Tigers Minor League Wrap 5-10-08

Charlotte 3 Toledo 5
Mike Hessman and Clete Thomas homered. Brent Clevlen had 3 hits pushing his line to 313/376/563. Casey Fossum got the win allowing 1 run in 6 innings on 3 hits. Blaine Neal allowed 2 homers in one inning of relief.

Toledo 1 Charlotte 4
Mike Hessman homered and had one of only 3 hits. Virgil Vasquez went 5 innings and allowed 4 runs on 9 hits with 1 walk and 3 K’s.

Harrisburg 9 Erie 0
Wil Rhymes went 2 for 4. Ben Fritz allowed 8 runs on 9 hits in 6 innings. He walked none and fanned 6.

Vero Beach 2 Lakeland 6
James Skelton went 3 for 4 with his first homer of the year. Scott Sizemore and Ryan Strieby each had 2 hits. Rick Porcello allowed 2 unearned runs in 5 innings on 3 hits. He walked only one, but also struck out only one.

Lansing 2 West Michigan 4

Kyle Peter and Justin Henry each had 2 hits. Manny Miguelez fanned 8 over 7 innings while allowing just 1 run on 4 hits.

Roster Moves

The Tigers made a number of roster moves including Brandon Hamilton joining the Whitecaps from EST. A promotion for a VSL product. And Luis Marte earning his way to Erie. Detroit Tigers Thoughts and Take 75 North break it all down.

9 thoughts on “Tigers Minor League Wrap 5-10-08”

  1. He’s ridiculous… 16 home runs.

    I don’t care if he’s 30 years old, the man can hit and he plays a decent third base. He’s also starting to take more walks and seems like he’s finally hitting for average.

    Of course, someone will say he’s just feasting on AAA pitchers who are not as talented, but I have a tough time squaring that up with people who also laud ‘hot’ prospects when they perform well in the minors. Performing well is performing well is performing well.

    Billy Beane will be on him in no time…

  2. Unlikely! Hessman is a career .227 hitter in–wait for it–the minors!
    .191 in the majors. He is the poor, one eyed cousin of Rob Deer. He’s not even one dimensional, he’s half dimensional

  3. In all fairness to Hessman, he is a solid defender with a lot of power. So he does have a couple dimensions to his game.

  4. Well he’s about to hit his 12 year anniversary in the game and he’s
    21 for 120 (.175) in his last two stints in the majors and scouts in at least two major league systems have decided he’s not worth a full year major league test drive.
    I guess if we’re saying a solid defender who is a station to station runner and will probably not hit his weight has dimensions then he has dimensions.

  5. Well if you look at one dimension where he’s poor you’ll be disappointed in that dimension. And I’m not pushing for a call-up, but the guy has a .363 OBP and 47 homers in his last 559 AAA at-bats. Plus he plays solid defense despite being station to station.

    At age 30 he’s not going to get better and he’ll probably get worse relatively quickly, but maybe he’s a little better now than in at least the first half dozen seasons.

  6. Point taken, but it doesn’t seem like this team has a shortage of station to station first baseman, third baseman, and DH’s. I’d be happy if he went to Japan and made some cash. He seems like a nice enough guy.

  7. with regard to my first comment, no matter his age, position, league. the man is raking, just nice to see. 🙂

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