    Come ON, man…

  191. Sean

    I say you and me. I’m my own boss, but I’m still going to be late. Oh well.

  192. Wow sometimes I forget–I mean I’m on the West Coast, Brian in Tampas wife went to bed 3 hours ago, which here is like now…well, you know what I mean. They should fix this time zone thing…

  193. And somewhere Gorkys and Jair are laughing. I seriously hate Renteria, what a flat-out bust.

  194. the ball bounced like 4 feet away from suzuki, adam. no chance for thames to score.

  195. Unfortunately for Cabrera, these are the ABs that Detroit fans are going to remember until he makes them forget. Same with Renteria, in a way. They’re under the microscope.

  196. yeah, it’s 12:40 here and i’ve got to quit for the night. later all, thanks for making tonight a blast!

  197. “Cue up Chris coming in and calling for Miggy to be cut/dealt/deported.”

    Now do you agree that the guy just sucks…. No clutch hitting.

    And Rentarea is was the worst trade of the year. just awful.

  198. Yeah, I like Dolsi, too.

    I’ve reached the end of my endurance. Please let them win. The Tigers, I mean.

  199. What was Renteria thinking? I think you gotta get the sure out there…sounds like the Umps bailed him out.

  200. Wow. Grandy didn’t even make top ten. I think we’re getting blackballed by ESPN.

    Inge’s sliding grab didn’t get on, neither did Grandy’s catch from the other night.


  201. hey if you’re gonna lose, do it in style, with the grandslammer, none of this weak walk in the run stuff

  202. “This much we do know: He’ll have to throw strikes to Jack Cust.”

    Who knew that when you’re pitching on the road and the bases are loaded in extra innings that you had to throw that hitter strikes?!

  203. Yeah whatevs. I just hate giving up back-to-back walk-off wins to teams. Like, we did that to the Angels. WTF?!

  204. I’m absolutely sick of this crap. We’re getting beat up by lineups with Jack Cust as their superstar. It’s unbearably sad. Every little thing goes their way. Nothing clicks, no clutch hitting, no mojo, no karma, no calls, no balls.

  205. Didn’t Leyland say he would take care of the pitchers fielding and covering first base problems after the 2006 WS fiasco?

  206. Top 4th, man on 1st, 1 out:
    E. Renteria grounded into double play

    Top 5th, bases loaded, 2 out:
    E. Renteria grounded out to third

    Top 7th, bases loaded, 1 out
    E. Renteria grounded into double play

    Top 11th, men in 2nd & 3rd, 2 out
    E. Renteria lined out to shortstop

    Hopefully, one day soon I’ll read, “Rentarea: END OF CAREER”

  207. Anyone who blames Magglio for this doesn’t know what they are talking about and should stop commenting so much on this site. This team is simply not making plays. No productive outs, no situational hitting, poor baserunning, terrible defense (aside from Granderson who has been SPECTACULAR out there) and a bullpen that is finally getting exposed for being what it truly is, terrible. The starting pitching has been pretty good the past few weeks and this team is INVENTING ways to waste these quality starts. It’s been horrible to watch. I keep thinking they can turn it around, and only being 7 1/2 out in June doesn’t qualify as being out of it, but I’m starting to think this mix of talent will never put it together. I hope I’m wrong.

  208. We did not lose this game because of poor relief pitching. We lost this game because of Edgar Rentarea’s horrible, rally-killing batting.


    hopefully, when the trade deadline comes around, and the Tigers are way out of contention, They will trade that piece of crap for whatever they can get…..

  209. Really? I seem to remember the Tigers being up 4-3 in the 8th inning and they lost the game. Were they terrible tonight? Not terrible, but they didn’t get the job done and they haven’t for the past few weeks.

  210. “Chris, you could at least spell his name correctly if you’re going to complain.”

    Renta-Rally killer

    Renta-Rangeless Shortstop

    Renta-Retarded player

    Any way you want to spell it, he is a crappy player and I hope the Tigers leave him there in Oakland

  211. My, what a brutal night for Renteria. I didn’t know it was quite that bad.

    Could someone please tell me why Ramon Santiago doesn’t play more? Could he get a little bit more time at SS, maybe? Not to teach Renteria any “lessons” – I don’t buy that theory – but simply to give the backup the occasional chance when the regular isn’t getting it done. Especially when the backup has gotten it done when given the chance.

    I’m learning to strongly dislike what Leyland is doing with this team.

  212. The “a” in place of “e” thing seems to be a consistent problem he’s having, Mike.

  213. Sean, easily the best part of the whole night was Fossum’s strikeout. He changes speeds like crazy, is hitting the 90’s with his fastball, and plants almost everything in the strikezone. He got a called strike three on Cust with an eephus.

  214. It’s suddenly clear why we have to cling to the hope of Rodney and Zumaya returning.

    It’s suddenly clear why we have to cling to the hope of Rapada and Bautista returning.

    It’s suddenly clear why we have to cling to the hope of two as yet unknown relievers joining the team.

  215. Thanks, Dave. Good news I can use. Why in the world did they take Fossum out (after only 2 batters?)? As explained during the game here, it seemed to be short-sighted.

    Any chance they might have their eye on Fossum as a starter not so far down the road?

  216. “The “a” in place of “e” thing seems to be a consistent problem he’s having, Mike.”

    I see it as more of a trademark. Renteria with no “i” – must be Chris. Very distinctive. I can see the advantage in reducing different letters from 6 to 5 and skipping the jarring, flow-disrupting move three keys over to the right.

  217. Oh man. I started watching the game, dozed off, woke up when the As tied it, decided to turn it off and go to sleep. Just read all of the posts, you were great, guys, thanks

    I can’t believe I am “saying” this out loud, but except for Curtis Granderson and Brandon Inge (at 3d always and at the plate sometimes) I am really getting to hate this team. Instead of being excited and anticipating what will happen with each play, I just cringe. I can’t even stand to look at the TV when Willis is pitching, all that movement makes me nervous. Nobody they’ve traded for has fit in. Maybe the government was trying to help the Tigers when they wouldn’t let Cruceta in the country for so long. I don’t know what else to say, just so so discouraged and I miss my 2007 Tigers. At least they tried as a team.

  218. Remember, there’s no “I” in team. Or in Renteria. And perhaps soon, no Renteria in team, either.

  219. We’re all discouraged, cib. I’m starting to see DTW as a kind of support group. People on the outside don’t understand the shame and horror of being a Tigers fan. It’s not like I chose to be born in Michigan.

  220. Sean: At least you were born in Michigan. I wasn’t – I actually *chose* to be a Tigers fan at an early age. I must be a glutton for punishment.

  221. Billfer, you did the right thing by reading about the loss in the morning. Nothing is worse than a kick-in-the-groin loss than a kick-in-the-groin loss trying to function at work the next day with four hours sleep.

    Just to expand somewhat on my earlier questioning of pulling Galarraga after he settled in:

    I understand the reasoning that you want Fossum to face the two scheduled lefties… but what about the remaining seven outs? (In this case, the remaing thirteen?) I still would have stuck with Galarraga through eight and maybe even thru nine if he continued to deal. Not sure what his pitches were at — 30 maybe 40? In any case — this wasn’t about pitch count — I was looking at those innings as his third and forth and fifth innings — instead of bullpen innings.

    On top of this:

    Fossum looked good, but I personally wasn’t expecting him to look dominant — if so, why would he be in Toledo to begin with with Rapada on the DL and the bullpen a mess? But even if you successfully burn through your lefty specialist there what about the remaining and oh-so-elusive seven outs? That’s the issue here. You’re really running the gauntlet employing this strategy with Miner et. al.

    The whole team took a huge dump in terms of not cashing in on key opportunities — but it would have been nice for once — just once — if the pitching could have picked up the slack. If the pitching were managed right — I’m looking through my crystal ball here and it’s telling me if Galarraga goes the distance (save for the shot in the seats before he settled in, it wasn’t like the As were hitting him hard) — the Tigers win this game 4-3. But here again is yet another win in some alternate universe that’s nothing but a heartbreaking L in ours.

  222. “The whole team took a huge dump in terms of not cashing in on key opportunities”

    You may as well just copy and paste that into every game thread this year. They are unbelievable bad in that department. Part of me thinks that will “regress to the mean” as they say (i.e. they’ve had bad luck), and the other part of me thinks they just suck.

  223. Sean, Fossum was taken out due to over-management. There was a right-handed batter up, you see.

    Anyway, I don’t think he will always pitch well, but at least he was fun to watch.

  224. Didn’t watch the game either. Fossum pitched? Nice. I also heard both Zumaya and Rodney had strong rehab innings. Biting my tongue until the all-star break.

    And I got a vote on a comment! Yes!

    Also – 400plus comments… must’ve been a painful one. The good wins never get that many comments.

  225. Chris: What you have to understand is that no one “chooses” to be a Tigers fan. You need to let go of the guilt and shame, everything they taught you to feel. We can help you. Many people in the program go on to live semi-independent lives where they can and do, believe it or not, break away from late West Coast games when it’s sure to ruin them for work the next day.

  226. Chris in Dallas: I sympathize, having *chosen* to be both a Royals and Marlins fan. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  227. Good post, T Smith. I was hoping you’d expand on what you mentioned in this respect during the game.

    Of course you got a vote, tiff. That was a succinct comment on Leyland and his “stuff.”

  228. I realized I should have posted “progress” instead of “regress” in my last blurb there. The Grammar Police paid me a visit. Anyway, with these Tigers I kinda feel like it’s 1982 and I bought a Betamax instead of a VCR. Ripped off.

  229. Don’t worry, Chris. That Betamax will be worth a lot of money some day.

    Leyland is trying to play 8-tracks in a cassette player and just can’t understand why it’s not working. He’s confused, but he’s gonna try some struff.

  230. And some of his favorites are Gary Sheffield’s “The Way We Were,” Carlos Guillen’s “Bend Me, Shape Me,”, Edgar Renteria’s “Concerto in E Flat,” and Dontrelle Willis’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

  231. You see, Sean, that 8-track is a veteran. It’s been through the battles and it knows how to get it done. JL has the utmost confidence that it will play Foghat once again, so he’s going to keep going with it.

  232. I know what you’re saying, Chris. The old ways are best. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it is broke, don’t fix it.

    JL and Foghat? That I’d have to see.

  233. Aside from the outcome, the score, and all the details, my prediction for last night’s game was spot-on.

    Magglio did go hitless. I called it!

  234. Sean: It’s funny. I fell asleep when the game was tied, and dreamed that Polanco hit a game winning grand slam. You have invaded my subconcious…

  235. Oh, and I just read that John Smoltz’s season/possibly career may be over now due to shoulder surgery. What do you think of that Doyle Alexander trade NOW, huh?

  236. Chris, that explains it. You stole Polly’s grand slam for your own selfish amusement. And you’re right, the Tigers pulled a fast one on the Braves. A slow fast one. I suspect the same strategy was employed in the Jurjjens deal. Just wait.

    Ron, that’s perspective. What’s going on? You’re usually such a pessimist. You must be high on the Red Wings.

  237. “What do you think of that Doyle Alexander trade NOW, huh?”

    Now we are forced to wait for Jair Jurrjens & Gorkys Hernadez to end their careers in order to feel better about Renta-Rally killer.

    Hey, his night at the plate wasn’t so bad when you think that there is no way that Jurrjens & Gorkys Hernadez are in the league fifteen years from now.

  238. “Hey, his night at the plate wasn’t so bad when you think that there is no way that Jurrjens & Gorkys Hernadez are in the league fifteen years from now.”


    But seriously, the trade made sense at the time. Lots of decisions turn out to be regrettable, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they were stupid in the first place. Lack of Renteria (the good kind) is the Tigers’ problem, not lack of Jurjjens and Hernandez.

  239. Not to speak ill of current Tigers, but I’m still scratching my noggin over the Renteria deal. I know you’ve got to give something to get something and all, but DD never struck me as the type to give up two twenties for a ten. That said, E-Rent is not the most disappointing Tiger in ’08. He’s just my personal whipping boy. Everyone needs a goat to be scaped.

  240. “Not to speak ill of current Tigers,”

    Is this akin to the taboo against speaking ill of the dead?

  241. Nah I speak ill of the dead all the time. Haven’t you seen some of my comments about Sheffield?

  242. Chris, I think the Cabreear deal made the Renteria trade look (even) more expensive.

    I want to start calling Caberaa “Mike” just to be annoying. We called Guillermo Hernandez “Willie” and won a World Series. We can go there again, under the strong leadership of Herb Ordonez.

  243. Hey-oh! You beat me fair and square to the bag on that one, Chris. I was headed there.

  244. I think I’ll start calling him ‘Gil’. That’s probably better than the variety of references to his girth that I’ve used. His last name is funny to say in a Masshole accent. Go ahead and try it. “Cabrer-er”. That’s how Jerry Remy says it.

  245. Gil. Good first baseman name. I like it. But I think it lacks the implausiblity factor. Gil could be a mispronounced version of “Guill(ermo).” You just know that Mike Cabrera is all wrong. Could we compromise with “Bud”?

    Wait – I’ve got it! Boog Cabrera! Say that, Barbara Walters.

  246. Renteria’s my whipping boy, too. But I don’t advise going there. Just look at him. A little bit of facial paint and some ivory beads and he looks eerily like a West-African voodoo monger. You don’t want to mess with him.

    And I believe it. I was cursing his bases-loaded DP right about the time an infield hit rendered the forth walk off in eight games, when my TV suddenly jolted some kind of painful electric current violently between my legs. Either that or I completely imagined the pain.

    In any case, thanks for the endorphins, fellas. It’s a good ameliorant for my falsetto.

  247. It Really Does Pay To Increase Your Word Power. Wow. Ameliorant for a falsetto. That was like an Eephus pitch.

  248. I’ve been defending the Renteria trade, and my criticism of Edgar has been quite moderate, and respectful in tone. I just wanted to put that out there. For the record.

  249. quote:

    Nothing is worse than a kick-in-the-groin loss than a kick-in-the-groin loss trying to function at work the next day with four hours sleep.


  250. I’d be more afraid of Edgar due to the fact that he’s a Colombian. Don’t want to mess with that. He’s got people. Chris in Dallas could end up with the ol’ Colombian necktie…

  251. Sean C:

    I stand witness. You’ve been more than respectful to Renteria.

    You’re safe.

    Chris is Dallas:

    That’s Mr. Renteria, to you.

  252. Thanks, T. I’d stay and chat, but… well, I’ve got to look out for myself, and… well, frankly, I really can’t be seen with you. Nothing personal.

  253. If I had a dime for every time I’ve called him ‘Gonorrhea’ I’d definitely have more than one dime. That whole fued with Orlando Cabrera makes watching Tigers-White Sox games more interesting these days. I root for Renteria to hit doubles vs. Chicago just to see if the two of them will get in a knife fight at the base. Yes, these are the things I think about.

  254. What are you saying, Chris? You want a dime now for every time you’ve had gonorrhea? You’re jumbled and incoherent. Stop mumbling, boy! Speak up!

  255. According to T, Chris, you’re no longer just in Dallas. You ARE Dallas. My, how you’ve grown.

    How does it feel? How’s Debbie? Hey-oh.

  256. I’ve gotta say I sympathize with OC on that one (from what I’ve read about it). When someone goes out of their way to put petty crap aside, I say be a man (or a woman) and at least be civil to the man (or woman).

  257. Wow. I hadn’t notice that Sean. I AM Dallas, baby. OK we’re approaching game time. I guess now is the time I should point out that ‘Duchscherer’ has the ‘douche’ sound to it. Feel free to use that at your leisure in future game-related posts today. Consider it my gift to you.

  258. It’s not a bad idea to fear Renteria — don’t forget that fellow Colombian Ugueth Urbina is now in jail for trying to set five guys on fire. I love that his explanation was that they were trying to break into his house. Oh! Fine then.

  259. Yeah Uggie is a Venzo. I think he had those guys set on fire becuase they were involved in the kidnapping of his mother, though. Either that or he was curious about what skin smelled like as it was burning. Regardless, he’s not one to be messed with.

  260. Can we get a grammar/spell check around here? If I’m gonna sound drunk and utterly idiotic in my posts I should at least have a buzz going.

    Then again it’s probably not a good idea to mix alcohol and Tigers baseball together these days. So maybe not.

  261. “Then again it’s probably not a good idea to mix alcohol and Tigers baseball together these days. ”

    Either that or it’s the BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD!

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