An Interesting Game Experience in Oakland

Editors Note: Craig, a regular commenter here at DTW, filed this report from his experience at last night’s game.

The attendance could not have been the announced 11,000. I arrived at 6:30 and the place was empty. Maybe 4000 by the first pitch. I was shocked that when the A’s were threatening in the middle of the game, A’s fans were for the most part quiet. It is a strange sports town.

Kenny looked confident on the mound. Tiger hitters were in some good counts but Harden had good stuff as well.

My seats courtesy of a friend were row 20 directly behind home plate. The entire row in front of me was scouts from other teams. The Dodgers scout was in front of us. It was very interesting, stop watches, pitch charts, fielding charts etc. The Mets scout actually had his own radar gun which was off 7 mph from the stadium gun.

A NL scout had some interesting comments. 1. Larish has a ton of talent but he is a bit overmatched up here. In his opinion it is a very bad idea to use him in the DH role. To much pressure. Playing a position would help take his mind off hitting. 2. Cruceta is the real deal despite his numbers lately. He thinks with his odd spring, he should have had another month in Toledo or wherever to get mentally tough.

There was a young lady next to us in the stands who said she flew out for the games because she is “friends” with some of the Tigers. She said he ex husband was Magglio’s wife’s trainer and she has become good friends with them and had gotten to know the other guys. She said she was in the Ordonez box when Mags hit his big homerun in the playoffs. She said you can see her in the footage next to Mags wife. She’ll be in the seat again tonight. I got the impression she was out here for someone in particular.

I think they should do well tonight unless D train derails.